Use of the Airport Sample Clauses

Use of the Airport. The tenant has the privilege of using the pubic portions of the airport in common with other users. Tenant shall have the right to conduct all operations authorized pursuant to the terms of this lease, provided, however, that this lease shall not be deemed to grant to tenant, or those claiming under tenant, the exclusive right to use any part or portion of the airport other than the premises. Use of the airport is subject to the rules and conditions as now exist or may be enacted in the future by the City, the State of Minnesota, or the United States government. The tenant is subject to customary charges for such use as may be established from time to time by the City. The City reserves the right to enter, at any time, upon the leased land as described in this agreement and any building on said land for the purpose of inspection to determine compliance with all terms of this agreement. Reasonable efforts will be made to notify tenant of such entry before entry is made.
Use of the Airport. The COUNTY hereby grants to Concessionaire the non-exclusive right and privilege to, and shall have the obligation to, finance, design, construct, operate and manage, at its sole cost and expense, a high quality news, gift and retail concession in certain designated areas of the Terminal Building, as further described in Article 2.
Use of the Airport. A. The parties agree that the purpose of this Agreement is to enable AIRLINE to provide Air Transportation services using Airport facilities on the east side of the Airport. Consistent with this purpose, AIRLINE shall have for itself and for its employees, passengers, guests, patrons, and invitees the right to the use, in common with other duly authorized users of the Airport and appurtenances, including all facilities, improvements, equipment, and services that have been or may hereafter be provided for common use at or in connection with the Airport, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and further subject to the lawful ordinances of County.
Use of the Airport. AIRLINE shall have the right to use the Airport, including all facilities, improvements, equipment, and services that are or may be provided for common use at or in connection with the Airport in common with other authorized users of the Airport subject to the Rules and Regulations.
Use of the Airport. Airline, its employees, passengers, guests, patrons, and invitees shall have the right to the use (in common with other duly authorized users) of the Airport and appurtenances, together with all facilities, improvements, equipment, and services that have been or may hereafter be provided for common use at or in connection with the Airport, subject to all Rules and Regulations. Prior to Airline employee operation or use of loading bridges or baggage handling systems, written documentation of appropriate training by the County must be provided. Training sessions will be held periodically and individual training for new employees shall be scheduled with the Airport’s Director of Facilities and Maintenance. The Airport shall make available to Airline or its designated provider of ground handling services, on a nonexclusive basis, the use of a FAA approved lifting device required to enable an individual with a disability to board and deplane aircraft from the ground (a “Lift Device”). If Airline elects to utilize aircraft incompatible with the Lift Device provided hereunder, Airline shall be responsible for providing passenger lifting equipment that complies with Federal law and regulation. Title to the Lift Device is and at all times shall remain with the Airport. The Airport shall maintain the Lift Device in proper working condition. Airline acknowledges the possibility that the Lift Device may be temporarily unusable due to unforeseen mechanical problems and, in the event of such an occurrence, has available alternative means of complying with the requirements of 14 CFR Part 382 pending repair of the Lift Device.
Use of the Airport. CARRIER and its Affiliate Carrier(s) shall have the nonexclusive right to use the Airport for the conduct of CARRIER’s Air Cargo Services at the Airport in common with other Air Transportation Companies operating at the Airport, which includes the nonexclusive right to: (1) use the Airport’s AOA; (2) use all other facilities and Improvements that have been provided for common use at the Airport. This Agreement is not a property lease agreement and does not convey nor imply conveyance of property or facilities leasehold rights on the Airport. The rights provided for herein shall be subject to reasonable and nondiscriminatory rules and regulations established by the AUTHORITY, as may be amended from time-to-time, and subject to payment of all applicable fees and charges.
Use of the Airport. The reasonable use by Lessee, its employees, passengers, guests, customers, patrons and invitees, in common with other duly authorized users, of the Airport and the appurtenances thereto, together with all other facilities, equipment, services and improvements which have been or may hereafter be, from time to time, provided at or in connection with the Airport for common or public use in connection with the Airport, including, but not limited to, the landing field and any extensions thereof or additions thereto, roadways, runways, aprons, taxiways, de-icing areas, sewage and water facilities, snow storage and drainage areas, flood lights, landing lights, beacons, control tower, signals, radio aids, and all other conveniences for flying, landing, taxiing, refueling and taking off.
Use of the Airport. Except as provided herein, any regular use of Airport lands or facilities without the written consent of the City is prohibited. This prohibition shall not apply to use of areas designated by the City for specified public uses, such as passenger terminals, automobile parking areas, and streets.
Use of the Airport 

