Xxxxxxx Street Sample Clauses

Xxxxxxx Street. Xxxxxxx. Orange County. Florida. Tax parcel #24-23-29- 0000-00-000 Begin at a stake 60 feet east of the northwest xxxxx of Xxx 00, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, recorded in Plat Book C, Page 53, Public Records of Orange County, Florida, said stake being on the south line of Xxxxxxx Street, then run east along said lot line 100 feet to a stake, thence south II 0.60 feet to a stake, thence west I 00 feet to a stake, thence north 110.60 feet to point of beginning.
Xxxxxxx Street. This is not about foreign policy. It is about all the international agreements we rely on to keep planes flying, trade with other countries etc. This provision is about the status of these agreements during the implementation period. It would be unnecessarily disruptive for them suddenly to cease to apply. Almost all the international agreements we will be bound by have been signed up to during our membership of the EU.
Xxxxxxx Street. Lots 4-6, Block 1 Xxxxxxxxx’x Addition to the City of Portland, in the City of Portland, county of Multnomah, State of Oregon, presently owned by Xxxxxx X. Xxxxx, hereby is designated a historical landmark. ORDINANCE No. [ILLEGIBLE]
Xxxxxxx Street. The EU will continue to treat any UK data or information provided before we left the EU as it if were that of a member state as set out in Article 73. They are also bound by Union law, as defined at the end of the implementation period, to protect classified information from the UK.
Xxxxxxx Street. Article 39 is about the rights accorded to citizens, rights that both sides do not wish suddenly to expire, putting those citizens in a wholly uncertain legal situation. This applies for both UK nationals in the EU and EU citizens in the UK.
Xxxxxxx Street. Article 4 does not provide for the jurisdiction of the ECJ in the UK. This is an agreement about winding down the application of EU law. It does not make sense for that law to have a different status in the UK while its effects are wound down. This would create inconsistency and legal uncertainty. Article 87 is about events which take place up to the end of transition. It is nothing to do with events after that.
Xxxxxxx Street. WEB COPY Collectors collect traffic from local roads and distribute it to other local roads, arterials and sometimes freeways. They also service land and full access to adjacent land is usually permitted.
Xxxxxxx Street. No this is incorrect. This article is about the legal immunities which attach to EU documents located in the UK. Such provisions are very common in treaties with international organisations.
Xxxxxxx Street. The UK will honour commitments it has previously given for the EU Trust Funds and the Facility for Refugees in Turkey.
Xxxxxxx Street. No. Article 50 requires the EU to conclude an agreement setting out arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. “The framework for its future relationship” is what will be set out in the accompanying political declaration.