Sample Contract Clauses

Good Reason 10k Consents and Approvals 10k Acceleration 9k Modification 9k Undertaking for Costs 9k Authorization; Enforcement 9k Consent to Jurisdiction 9k Term of Agreement 9k Conduct of Business 9k Removal 9k In General 9k Restrictive Covenants 9k Investments 9k Restrictions on Transfer 9k Letters of Credit 9k Performance 9k Transfer 9k Reports 9k Waiver of Past Defaults 9k Employee Benefits 9k Directors 9k No Proceedings 9k Salary 9k Participations 9k third 9k Stock Appreciation Rights 9k Register 9k Notice of Default 9k Records 9k Effect of Headings 9k Options 9k Death or Disability 9k Resignation 9k Grant 8k Committees 8k Power and Authority 8k Legend 8k Other Agreements 8k Corporate Existence 8k Security 8k Cashless Exercise 8k Reservation of Shares 8k Grant of Security Interest 8k Execution 8k Compensation and Benefits 8k Listing 8k Exercise of Warrant 8k Board of Directors 8k Material Contracts 8k Registration 8k Ownership 8k Name 8k Remedies Cumulative 8k Access to Information 8k Certificates 8k Absence of Certain Changes 8k Labor Matters 8k Limitation on Suits 8k No Strict Construction 8k Governing Law; Jurisdiction 8k Transfer Restrictions 8k Power of Attorney 8k Appointment 8k Validity 8k No Fractional Shares 8k Capitalized Terms 8k Right of Setoff 8k Time of Essence 8k Method of Payment 8k Payment of Obligations 8k Dividend Equivalents 7k Place of Meetings 7k Defaults and Remedies 7k Trustee May File Proofs of Claim 7k Amendments; Waivers 7k Complete Agreement 7k Non-Contravention 7k Entire Agreement; Amendments 7k Other Benefits 7k Employee Benefit Plans 7k Maintenance of Properties 7k Certain Fees 7k Procedure 7k Limitations 7k Number of Shares 7k Disputes 7k Conditions to Closing 7k Investment Company 7k Replacement of Lenders 7k President 7k Regular Meetings 7k Certain Adjustments 7k Guarantee 7k Secretary 7k Annual Meeting 7k Term of Employment 7k Offices 7k Stockholder Approval 7k Legal Proceedings 7k The Merger 7k Absence of Litigation 7k Notice of Redemption 7k Satisfaction and Discharge 7k Full Disclosure 7k Powers 7k Closing Date 7k Accounting Terms 7k Forfeiture 7k Application of Proceeds 7k Obligations Absolute 7k Exceptions 7k Defaulting Lenders 7k Indemnification by the Company 7k Cross-Default 7k Representations, Warranties and Covenants 7k Guaranty 7k Applicability of Article 7k No Material Adverse Effect 7k Termination of Agreement 7k Covenants of the Company 7k Costs 7k Transfer Taxes 7k Interest Rate Limitation 7k Set-Off 7k Registration Expenses 7k Other Remedies 7k Business Expenses 7k Record Date 7k Application of Trust Money 7k Accredited Investor 7k fourth 7k Annual Bonus 7k Compliance Certificate 7k Title to Assets 7k Additional Agreements 7k Administration of the Plan 7k Authorized Shares 7k Exculpatory Provisions 7k No Integrated Offering 7k Legal Holidays 7k No Impairment 7k Collateral 7k Form of Payment 7k Notice of Meetings 7k Environmental Laws 7k Financial Information 7k Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, etc 7k Conditions to Effectiveness 7k SUPPLEMENTAL INDENTURES 7k Absence of Certain Changes or Events 7k Retirement 6k Issuance of Shares 6k No Waiver; Cumulative Remedies 6k Existence 6k Employees 6k Condemnation 6k Acknowledgment 6k Fair Market Value 6k Inspection 6k Service of Process 6k Event of Default 6k The Trustee 6k Loans 6k Certain Defined Terms 6k Amendments, Etc 6k Governmental Approvals 6k Affiliate 6k Real Property 6k Increased Costs 6k Other Provisions 6k Eligibility; Disqualification 6k No Inconsistent Agreements 6k No Recourse Against Others 6k Approvals 6k Rights and Remedies Cumulative 6k Proxies 6k Brokers Fees 6k Entire Agreement; Amendment 6k Tax Status 6k CUSIP Numbers 6k DEFINITIONS AND INCORPORATION BY REFERENCE 6k Satisfaction and Discharge of Indenture 6k Waivers and Amendments 6k Reliance 6k Charges, Taxes and Expenses 6k Transfers 6k Payment of Expenses 6k Transfer and Exchange 6k REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES OF SELLER 6k Services 6k Date of Termination 6k Amendment; Waiver 6k Modification and Waiver 6k Termination Without Cause 6k Rights as a Stockholder 6k Trustees Disclaimer 6k Binding Agreement 6k Exclusivity 6k Permits 6k Nontransferability 6k