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Your home. What is coveredWe will send an engineer to repair any breakdowns related to the below and pay for the callout, parts and all labour involved. BoilerRepairs to a single natural gas boiler in your home If your boiler is under seven years old and we declare that it is Beyond Economic Repair, we will provide a replacement boiler of a similar make and model. It might not be the same make or model or fitted in the same place. FlueRepairs to the flue including the flue terminal, up to three metres in length.We will arrange a replacement of the existing flue, including the flue terminal if we are unable to repair it.ControlsRepairs to the controls that make the boiler work, including the programmer, any thermostats, motorised zone valves and central heating pump.We will arrange replacement controls if our engineer advises that we are unable to repair. Gas Supply PipeRepairs to the gas supply pipe – the pipe that connects your gas meter to your gas appliances.We will arrange a replacement gas supply pipe if our heating engineer advises that we are unable to repair.
Your home. 1.1 If you occupy a house or a bungalow, your home’s fixtures and fittings and any garden, paths, hedges, and/or fences, garages and outbuildings owned by us form part of your home.
Your home or that of your travelling companion(s) is made unfit to live in by fire, explosion, storm, flooding or impact by aircraft which happen after you have purchased this Policy or booked your trip, whichever is the later;
Your home. You must provide your student with accommodation and facilities including:• a clean, appropriately furnished and warm/cool home and ventilated bedroom• a safe and welcoming environment that will encourage students to experience life as a member of the familystudy facilities including a desk, a chair, and adequate lighting (natural light in student bedrooms is required)• kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities• three meals each day and reasonable access to snacks (meals should be nutritious and inaccordance with your student’s dietary, medical and cultural needs)• household facilities/appliances that comply with government legislation regarding safety standards• an orientation within the family home, the use of facilities, appliances and security. This must include household protocols and safety rules about access and the use of shared facilities such as swimming pools, internet (included in homestay fees), telephone, mealtimes, visitors and bedtimes• simple written information about home rules to help students remember• any keys, alarm codes or passwords required for your student to have access to the homestay residence.You must notify us in writing as soon as possible in advance if you propose to materially change your home (e.g. by renovating or relocating).
Your home safe, secure and or habitableAmount of money you must pay towards every attended incident. Acromas Insurance Company Limited (AICL)A fault which occurs at inconstant and/or unpredictable intervals or circum- stances.The private dwelling (excluding detached outbuildings and garages, sheds and communal areas) shown on your Home Membership Statement, occupied by you, your immediate family, any lodger (as long as you are also resident in the home) or your tenant. Your home must be a single self containedunit with its own front door. If you are the Landlord you must also own thehome.The document which gives details of you, your home and the cover level(s) which you are entitled to call the AA for assistance. Someone who lets out properties. For the purpose of this cover this is limited to no more than two let properties and where this activity is not their main source of income.The person named on the Home Membership Statement.Period of cover during which you are entitled to request assistance as shown in your Home Membership Statement.Faults which affect part of your home rather than throughout the property.The home and land within its boundary excluding any shared or communal areas.Faults which occur within your home which require resolution but are not an emergency. This does not include any loss or damage resulting from a lack of proper maintenance.The insurer or AA Insurance Services Limited acting on behalf of the insurer. The member, their spouse or partner, or your tenant living in the home.
Your home. You must keep your home in a clean and tidy condition.
Your home. In this section you will: ⚫ Identify areas for improvement to make your home safer in the case of an earthquake through our Home Hazard Hunt. ⚫ To make sure your home is structurally sound. ⚫ Follow step-by-step guidelines for securing the contents of your home. ⚫ Know how and when to shut off any utilities. ⚫ Learn the basic steps of fire prevention. What if You Have to Evacuate When evacuating animals, remember that they will be frightened. Given a chance they will try to get away and find a place where they feel safe. Keeping animals securely confined will minimize the chance of losing your animals. If animals are evacuated to a centralized location, such as fair grounds for shelter, where they will co-mingle with other animals of unknown health status try to: ⚫ Minimize the contact among animals from different premises. ⚫ Verify the health and vaccination status of animals which must be co-mingled. ⚫ Handle any mortalities in a manner that minimizes the possible spread of contagious diseases. ⚫ Monitor animals on a daily basis and seek appropriate veterinary advice and service on suspicion of an animal disease problem. Top 5 Recommendations
Your home is damaged by any of the insured eventsand as a result your home is uninhabitable; or

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  • Family Care Employees may use vacation leave for care of family members as required by the Family Care Act, WAC 296-130.

  • Healthcare Without limiting or being limited by any other provision of any Loan Document, Borrower has timely filed or caused to be filed all cost and other reports of every kind required under any Healthcare Laws or any provider or other agreement relating to Borrower’s participation in Medicare or Medicaid programs. Subject to subsection (a)(x) of Section 5.20, there are no claims, actions or appeals pending (and Borrower has not filed any claims or reports which could reasonably result in any such claims, actions or appeals) before any commission, board or agency or other Governmental Authority, including, without limitation, any intermediary or carrier, the Provider Reimbursement Review Board or the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, with respect to any state or federal Medicare or Medicaid cost reports or claims filed by Borrower, or any disallowance by any commission, board or agency or other Governmental Authority in connection with any audit of such cost reports. No validation review or program integrity review related to Borrower or the consummation of the transactions contemplated herein or to the Collateral have been conducted by any commission, board or agency or other Governmental Authority in connection with the Medicare or Medicaid programs, and to the knowledge of Borrower, no such reviews are scheduled, pending or threatened against or affecting any of the providers, any of the Collateral or the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • College has the sole right to control and direct the instructional activities of all instructors, including those who are SCHOOL DISTRICT employees.

  • Family The District shall contribute no less than eighty percent (80%) of the total cost of the premium toward family coverage. The employee shall pay the difference between the District contribution and the total cost of the premium for family dental coverage.

  • Child Care The Employer may make available the use of facilities for child care centers. Use of facilities shall include a rental/lease agreement. Any child care facilities and/or vendors utilized under this Article must be certified in accordance with state laws and regulations.

  • Name of Company The name of the Company shall be as set forth in the Certificate.

  • Community Outreach The Lafayette County Sheriff's Office will, if necessary, engage in Steering Committee meetings to assess the immigration enforcement activities conducted by the participating LCSO personnel, and to ensure compliance with the terms of this MOA.

  • Home Health Care This plan covers the following home care services when provided by a certified home healthcare agency: • nursing services; • services of a home health aide; • visits from a social worker; • medical supplies; and • physical, occupational and speech therapy.