Visible Sample Clauses

Visible floating, suspended or deposited oil or other products of petroleum origin.
Visible damage to the vehicle which was notified in accordance with paragraph 11(a), no later than two (2) days after taking delivery of the vehicle;
Visible damage to or total or partial loss of Product in transit will be given in writing to WuXi AppTec and the carrier within **** of receipt by Customer; or
Visible. Emissions and Particulate’’ and revising the entries under Subchapter 25;
Visible. When True, the corresponding field can appear in linked grids. For more information For more information about • Formatting field values, see page 83. • Using the Fields Editor, see page 30. • Using the Database Form Expert, see page 21. • Setting a TField component’s properties, see page 79. Formatting field values at run time This example shows how to format a field value by setting the DisplayText property in code. What to do 1 Use the Database Form Expert to build a single-table form that displays all the fields of CUSTOMER.DB. (If you’re working through these examples in sequence, you can use the form from the previous example and skip to step 6.) Specify a vertical layout and labels aligned left. For detailed instructions, see page 21. 2 Use the Object Inspector to change the form’s Name property to EdCustForm, change the TTable component’s Name property to Cust, and change the TTable component’s Active property to True. In the form, notice the Phone field displays U.S phone numbers (example: 808-555-0269). 3 In this form’s CreateForm procedure, change Table1 to Cust. 4 Open the Fields Editor by double-clicking the TTable component. By default, the list of fields is empty. 5 Click Add to open a dialog box listing the fields in the Customer table. By default, all fields are selected. Click OK to add all the fields to the data set and close the dialog box.
Visible. Trademarks"). This license is personal to Subsidiary, shall not be sublicensed and shall not be assigned except as part of the sale, merger or other disposition of Subsidiary's entire business, and is granted for the six (6) month transition period to allow Subsidiary to dispose of any inventory that bears any Licensed Visible Trademark and to change tooling that places any Licensed Visible Trademark on Cherry Products.
Visible. Reminders Items that can be given away to people that will provide a reminder that the Academy is here and it is an option for them or someone they know. Examples of these visible reminders include printed pens and pencils, stickers, notepads, and t-shirts.
Visible. If a Vendor wishes to mix the contents of a master carton, each SKU, color and size should be clearly labeled and segregated in a polybag or separate carton within the master carton. These SKU's should be clearly specified on the packing slip.
Visible. Legible—Each photo must be in sharply focused and clear enough for a judge to:
Visible. Comments: The floor drain is in the utility room between the hot water heater and the forced air furnace. Ceiling Condition: Satisfactory Type:Closed Foundation Condition: Satisfactory Type:Concrete Comments: The foundation is covered up and could not be inspected, there are signs of minor settling around the house. By inspecting the walls, and floors for cracks or shifting one can deduce that at this time the foundation is functioning as intended. There are no major structural concerns observed at the time of the inspection. Heating Our examination of the heating system includes a visual examination of the exposed and accessible heating equipment, thermostat, safety controls, venting and the means of air distribution. Our inspection of the heating system includes activating the heating system via the thermostat and a visual examination of the accessible components listed below. These items are examined for proper function, excessive or unusual wear and general state of repair. Heat exchangers are inaccessible by design, and are not part of the ASHI standards of practice. They must be completely removed from the furnace to be fully evaluated. Our inspection does not include disassembly of the furnace. The inspector cannot light pilot lights due to the liability. The inspector does not test safety devices. To obtain maximum efficiency and reliability from your heating system, we recommend annual servicing and inspections by a qualified heating specialist. Determining the condition of oil tanks, whether exposed or buried, is beyond the scope of this inspection. Leaking oil tanks represent an environmental hazard, which is sometimes a costly condition to address. Heating System Condition: Satisfactory Type:Forced air Fuel Type:Natural Gas Heating System Data Furnace Age: 4 years Location: Basement utility room Thermostat Location: 1st floor hallway Comments: The gas furnace is a Lennox, model - ML193UH Humidifier Condition: Satisfactory