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Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxx. Xxx Xxxxxxxxx is defined as the Territory of India. EXHIBIT E --------- Transborder Rules Transborder Rules
Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxx. Nonni’s Food Company, Inc. .............
Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxx. Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxx, Vice President - Corporate Governance and Ethics, and Corporate Secretary ATTEST: By: /s/ Xxxxxxx X. Xxxx Xxxxxxx X. Xxxx, Assistant Secretary UMB BANK, N.A. By: /s/ Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx Name: Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx Title: Senior Vice President ATTEST: By: /s/ Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx Name: Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx Title: Vice President EXHIBIT B [Form of Rights Certificate] Certificate No. Rights NOT EXERCISABLE AFTER JUNE 25, 2007 OR EARLIER IF REDEEMED BY THE COMPANY. THE RIGHTS ARE SUBJECT TO REDEMPTION, AT THE OPTION OF THE COMPANY, AT $.01 PER RIGHT ON THE TERMS SET FORTH IN THE RIGHTS AGREEMENT. UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES, RIGHTS BENEFICIALLY OWNED BY AN ACQUIRING PERSON (AS SUCH TERM IS DEFINED IN THE RIGHTS AGREEMENT) OR AN AFFILIATE (AS SUCH TERM IS DEFINED IN THE RIGHTS AGREEMENT) OR ASSOCIATE (AS SUCH TERM IS DEFINED IN THE RIGHTS AGREEMENT) OF AN ACQUIRING PERSON AND ANY SUBSEQUENT HOLDER OF SUCH RIGHTS MAY BECOME NULL AND VOID. [THE RIGHTS REPRESENTED BY THIS RIGHTS CERTIFICATE ARE OR WERE BENEFICIALLY OWNED BY A PERSON WHO WAS OR BECAME AN ACQUIRING PERSON OR AN AFFILIATE OR ASSOCIATE OF AN ACQUIRING PERSON. ACCORDINGLY, THIS RIGHTS CERTIFICATE AND THE RIGHTS REPRESENTED HEREBY MAY BECOME, OR MAY ALREADY HAVE BECOME, NULL AND VOID IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES SPECIFIED IN SECTION 7(e) OF SUCH AGREEMENT.] 1 Rights Certificate SPRINT NEXTEL CORPORATION This certifies that ____________________________, or registered assigns, is the registered owner of the number of Rights set forth above, each of which entitles the owner thereof, subject to the terms, provisions and conditions of the Second Amended and Restated Rights Agreement, dated as of March 16, 2004 (the “Rights Agreement), between Sprint Nextel Corporation, a Kansas corporation (the “Company”), and UMB Bank, n.a., a banking corporation (the “Rights Agent”), as amended, to purchase from the Company at any time before 5:00 P.M. (New York City time) on June 25, 2007 (the “Final Expiration Date”) at the office or offices of the Rights Agent designated for such purpose, or its successors as Rights Agent, one one-thousandth of a fully paid, non-assessable share of Preferred Stock – Sixth Series, Junior Participating, without par value (the “Preferred Stock”) of the Company, at a purchase price of $______ per one one-thousandth of a share (the “Purchase Price”), upon presentation and surrender of this Rights Certificate with the Form of Election to Purchase and related Certificate duly executed. The Pur...
Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxx. Witness Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxx SIGNED, SEALED & DELIVERED in the presence of: (signed) (signed) J. Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Witness J. Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx SIGNED, SEALED & DELIVERED in the presence of: (signed) (signed) Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx Witness Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx SIGNED, SEALED & DELIVERED in the presence of: (signed) (signed) Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx Witness Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx SIGNED, SEALED & DELIVERED in the presence of:

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  • Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx 20.11 If a person is not available within two (2) months of the date on which he or she is notified of appointment as Chairperson of the arbitration board, the next person in order of rotation shall be selected. Whichever person is chosen, the next arbitration case shall be heard by the next person in rotation. If none of the persons is available within two (2) months of the date on which he or she is notified, then the person available at the earliest date shall be the Chairperson of the arbitration board.

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx The arbitration shall be held pursuant to the Voluntary Labor Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, and it shall be the duties of the parties to mutually make arrangements with the Arbitrator to conduct the proceedings. The Arbitrator shall hold such hearings as he deems necessary and shall render a decision in writing. The Arbitrator shall not have the power to alter or amend, add to, or change the terms of this agreement or the conditions of employment of teachers in this District. The arbitrator shall, however, have the power to interpret and apply this contract and specify a remedy. The Arbitrator's decision shall be final and binding on both parties. The cost of arbitration shall be borne equally by the District and the Congress.

  • Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx i. An employer shall provide an employee at the time of his hiring with an inventory form on which the employee shall list his tools and which shall be submitted by the employee to the employer who may, at any time, check the accuracy of such inventory.

  • Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Purchase Order and Sales Contact Email Please enter a valid email address that will definitely reach the Purchase Order and Sales Contact. 2 Purchase Order and Sales Contact Phone Numbers only, no symbols or spaces (Ex. 8668398477). The system will auto-populate your entry with commas once submitted which is appropriate and expected (Ex. 8,668,398,477). 2 3 8473704468 Company Website Company Website (Format - 4 Entity D/B/A's and Assumed Names You must confirm that you are responding to this solicitation under your legal entity name. Go now to your Supplier Profile in this eBid System and confirm that your profile reflects your "Legal Name" as it is listed on your W9. In this question, please identify all of your entity's assumed names and D/B/A's. Please note that you will be identified publicly by the Legal Name under which you respond to this solicitation unless you organize otherwise with TIPS after award. 5 No response Primary Address Primary Address 2 6 000 Xxxxx Xxx Primary Address City Primary Address City Elk Grove Village Primary Address State Primary Address State (2 Digit Abbreviation) 2 8 IL Primary Address Zip Primary Address Zip 9 60007 Search Words Identifying Vendor Please list all search words and phrases to be included in the TIPS database related to your entity. Do not list words which are not associated with the bid category/scope (See bid title for general scope). This will help users find you through the TIPS website search function. You may include product names, manufacturers, specialized services, and other words associated with the scope of this solicitation. Athletic Field Construction, Athletic Field Maintenance, Athletic Field Consulting Certification of Vendor Residency (Required by the State of Texas) Does Vendor's parent company or majority owner:

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx (2) Xxxxx Xxxxx

  • Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx the registered agent of the LLC for service of process on the LLC in the State of Delaware is National Registered Agents, Inc., 9 East Loockerman Street, Suite 1B, Dover, Delaware 19901.

  • Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx obligation to pay compensation to PaineWebber as agreed upon pursuant to this paragraph 4 is not contingent upon receipt by Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx of any compensation from the Fund or Series. Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx shall advise the Board of any agreements or revised agreements as to compensation to be paid by Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx to PaineWebber at their first regular meeting held after such agreement but shall not be required to obtain prior approval for such agreements from the Board.

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx This Lot may contain Bundles which include Hardware and/or Software in combination with Cloud Services. All components of the Bundle must be within the overall scope of this Contract. The Hardware or Software Products included in the Bundle cannot be listed as stand-alone items for this Lot. Third Party Products are allowed as part of a Bundle only if they are required to facilitate the provision of the Cloud solution. PROTECTION OF DATA, INFRASTRUCTURE AND SOFTWARE Contractor is responsible for providing physical and logical security for all Data, infrastructure (e.g. hardware, networking components, physical devices), and software related to the services the Contractor is providing under the Authorized User Agreement. All Data security provisions agreed to by the Authorized User and Contractor within the Authorized User Agreement may not be diminished for the duration of the Authorized User Agreement. No reduction in these conditions in any fashion may occur at any time without prior written agreement by the parties amending the Authorized User Agreement.

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Seller and Buyer hereby certify that they have not themselves, nor through any third parties, purchased nor caused to be purchased in the public marketplace any publicly traded shares of the Company. Seller and Buyer further certify they have not communicated the nature of the transactions contemplated by the Agreement, are not aware of any disclosure of non public information concerning said transactions, and are not a party to any xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of Company shares.

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx SIGNED by the Premier of the State of Western Australia for and on behalf of the State in the presence of — XXXXX XXXXX.