Zone File Access Sample Clauses

Zone File Access. 2.1. Third-­‐Party Access
Zone File Access. Registry Operator shall provide bulk access to the zone files for the registry for the TLD to ICANN on a continuous basis in the manner ICANN may reasonably specify from time to time. Bulk access to the zone files shall be provided to third parties on the terms set forth in the TLD zone file access agreement reasonably established by ICANN, which initially shall be in the form attached as Appendix 3 hereto. Changes to the zone file access agreement may be made upon the mutual written consent of ICANN and Registry Operator (which consent neither party shall unreasonably withhold).
Zone File Access. 2.1. ThirdMParty
Zone File Access. 2.1. ThirdOParty Access
Zone File Access 

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Zone File Access Agreement Registry Operator will enter into an agreement with any Internet user, which will allow such user to access an Internet host server or servers designated by Registry Operator and download zone file data. The agreement will be standardized, facilitated and administered by a Centralized Zone Data Access Provider, which may be ICANN or an ICANN designee (the “CZDA Provider”). Registry Operator (optionally through the CZDA Provider) will provide access to zone file data per Section 2.1.3 of this Specification and do so using the file format described in Section 2.1.4 of this Specification. Notwithstanding the foregoing, (a) the CZDA Provider may reject the request for access of any user that does not satisfy the credentialing requirements in Section 2.1.2 below; (b) Registry Operator may reject the request for access of any user that does not provide correct or legitimate credentials under Section 2.1.2 below or where Registry Operator reasonably believes will violate the terms of Section 2.1.5. below; and, (c) Registry Operator may revoke access of any user if Registry Operator has evidence to support that the user has violated the terms of Section 2.1.5 below.
Information Access Each Party (“Disclosing Party”) shall make available to another Party (“Requesting Party”) information that is in the possession of the Disclosing Party and is necessary in order for the Requesting Party to: (i) verify the costs incurred by the Disclosing Party for which the Requesting Party is responsible under this Agreement; and (ii) carry out its obligations and responsibilities under this Agreement. The Parties shall not use such information for purposes other than those set forth in this Article 25.1 of this Agreement and to enforce their rights under this Agreement.
LIDB (Line Information Data Base) Line Information databases which provide, among other things, calling card validation functionality for telephone line number cards issued by Verizon and other entities and validation data for collect and third number-billed calls (e.g., data for billed number screening).
Site Access Buyer and its representatives shall have the right but not the obligation, during business hours and upon reasonable notice to Seller, to inspect the Facility site and monitor the construction of the Facility.