WITNESSETH WHEREAS each of the Funds has entered into a master repurchase agreement dated as of ___________, (the "Master Agreement") with Seller pursuant to which from time to time one or more of the Funds, as buyers, and Seller, as seller, may enter into repurchase transactions effected through one or more joint trading accounts (collectively, the "Joint Trading Account") established and administered by one or more custodians of the Funds identified on Schedule C hereto (each a "Custodian"); and,
WITNESSETH WHEREAS the Fund is registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the Investment Company Act), as a diversified, open-end, management investment company and it is in the interest of the Fund to offer its shares for sale continuously;
WITNESSETH WHEREAS. Custodian and certain of the Funds have entered into that certain Joint Trading Account Custody Agreement between The Bank of New York and Fidelity Funds, dated as of ______ (the "Agreement"), pursuant to which the Funds have appointed the Custodian as its custodian for the purpose of establishing and administering one or more joint trading accounts or subaccounts thereof (individually, an "Account" and collectively, the "Accounts") and holding cash and securities for the Funds in connection with repurchase transactions effected through the Accounts; and WHEREAS, Seller and the Funds desire to amend the Agreement as set forth below.
WITNESSETH WHEREAS. METROPOLITAN engages in the business of purchasing and servicing receivables, and maintains subsidiaries, internal staff, and operations to support such activities, and;
WITNESSETH WHEREAS the Company and the Executive executed an Employment Agreement effective as of June 7, 1994 ("Agreement"); and
WITNESSETH WHEREAS the Company desires to continue the employment of the Executive and the Executive is willing to be employed by the Company and accepts such employment;
WITNESSETH WHEREAS. RSM is in the business of selling various medical devices primarily used to perform medical procedures; and