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Your Program. (An Individual Reflection Exercise) Materials:  A blackboard, whiteboard or flipchart with tape.  Chalk or markers.  A poster or piece of flipchart paper with the words, “Your Programwritten down on it.  A clock, cell phone or stopwatch.  A poster or piece of flipchart paper with the “Key Learning Pointslisted below and written down ahead of time (before the Module).  Your own PYCE Sports and Activity Coordinator Manual with information to reference.  Any additional materials or samples relevant to the topic like photos or videos.  Make sure your participants have their PYCE Sports and Activity Coordinator Manual, a notepad, and a pen to write personal notes. Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Your Program. If you make certain changes in your program, you’ll need to have an inspection. This could be because you are requesting approval to: ✓ use an area of your home for day care that was previously not used by the children; or ✓ use space that was remodeled or has had major alterations. Depending on the specific change, you may also need to have fire safety representatives inspect basements and have environmental hazard checks done. compliance with the requirements of this Part and the relevant provisions of the Social Services Law. 417.2(e) The Office may grant an application for renewal of a registration without conducting an inspection of the family day care home. If the Office determines within its discretion that an inspection is necessary, a renewal of the registration may not be issued until an inspection has been conducted showing compliance with the requirements of this Part and the relevant provisions of the Social Services Law. Waivers

Related to Your Program

  • Other Programs Nothing contained in this performance stock unit agreement shall affect the right of the Award Holder to participate in and receive benefits under and in accordance with the then current provisions of any pension, insurance, profit-sharing or other employee benefit plan or program of the Corporation or of any Subsidiary of the Corporation.

  • The Program a. The Program is further described in Annex A of this Agreement, the “Program Implementation Abstract.” The Principal Recipient will implement or oversee the implementation of the Program in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, which the Principal Recipient will administer using its regulations, rules and procedures. The Principal Recipient will be responsible and accountable to the Global Fund for all resources it receives under this Agreement and for the results that are to be accomplished.

  • Resident Educator Program The four-year program is designed to provide newly licensed Ohio educators quality mentoring and guidance. Successful completion of the residency program is required to advance to a five-year professional educator license.

  • E-VERIFY PROGRAM Performing Agency certifies that for Contracts for Services, Performing Agency shall utilize the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify system during the term of the Contract to determine the eligibility of:

  • Educational Program Section 1: Nurses covered by this Agreement will receive the university fee authorization program and dependent fee authorization program as currently in effect and as may be determined during the term of this agreement.

  • Develop programs 1) The Employer will develop and implement health promotion and health education programs, subject to the availability of resources. Each Appointing Authority will develop a health promotion and health education program consistent with the Minnesota Management & Budget policy. Upon request of any exclusive representative in an agency, the Appointing Authority shall jointly meet and confer with the exclusive representative(s) and may include other interested exclusive representatives. Agenda items shall include but are not limited to smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, health education/self-care, and education on related benefits provided through the health plan administrators serving state employees.

  • DTC Program At all times that Notes or Warrants are outstanding, the Company shall employ as the transfer agent for its Common Stock and Underlying Shares a participant in the Depository Trust Company Automated Securities Transfer Program and cause the Common Stock and Underlying Shares to be transferable pursuant to such program.

  • BUY AMERICA ACT (National School Lunch Program and Breakfast Program With respect to products purchased by Customers for use in the National School Lunch Program and/or National School Breakfast Program, Contractor shall comply with all federal procurement laws and regulations with respect to such programs, including the Buy American provisions set forth in 7 C.F.R. Part 210.21(d), to the extent applicable. Contractor agrees to provide all certifications required by Customer regarding such programs. In the event Contractor or Contractor’s supplier(s) are unable or unwilling to certify compliance with the Buy American Provision, or the applicability of an exception to the Buy American provision, H-GAC Customers may decide not to purchase from Contractor. Additionally, H-GAC Customers may require country of origin on all products and invoices submitted for payment by Contractor, and Contractor agrees to comply with any such requirement.

  • Safety Program The Contractor shall design a specific safety program for the Work for the site(s). The Contractor shall establish and require all Subcontractors to establish reasonable safety programs. The Contractor shall also submit its standard monthly safety reports to the Owner and Design Professional. No imposition of responsibility on the Contractor for safety under this Contract shall relieve any subcontractor of its responsibility for safety of persons or property on or near the Project Site. The Contractor shall include in his plant he names of the person in charge of Safety.

  • Program 3.01. The Recipient declares its commitment to the Program and its implementation. To this end: