Your home Sample Clauses

Your home. You must keep your home in a clean and tidy condition.
Your home. 1.1 If you occupy a house or bungalow, your home’s fixtures and fittings and any garden, paths, xxxxxx, and/or fences, garages and outbuildings owned by us form part of your home.
Your home a. Additions to homes are not allowed. No se permiten adiciones a las xxxxx.

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  • Your Agreement If one or more Potential Changes in Control occur during the Term of this Agreement, you agree not to resign for at least six full calendar months after a Potential Change in Control occurs, except as follows: (a) you may resign after a Change in Control occurs; (b) you may resign if you are given Good Reason to do so; and (c) you may terminate employment on account of retirement on or after 65 or because you become unable to work due to serious illness or injury.

  • MARITAL HOME At the time of writing this Agreement, the Couple: (check one) ☐ - DO NOT own a home, either separately or jointly. ☐ - OWN a home, either separately or jointly, at the property address of: (“Marital Home”). The Marital Home is currently owned by: (check one) ☐ - Husband ☐ - Wife ☐ - Both Spouses The following currently lives at the Marital Home: (check one) ☐ - Husband ☐ - Wife ☐ - Both Spouses The Marital Home shall be: (check one) ☐ - Placed for sale as part of this Agreement. ☐ - Not placed for sale.

  • Family Care Employees may use vacation leave for care of family members as required by the Family Care Act, WAC 296-130.

  • Residential Residential, Multi-unit (RM) Residential, Single-unit (R) Residential, One-acre (R1A) Residential, Two-acre (R2A) Residential, Three-acre (R3A) Residential, Estate (RE)

  • Your Rights When it comes to your health information, you have certain rights. This section explains your rights and some of our responsibilities to help you.  Get an electronic or paper copy of your medical record You can ask to see or get an electronic or paper copy of your medical record and other health information we have about you. Ask us how to do this. We will provide a copy or a summary of your health information, usually within 30 days of your request. We may charge a reasonable, cost- based fee.  Ask us to correct your medical record You can ask us to correct health information about you that you think is incorrect or incomplete. Ask us how to do this. We may say “no” to your request, but we’ll tell you why in writing within 60 days.  Request confidential communications You can ask us to contact you in a specific way (for example, home or office phone) or to send mail to a different address. We will say “yes” to all reasonable requests.  Ask us to limit what we use or share You can ask us not to use or share certain health information for treatment, payment, or our operations. We are not required to agree to your request, and we may say “no” if it would affect your care. If you pay for a service or health care item out-of-pocket in full, you can ask us not to share that information for the purpose of payment or our operations with your health insurer. We will say “yes” unless a law requires us to share that information.  Get a list of those with whom we’ve shared information You can ask for a list (accounting) of the times we’ve shared your health information for six years prior to the date you ask, who we shared it with, and why. We will include all the disclosures except for those about treatment, payment, and health care operations, and certain other disclosures (such as any you asked us to make). We’ll provide one accounting a year for free but will charge a reasonable, cost-based fee if you ask for another one within 12 months.  Get a copy of this privacy notice You can ask for a paper copy of this notice at any time, even if you have agreed to receive the notice electronically. We will provide you with a paper copy promptly.  Choose someone to act for you If you have given someone medical power of attorney or if someone is your legal guardian, that person can exercise your rights and make choices about your health information. We will make sure the person has this authority and can act for you before we take any action.  File a complaint if you feel your rights are violated You can complain if you feel we have violated your rights by contacting our Clinical Director and Privacy Officer, Xxxxx Xxxxxx, LCSW at 314.336.1041. You can also file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights by sending a letter to 000 Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, X.X., Xxxxxxxxxx, X.X. 00000, calling 1-877- 000-0000, or visiting We will not retaliate against you for filing a complaint. Your Choices For certain health information, you can tell us your choices about what we share. If you have a clear preference for how we share your information in the situations described below, talk to us. Tell us what you want us to do, and we will follow your instructions. In these cases, you have both the right and choice to tell us to:  Share information with your family, close friends, or others involved in your care  Share information in a disaster relief situation If you are not able to tell us your preference, for example if you are unconscious, we may go ahead and share your information if we believe it is in your best interest. We may also share your information when needed to lessen a serious and imminent threat to health or safety. In these cases we never share your information unless you give us written permission:  Marketing purposes  Most sharing of psychotherapy notes  In the case of fundraising, we may contact you for fundraising efforts, but you can tell us not to contact you again.

  • YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION 17.1 We collect certain information about You and the Cardholders in order to operate the Card programme. XXImo and IDT Financial Services Limited are data controllers of Your personal data, and will manage and protect Your personal data in accordance with the applicable Belgium and Gibraltar data protection laws.

  • Your Children If your plan includes family coverage, each of your and your spouse’s children are eligible for coverage until the last day of the month in which they turn twenty-six (26). For purposes of determining eligibility for coverage, the term children means: • Natural children; • Step-children; • Legally adopted children; • Xxxxxx children who have been placed with you by an authorized placement agency or court order. A child for whom healthcare coverage is required through a Qualified Medical Child Support Order or other court or administrative order is also eligible for coverage. Your employer is responsible for determining if an order meets the criteria of a Qualified Medical Child Support Order. We may request more information from you to confirm your child’s eligibility. Disabled Dependents In accordance with R.I. General Law § 27-20-45, when your enrolled unmarried child reaches the maximum dependent age of twenty-six (26), he or she can continue to be considered an eligible dependent only if he or she is determined by us to be a disabled dependent. If you have an unmarried child of any age who is financially dependent upon you and medically determined to have a physical or mental impairment, which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than twelve (12) months, that child is an eligible disabled dependent under this agreement. Please contact our Customer Service Department, to obtain the necessary form to verify the child’s disabled status. Periodically you may be asked to submit additional documents to confirm the child’s disabled status.

  • Healthcare Section 1. Bargaining unit employees with one (1) year or more of service will be provided coverage for the duration of this contract through the “Full Coverage” Team Care Plan (“Team Care MM200”), which includes dental, vision, life, short term disability, medical and prescription drug benefits. Prior to January 1, 2020, bargaining unit employees with less than one (1) year of service will be provided coverage through the “Medical Only” plan. On January 1, 2020, all bargaining unit employees enrolled in the Medical Only plan shall be enrolled in the Full Coverage plan, and the Medical Only plan will eliminated. The rates for 2019 and a further description of the plan and rates are referenced

  • College has the sole right to control and direct the instructional activities of all instructors, including those who are SCHOOL DISTRICT employees.

  • Your Personal Data 17.1. PFS is a registered Data Controller with the Information Commissioners Office in the UK under registration number Z1821175 xxxxx://