WFB Courtyard Norman Sample Clauses

WFB Courtyard Norman. 1.13 WFB Springhill Suites Scranton Wilkes Barre
WFB Courtyard Norman. 6.13 WFB Springhill Suites Scranton Wilkes Barre
WFB Courtyard Norman. 1 WFB Springhill Suites Scranton Wilkes Barre

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  • Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk The Employer recognizes the Ontario Nurses’ Association as the bargaining agent for all Registered and Graduate Nurses engaged in a nursing capacity by Aberdeen Health and Community Services, Brant-Norfolk-Haldimand in the County of Brant and the Region of Haldimand-Norfolk save and except Supervisors and those persons above the rank of Supervisor.

  • Tropical Hardwood and Virgin Redwood Ban Pursuant to San Francisco Environment Code Section 804(b), the City urges Contractor not to import, purchase, obtain, or use for any purpose, any tropical hardwood, tropical hardwood wood product, virgin redwood or virgin redwood wood product.

  • Program Requirements Provided At No Charge to the Judicial Council A. The Contractor shall provide the following items during the Program at no charge to the Judicial Council:

  • Invoicing for Charges Against the Judicial Council’s Master Account A. The Contractor shall establish a Master Account for the Judicial Council’s charges provided for under the exhibits of this Agreement.

  • Sidewalks entrances, passages, elevators, vestibules, stairways, corridors, halls, lobby and any other part of the Building shall not be obstructed or encumbered by any Tenant or used for any purpose other than ingress or egress to and from each tenant’s premises. Landlord shall have the right to control and operate the common portions of the Building and exterior facilities furnished for common use of the tenants (such as the eating, smoking, and parking areas) in such a manner as Landlord deems appropriate.

  • Orlando, FL; Ft Lauderdale, FL; Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC; Greensboro-Winston Salem-High Point, NC; Nashville, TN; and New Orleans, LA, MSAs regardless of whether or not such EELs are Currently Combined. Except as stated above, EELs will be provided to <<customer_name>> only to the extent such network elements are Currently Combined.

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  • County of Orange Child Support Enforcement Subrecipient certifies it is in full compliance with all applicable federal and state reporting requirements regarding its employees and with all lawfully served Wage and Earnings Assignment Orders and Notices of Assignments and will continue to be in compliance throughout the term of the Contract with the County of Orange. Failure to comply shall constitute a material breach of the Contract and failure to cure such breach within 60 calendar days of notice from the County shall constitute grounds for termination of the Contract.

  • New York State Statewide Financial System New York State Statewide Financial System (SFS) went live for NYS agencies in April 2012. Future SFS procurement functionality envisions the ability to fully host Contract catalogs, to integrate Contractor-hosted punch-out catalogs, and/or to submit and process invoices electronically. OGS reserves the right to integrate any or all of these future catalog functions with a Contractor during the contract period, and by submittal of a Vendor Submission, a Vendor agrees to coordinate with SFS, OGS and/or a third party host, for integration, if OGS exercises its right to do so. No costs or expenses associated with providing information and integration shall be charged to NYS. Technical Requirements for the data elements, such as data types, maximum field lengths, and cXML element names shall be provided by SFS, OGS and/or a third party host during integration. For more information on SFS, its use, and its capabilities please visit the SFS website here: