Wife Sample Clauses

Wife is the Bride set out above.

Related to Wife

Children For the purposes of the Trust the children of the Grantor are as follows: _ _
Spouse An employee may purchase up to five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) life insurance coverage for his/her spouse in increments established by the Employer, subject to satisfactory evidence of insurability. A new employee may purchase either five thousand dollars ($5,000) or ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in optional spouse life coverage by their initial effective date of coverage as defined in this Article, Section 5C without evidence of insurability. An employee who becomes eligible for insurance may purchase either five thousand dollars ($5,000) or ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in optional spouse coverage without evidence of insurability within thirty (30) days of the initial effective date as defined in this Article.
Dependents Eligible dependents for the purposes of this Article are as follows:
Immediate Family of a senior foreign political figure typically includes the figure’s parents, siblings, spouse, children and in-laws.
Family Includes students’ parents, legal guardians, foster parents, or primary caregivers.
Family Illness Where no one other than the employee can provide for the needs of an immediate member of the employee's family (spouse, child, parent) during an illness, an employee shall be entitled, after notifying the employee’s immediate Supervisor, to use up to three (3) accumulated sick leave days per calendar year for this purpose. In order to comply with the requirements regarding eligibility for EI Rebates, only those employees who have more than twelve (12) days’ sick leave credits are entitled to use sick leave for family illness as outlined herein. The use of sick leave days for family illness will affect the calculation of an employee’s Gratuity benefits in Clause 11.6.
Child - wherever the word "child" is used in this agreement, it shall be deemed to include a ward of the Director of Child Protection, or a child of a spouse;
Residence If the Purchaser is an individual, then the Purchaser resides in the state or province identified in the address of the Purchaser set forth on Exhibit A; if the Purchaser is a partnership, corporation, limited liability company or other entity, then the office or offices of the Purchaser in which its principal place of business is identified in the address or addresses of the Purchaser set forth on Exhibit A.
Life Insurance The Company may at its discretion and at any time apply for and procure as owner and for its own benefit and at its own expense, insurance on the life of Employee in such amounts and in such form or forms as the Company may choose. Employee shall cooperate with the Company in procuring such insurance and shall, at the request of the Company, submit to such medical examinations, supply such information and execute such documents as may be required by the insurance company or companies to whom the Company has applied for such insurance. Employee shall have no interest whatsoever in any such policy or policies, except that, upon the termination of Employee's employment hereunder, Employee shall have the privilege of purchasing any such insurance from the Company for an amount equal to the actual premiums thereon previously paid by the Company.