Withdrawal due to Resignation Sample Clauses

Withdrawal due to Resignation. If the Participant is subject to a Withdrawal due to Resignation other than as described in Sections 2(b) or 4(a) of this Exhibit A, all of the RSUs then held by the Participant shall be forfeited as of the date of such Withdrawal.
Withdrawal due to Resignation. If the Participant is subject to a Withdrawal due to Resignation (as defined in the 2018 Partner Agreement), all of the RSUs then held by the Participant shall be forfeited as of the date of such Withdrawal.

Related to Withdrawal due to Resignation

  • Withdrawal of Resignation An employee who has given notice of resignation has up to twenty-four (24) clock hours during which to rescind the resignation. Beyond the twenty-four (24)-hour period, the resignation may be withdrawn only with the approval of the Appointing Authority.

  • Termination Due to Retirement “Retirement” means the termination of the Executive’s employment with the Bank for any reason by the Executive at any time after the Executive attains age 62. The Executive may terminate the Executive’s employment hereunder due to Retirement upon sixty (60) days prior written notice to the Bank. If, during the term of this Agreement, the Executive terminates employment due to Retirement, the term of this Agreement shall thereupon end and the Executive shall be entitled to (a) continuation of the Executive’s medical benefits at the level in effect on, and at the same out-of-pocket cost to the Executive as of, the date of termination for the one-year period following the termination of the Executive’s employment due to Retirement (or, if such continuation is not permitted by applicable law or if the Board of Directors so determines in its sole discretion, the Bank shall provide the economic equivalent in lieu thereof to the Executive), and (b) any other compensation and benefits as may be provided in accordance with the terms and provisions of any applicable plans and programs of the Bank.

  • Voluntary Withdrawal If any Partner should withdraw from the Partnership, they must give at least days’ written notice to the Partnership. Such withdrawal shall have no effect on the day-to-day operations of the Partnership.

  • Voluntary Resignation; Termination for Cause If Executive’s employment with the Company terminates (i) voluntarily by Executive (other than for Good Reason) or (ii) for Cause by the Company, then Executive will not be entitled to receive severance or other benefits except for those (if any) as may then be established under the Company’s then existing severance and benefits plans and practices or pursuant to other written agreements with the Company.

  • Termination Due to Disability If the Optionee’s employment terminates by reason of the Optionee’s disability (as determined by the Administrator), any portion of this Stock Option outstanding on such date shall become fully exercisable and may thereafter be exercised by the Optionee for a period of 12 months from the date of termination or until the Expiration Date, if earlier.

  • Termination Due to Disability or Death If Employee is unable to perform his duties under this Agreement by reason of physical or mental disability, this Agreement shall terminate, and, upon such termination, Employee shall continue to receive the compensation described in Section 3 of this Agreement, reduced by any disability payment to which Employee may be entitled in lieu of such compensation, until the last day of the Term. At the expiration of the Term, payment of all compensation to Employee under this Agreement shall cease immediately (except for any payment of compensation accrued but unpaid through that date, COBRA benefits and other benefits to which the Employee may be entitled notwithstanding termination of his employment). The term “disability” as used in this Agreement shall mean a condition which prohibits Employee from performing his duties substantially in the manner he is capable of performing them on the date of this Agreement, which cannot be removed by reasonable accommodations on the part of the Company, for sixty (60) days or more during any one year period. If Employee should die during the term of this Agreement, this Agreement shall terminate and all payments and rights to compensation and benefits to Employee under this Agreement shall cease immediately, except for any compensation and benefits accrued but unpaid through the date of death.

  • Involuntary Withdrawal Any Partner may be required to withdraw from the Partnership upon the happening of any of the following events:

  • Refund for Withdrawal Due to Other Reasons If the Student withdraws from the Course for any reason other than those stated in Clause 2.1, the PEI will, within seven (7) working days of receiving the Student’s written notice of withdrawal, refund to the Student an amount based on the table in Schedule D.

  • Voluntary Resignation In the event of the Participant’s voluntary Termination (other than a voluntary Termination described in Section 4(d) hereof), the vested portion of the Option shall remain exercisable until the earlier of (i) thirty (30) days from the date of such Termination, and (ii) the expiration of the stated term of the Option pursuant to Section 3(d) hereof.

  • Withdrawal of Termination Notice Notwithstanding anything inconsistent contained in this Agreement, if the Party who has been served with the Termination Notice cures the underlying Event of Default to the satisfaction of the other Party at any time before the Termination occurs, the Termination Notice shall be withdrawn by the Party which had issued the same. Provided that the Party in breach shall compensate the other Party for any direct costs/consequences occasioned by the Event of Default which caused the issue of Termination Notice.