Sample Contract Clauses

Notices 344k Governing Law 328k Severability 284k Counterparts 271k Definitions 252k Miscellaneous 241k Entire Agreement 180k Headings 137k Representations and Warranties 129k Successors and Assigns 120k Termination 111k Indemnification 109k Insurance 97k General 95k Expenses 88k Survival 85k Further Assurances 78k Term 77k Assignment 77k Taxes 77k Confidentiality 75k Amendments 71k Amendment 71k Waiver 65k Remedies 63k Notice 61k Waiver of Jury Trial 59k Litigation 59k Compensation 55k Events of Default 53k General Provisions 48k Binding Effect 47k Covenants 46k Use of Proceeds 44k Successors 43k Construction 43k Defined Terms 42k Interpretation 42k Change in Control 40k Withholding 39k Compliance with Laws 38k Financial Statements 37k Arbitration 36k Administration 36k Applicable Law 36k Closing 35k Termination of Employment 33k Miscellaneous Provisions 32k Disclosure 31k Purpose 31k Eligibility 31k Representations and Warranties of the Company 30k Payment 29k Intellectual Property 29k Effective Date 29k Disability 29k Base Salary 29k Adjustments 29k Certain Definitions 28k Vesting 28k No Third Party Beneficiaries 28k Force Majeure 28k No Conflicts 27k Attorneys’ Fees 27k Exercise Price 27k Employment 27k Payments 27k Confidential Information 27k Change of Control 26k Amendments and Waivers 26k Capitalization 26k Subsidiaries 26k Authority 26k Fees 26k Interest 25k Special Meetings 25k Quorum 25k Tax Withholding 25k Negative Covenants 24k No Waiver 24k Death 24k Solvency 24k Conditions Precedent 24k Organization 24k Specific Performance 23k Limitation of Liability 23k Captions 23k ERISA 23k Purchase Price 23k Dispute Resolution 23k Dividends 23k Effect of Termination 22k Transferability 22k Environmental Matters 22k Registration Rights 21k Liens 21k Authorization 21k Cooperation 21k Choice of Law 21k Section 409A 21k Fees and Expenses 21k Benefits 21k Contribution 21k Indemnity 20k Transactions with Affiliates 20k Consents 20k Fiscal Year 20k Waivers 20k AFFIRMATIVE COVENANTS 20k Integration 20k Cause 20k Brokers 20k Officers 19k Books and Records 19k Termination for Cause 19k Vacancies 19k Indebtedness 19k Fractional Shares 19k Release 18k Withholding Taxes 18k Voting 18k Costs and Expenses 18k Officer’s Certificate 18k No Default 17k Stock Options 17k Compliance 17k No Material Adverse Change 17k Legends 17k Tax Matters 16k Effectiveness 16k Vacation 16k Cancellation 15k Third Party Beneficiaries 15k Organization and Qualification 15k Restrictions 15k Jurisdiction 15k Voting Rights 15k Subrogation 15k Duties 15k Reinstatement 15k Information 15k Consideration 15k Generally 15k Enforcement 15k Investment Company Act 15k first 14k Default 14k Non-Competition 14k Amendment and Termination 14k Removal 14k Survival of Representations and Warranties 14k Rules of Construction 14k Notice of Termination 14k Publicity 14k Severability of Provisions 14k Non-Solicitation 14k Distributions 14k Execution in Counterparts 14k Term and Termination 13k Redemption 13k Payment of Taxes 13k Waiver of Notice 13k Exercise 13k Enforceability 13k Organization and Good Standing 13k No Conflict 13k second 13k Compliance with Law 13k Contracts 13k Good Reason 13k Amendment and Waiver 13k No Violation 13k Method of Exercise 13k Conditions 12k Representations 12k Exercise of Option 12k Submission to Jurisdiction 12k Purchase and Sale 12k Subordination 12k any “person 12k Grant of Option 12k Committees 12k Injunctive Relief 12k Effect of Headings 12k Conversion 12k Directors 12k Non-Disparagement 12k third 12k Assignability 11k Title 11k Board of Directors 11k Resignation 11k Bonus 11k Section Headings 11k Registration Procedures 11k Bankruptcy 11k Judgments 11k Conduct of Business 11k Listing 11k Employee Benefits 11k