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  • Use of Services Mobile Banking will not work unless you use it properly. You accept responsibility for making sure that you understand how to use Mobile Banking before you actually do so, and you use Mobile Banking in accordance with any online instructions posted on our website. You also accept responsibility for making sure that you know how to properly use your wireless device and the Mobile Banking software ("Software") required to use the Service. The Software is provided by a service provider not affiliated with the Credit Union and you are solely responsible for entering a license agreement to use the software. We will not be liable to you for any losses caused by your failure to properly use the Mobile Banking service, the Software or your wireless device. You may experience technical or other difficulties related to the Mobile Banking service that may result in loss of data, personalization settings or other Mobile Banking service interruptions. We assume no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, misdelivery or failure to store any user data, communications or personalization settings in connection with your use of the Mobile Banking service. We assume no responsibility for the operation, security, or functionality of any wireless device or mobile network which you utilize to access the Mobile Banking service. Financial information shown on the Mobile Banking service reflects the most recent account information available through the Mobile Banking service. You agree that we will not be liable for any delays in the content, or for any actions you take in reliance thereon. If you need current account information you agree to contact us directly.

  • Use of websites (a) The Company may satisfy its obligation under this Agreement to deliver any information in relation to those Lenders (the “Website Lenders”) who accept this method of communication by posting this information onto an electronic website designated by the Company and the Agent (the “Designated Website”) if:

  • Use of the Software licensed hereunder may require third party software or hardware (including but limited to databases, operating systems and servers). Unless specifically licensed in the Master Agreement, this Agreement does not contain a license to use such additional materials.

  • Use of School Facilities A. The Association shall have the right to use school buildings without cost at reasonable times for Association meetings, provided however, that the Association will be required to pay for any additional custodial cost involved by reason of said meetings. The Principal of the building in question will be notified in advance of the time and place of such meeting.

  • Use of the Card 5.1 The Card may be used in respect of the Hong Kong Dollar Card Account at any branch of the Bank and other financial institutions and merchants (including any Card Transactions within Mainland China which have been converted from Renminbi into Hong Kong Dollars) which accept such Card for effecting purchases of goods and services, drawing of cash advances (if applicable), payment of the Cardholder's outstanding accounts with any other bank or credit card issuer in Hong Kong other than the Bank by way of credit card facilities or services as the Bank may from time to time provide or arrange.

  • Use of School Buildings Representatives of the Association shall be permitted to transact official Association business on school property at all reasonable times, provided that this shall not interfere with or interrupt normal school operations.

  • Use of Facilities and Services Subject to the rules and policies of the University, the UFF Chapter shall have the right to use University facilities for meetings and all other services on the same basis as they are generally available to other University- related organizations, which are defined as follows. University-Related Groups and Organizations. These groups and organizations may or may not receive budgetary support. Examples of such groups include student organizations, honor societies, fraternities, sororities, alumni associations, faculty committees, University Support Personnel System staff council, direct support organizations, the United Faculty of Florida, etc. At a minimum, University facilities provided to UFF Chapter shall include:

  • Use of the Name “Xxxxx Xxxxx”. The Adviser hereby consents to the use by the Fund of the name “Xxxxx Xxxxx” as part of the Fund’s name; provided, however, that such consent shall be conditioned upon the employment of the Adviser or one of its affiliates as the investment adviser of the Fund. The name “Xxxxx Xxxxx” or any variation thereof may be used from time to time in other connections and for other purposes by the Adviser and its affiliates and other investment companies that have obtained consent to the use of the name “Xxxxx Xxxxx.” The Adviser shall have the right to require the Fund to cease using the name “Xxxxx Xxxxx” as part of the Fund’s name if the Fund ceases, for any reason, to employ the Adviser or one of its affiliates as the Fund’s investment adviser. Future names adopted by the Fund for itself, insofar as such names include identifying words requiring the consent of the Adviser, shall be the property of the Adviser and shall be subject to the same terms and conditions.

  • Use of Immobilization Programs Provided (i) the Bank has received a certified copy of a resolution of the Board specifically approving the maintenance of Portfolio Securities in an immobilization program operated by a bank which meets the requirements of Section 26(a)(1) of the 1940 Act, and (ii) for each year following such approval the Board has reviewed and approved the arrangement and has not delivered an Officer's Certificate to the Bank indicating that the Board has withdrawn its approval, the Bank shall enter into such immobilization program with such bank acting as a subcustodian hereunder.

  • Use of Space The COUNTY will provide the space located at: [insert Orange County Government Location] (the “Designated Space”) which shall be utilized by the AGENCY solely for the lawful purpose of providing the services. If no space is designated, this Article V does not apply.