Sample Contract Clauses

No Undisclosed Liabilities 6k Other Documents 6k Persons Deemed Owners 6k Patriot Act 6k Mechanics of Conversion 6k Exclusions 6k Cumulative Remedies 6k Treasurer 6k Modifications 6k Restoration of Rights and Remedies 6k Due Authorization 6k Definition 6k Other Offices 6k No General Solicitation 6k Meetings 6k Incorporation by Reference of Trust Indenture Act 6k Security Interest 6k Titles and Subtitles 6k Foreign Corrupt Practices 6k Deposit of Redemption Price 6k Withholding of Taxes 6k fifth 6k Non-Transferability 6k Resignations 6k Accounts 6k Transfer of Warrant 6k Material Adverse Effect 6k Prepayments 5k Counterparts; Integration; Effectiveness 5k Ratification 5k Currency 5k Trustee 5k Binding Obligation 5k Time of the Essence 5k Warrant Register 5k Lost Certificates 5k Option Price 5k Terms and Conditions 5k Descriptive Headings 5k Financing 5k Parties in Interest 5k Investment Representations 5k Annual Meetings 5k Code Section 409A 5k Shares Subject to the Plan 5k Defaults 5k Position and Duties 5k Vice Presidents 5k Term of Plan 5k Benefits of Indenture 5k THE SECURITIES 5k Compensation and Indemnity 5k Maintenance of Insurance 5k Registered Office 5k Gender and Number 5k Independent Contractor 5k Liquidation 5k Fundamental Changes 5k The Notes 5k Temporary Securities 5k Terms Generally 5k Notices, Etc 5k Labor Relations 5k Seal 5k Reimbursement of Expenses 5k Effective Time 5k Committee 5k Fundamental Transaction 5k Required Consents 5k No Litigation 5k Restricted Stock 5k Other Information 5k No Right to Continued Employment 5k No Fractional Shares or Scrip 5k Capital Expenditures 5k Exclusive Remedy 5k Individual Rights of Trustee 5k Dispositions 5k Additional Documents 5k Certificate and Opinion as to Conditions Precedent 5k Delivery 5k Intellectual Property Rights 5k Separability 5k Evidence of Payments 5k Notification 5k OFAC 5k At-Will Employment 5k Term of Option 5k Affiliate Transactions 5k No Liability 5k Recitals 5k Effect of Amendment 5k Other 5k Stock Dividends and Splits 5k Treatment of Certain Refunds 5k Tax Consequences 5k Authorization; Enforceability 5k Application of Payments 5k Judgment Currency 5k Loss, Theft, Destruction or Mutilation of Warrant 5k Security Deposit 5k Application of Funds 5k Merger 5k Beneficiary Designation 5k DEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATION 5k Conduct of Indemnification Proceedings 5k No Assignment 5k Rights as a Lender 5k Covenant Defeasance 5k Related Party Transactions 5k Chief Executive Officer 5k Chairman of the Board 5k Loan Documents 5k Remedies Upon Event of Default 5k Non-Exclusivity of Rights 5k Limitation on Liability 5k REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES OF BUYER 5k Interest Rate 5k Control by Majority 5k Restricted Securities 5k Commitments 5k Properties 5k Time 5k Mechanics of Exercise 5k Bank Accounts 5k Tax Returns 5k Position 5k Conflicts 5k Right of First Refusal 5k Statements Required in Certificate or Opinion 5k Trust Indenture Act Controls 5k Governing Law and Jurisdiction 5k Brokers and Finders 5k Pro Rata Distributions 5k Reservation of Common Stock 5k Access 5k Capital Stock 5k No Adverse Interpretation of Other Agreements 5k Dissolution 5k The Administrative Agent 5k Reliance by Administrative Agent 5k Priorities 4k Reimbursement 4k Mitigation 4k Regulatory Permits 4k Opinion of Counsel 4k Termination of Service 4k Rent 4k Securities Law Compliance 4k Dissolution or Liquidation 4k Insolvency 4k Non-Payment 4k Leases 4k Collection Suit by Trustee 4k Settlement 4k DEFINITIONS AND ACCOUNTING TERMS 4k Repayment 4k Tax Treatment 4k Material Adverse Change 4k Organization; Authority 4k Award 4k Effect of Notice of Redemption 4k Execution and Authentication 4k Letter of Credit Fees 4k Other Interpretive Provisions 4k No Injunction 4k Severance 4k Reporting Requirements 4k Notice of Adjustments 4k General Rule 4k Events of Default and Remedies 4k Electronic Communications 4k Paying Agent to Hold Money in Trust 4k Table of Contents, Headings, etc 4k Rights as Stockholder 4k Expenses of Registration 4k Restricted Stock Units 4k Partial Invalidity 4k sixth 4k The Closing 4k Commitment Fee 4k Amendments to Credit Agreement 4k Agreement 4k Default Rate 4k Accredited Investor Status 4k Advancement of Expenses 4k Expenses; Indemnity; Damage Waiver 4k Assignments 4k Effect of Supplemental Indentures 4k Corporate Seal 4k Notes 4k Due Qualification 4k No Brokers 4k Mitigation Obligations; Replacement of Lenders 4k Company 4k Stock 4k Rule 144 4k Claims Procedure 4k No Recourse 4k Defaulted Interest 4k