Xxxxxxx Sample Clauses

Xxxxxxx. Any above country with respect to which the Seller has to make any payment pursuant to Section 11.02(a)(viii) (indemnification for failure to obtain government approval) will be omitted from this Schedule. SCHEDULE 6.11B LIST OF ADDITIONAL COUNTRIES Antigua Aruba Barbados Bermuda Bulgaria Cayman Islands Chile Cyprus Czech Republic Dominica Egypt France Germany Greece Grenada Hungary Ireland Isle of Man Italy Lebanon Kuwait Mexico Oman Pakistan Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Slovakia Spain St. Kitts/Nevis St. Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx and Tobago Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Uruguay Any above country with respect to which the Seller has to make any payment pursuant to Section 11.02(a)(viii) (indemnification for failure to obtain government approval) will be omitted from this Schedule.
Xxxxxxx. THIS SECOND AMENDED AND RESTATED EXECUTIVE EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) replaces in its entirety the Amended and Restated Employment Agreement dated May 9, 2001, which in turn restated the original Employment Agreement dated as of November 1, 1995, and is entered into by and between Swift Energy Company, a Texas corporation (the “Company”), and Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx (Employee”) effective November 4, 2008.
Xxxxxxx. If the Bank is to open the wallet 1. In consideration of the Bank of St. Xxxxxxx and the Grenadines Ltd (hereinafter called the “Bank”) permitting the undersigned to use the night depository (hereinafter called the “Depository”) upon and subject to the conditions hereinafter mentioned, the undersigned hereby agree (s) with the Bank as follows: it retains one of the two keys to the lock. Only currency, cheques and other orders for the payment of money shall be placed in the depository and they shall be contained in a special wallet supplied by the Bank. The undersigned acknowledge (s) receipt from the Bank of a key to the outside door of the depository and wallet with lock and a key* (the keys) thereto, all of which shall remain the property of the Bank. The undersigned shall immediately notify the Bank of any loss of the key to the outside door of the depository and shall bear the cost of a new lock and keys if the Bank sees it fit to replace them. The undersigned shall securely lock the wallet before placing it in the depository and afterwards shall close and lock the outside door of the depository. The undersigned shall promptly notify the Bank of any unusual condition of or defect in the depository which comes to the attention of the undersigned. *Delete whichever of 2. The Bank is authorised to open the wallet and remove the contents which it shall deal with in the manner in which it usually deals with items deposited by its customers excluding items which the Bank does not consider to be in order. The wallet shall contain an itemized deposit slip in duplicate showing its contents. the group of clauses 2 or 3 is
Xxxxxxx. 3. You are to examine the Letters of Transmittal and

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  • Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx obligation to pay compensation to PaineWebber as agreed upon pursuant to this paragraph 4 is not contingent upon receipt by Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx of any compensation from the Fund or Series. Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx shall advise the Board of any agreements or revised agreements as to compensation to be paid by Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx to PaineWebber at their first regular meeting held after such agreement but shall not be required to obtain prior approval for such agreements from the Board.

  • Mrs Xxxxx'x Xxxery of London, LLC Relevant Sub-clause of Section 3.2(a) of Pledge and Amount Maturity Date Obligor Security Agreement NONE.

  • AT&T 9STATE shall be defined as the States of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

  • Xxxxxxxx Telecopy: (000) 000-0000 if to Spinco: Abacus Innovations Corporation Telecopy: with a copy (which shall not constitute notice) to: Skadden, Arps, Slate, Xxxxxxx & Xxxx LLP One Xxxxxx Square 000 X. Xxxx Street Wilmington, DE 19801 Attention: Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, Esq. Telecopy: (000) 000-0000 or to such other address or telecopy number and with such other copies, as such Party may hereafter specify for that purpose by notice to the other Party. Each such notice, request or other communication shall be effective (a) on the day delivered (or if that day is not a Business Day, on the first following day that is a Business Day) when (i) delivered personally against receipt or (ii) sent by overnight courier, (b) on the day when transmittal confirmation is received if sent by telecopy (or if that day is not a Business Day, on the first following day that is a Business Day), and (c) if given by any other means, upon delivery or refusal of delivery at the address specified in this Section 7.

  • Xxxxxx Nichols, Arsht & Xxxxxxx LLP, special Delaware counsel to the Bank, the Transferor and the Issuer, shall have furnished to the Underwriters a written opinion, addressed to the Underwriters and dated the Closing Date, in form and substance satisfactory to the Underwriters, substantially to the effect that:

  • Attn Contract Administration 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx San Antonio, TX 00000-0000 Telephone No.: 800/000-0000, ext 8 Facsimile No.: 210/474-4088 Any notice to you shall be duly given if mailed or sent by overnight courier to you at the address specified by you below.

  • Managing Director The Board may from time to time appoint a managing director who shall be a resident Canadian and director. If appointed, he shall be the chief executive officer and, subject to the authority of the Board, shall have general supervision of the business and affairs of the Corporation; and he shall, subject to the provisions of the Act, have such other powers and duties as the Board may specify. During the absence or disability of the president, or if no president has been appointed, the managing director shall also have the powers and duties of that office.

  • Xxxxxx will determine the method, details, and means of performing the above-described services, subject only to applicable laws and the rules and regulations of the DISTRICT. XXXXXX shall be free to utilize its own employees, consultants and associates as are necessary to accomplish the services to be performed herein.

  • Xxxxxxxx This letter is sent to you in accordance with Section 8(b) of the Trust Agreement, dated as of [date], between [name of Plan Sponsor] and Fidelity Management Trust Company. [I or We] hereby designate [name of individual], [name of individual], and [name of individual], as the individuals who may provide directions, on behalf of the Administrator, upon which Fidelity Management Trust Company shall be fully protected in relying. Only one such individual need provide any direction. The signature of each designated individual is set forth below and certified to be such. You may rely upon each designation and certification set forth in this letter until [I or we] deliver to you written notice of the termination of authority of a designated individual. Very truly yours, [SPONSOR] By [signature of designated individual] [name of designated individual] [signature of designated individual] [name of designated individual] [signature of designated individual] [name of designated individual]

  • Xxxxx, Haldimand, Norfolk The Employer recognizes the Ontario Nurses’ Association as the bargaining agent for all Registered and Graduate Nurses engaged in a nursing capacity by Aberdeen Health and Community Services, Xxxxx-Norfolk-Haldimand in the County of Xxxxx and the Region of Haldimand-Norfolk save and except Supervisors and those persons above the rank of Supervisor.