Wastewater Treatment Plant schedule posting Sample Clauses

Wastewater Treatment Plant schedule posting. By December 1st each year the Superintendent or their designee of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, shall post on their respective City Bulletin Boards, a shift schedule for twenty-four (24) hour operations and work week as currently in effect, which shall provide that all Wastewater Treatment Plant operations shall have the opportunity and right to select on the basis of seniority, the shift schedule and work week such employee will be scheduled to, for the calendar year beginning on the first day of the first pay period each January. Superintendents have the discretion to assign shifts based on License level upon meeting with the Union and showing demonstrable need for the assignment. Once a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator starts to work on the selected shift assignment and work week, such operator shall not be permitted to change his shiftschedule and work week except when an operator vacancy occurs prior to December 1st of any calendar year, whereby, the superintendents or their designee, shall post such vacancy on city bulletin boards for a period of five (5) work days, for bids by any senior plant operator within their respective treatment plants, and where the vacancy exists, to permit such senior operators to fill any such vacancy for the remainder of that calendar year. Such vacancies shall be filled within ten (10) working days from such postings.