Wells Fargo Sample Clauses

Wells Fargo. The parties expressly acknowledge and consent to Wells Fargo Bank, National Association acting in the possible multiple capacities of the Collateral Custodian, and Account Bank and in the capacity as Administrative Agent. Wells Fargo Bank, National Association may, in such multiple capacities, discharge its separate functions fully, without hindrance or regard to conflict of interest principles or other breach of duties to the extent that any such conflict or breach arises from the performance by Wells Fargo Bank, National Association of express duties set forth in Agreement in any of such capacities, all of which defenses, claims or assertions are hereby expressly waived by the other parties hereto except in the case of gross negligence (other than errors in judgment) and willful misconduct by Wells Fargo Bank, National Association.
Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and its successors and assigns, in its capacity as Master Servicer, Trust Administrator or a Custodian, as the case may be, hereunder.
Wells Fargo. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, it is understood and agreed that this Agreement is expressly conditioned and contingent upon the prior written consent of Wells Fargo Business Credit, Inc. In the event such consent is not obtained on or before the date hereof, this Agreement shall be void and no effect as if never executed and delivered.
Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo represents and warrants to KMC that:
Wells Fargo. The following pages contain a summary of the key terms and conditions for the responses received. Discussion Points 1. Interest Rate A summary of the interest rates proposed by the eight bidders is outlined in Table 1 below. All interest rates are fixed through final maturity once locked in. Note that the rates provided by Capital One, Chase and TD Bank are subject to change until they are able to be locked in. Table 1: Summary of Interest Rates A B C D Lender Option 1 Capital One Public Funding, LLC 4.27% Option A: 3.03%Option B: 3.11% 3.40% (15 Years) 1 Option 2 (20 Years) 4.38% - Alternate Option (10 Years) Pinnacle Bank 2 JPMorgan Chase 3 TD Bank 4 Signature Public Funding Corp. 5 Webster Bank