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  • Termination Upon Death This entire Agreement will terminate immediately without further action of the parties upon the death of a natural person who is a party to this Agreement, or a general partner of a partnership that is a party to this Agreement.

  • By Death Executive’s employment shall terminate automatically upon Executive’s death. The Company shall pay to Executive’s beneficiaries or estate, as appropriate, any compensation then due and owing. Thereafter all obligations of the Company under this Agreement shall cease. Nothing in this Section shall affect any entitlement of Executive’s heirs or devisees to the benefits of any life insurance plan or other applicable benefits.

  • Termination Upon Death or Disability If Executive dies during the Term, the obligations of the Company to or with respect to Executive shall terminate in their entirety except as otherwise provided under this Section 4.1. If Executive becomes eligible for disability benefits under the Company’s long-term disability plans and arrangements (or, if none, if Executive by virtue of ill health or other disability is unable to perform substantially and continuously the duties assigned to him for at least 120 consecutive or non-consecutive days out of any consecutive 12-month period), the Company shall have the right, to the extent permitted by law, to terminate the employment of Executive upon notice in writing to Executive; provided that the Company will have no right to terminate Executive’s employment if, in the reasonable opinion of a qualified physician acceptable to the Company, it is substantially certain that Executive will be able to resume Executive’s duties on a regular full-time basis within 30 days of the date Executive receives notice of such termination. Upon death or other termination of employment by virtue of disability in accordance with this Section 4.1, Executive (or Executive’s estate or beneficiaries in the case of the death of Executive) shall have no right to receive any compensation or benefit hereunder on and after the effective date of the termination of employment other than (i) Annual Salary and other benefits earned and accrued under this Agreement prior to the date of termination (and reimbursement under this Agreement for expenses incurred prior to the date of termination); (ii) a cash payment equal to the prorated portion of the Annual Bonus at the “target” level for the Contract Year or partial Contract Year in which Executive’s employment hereunder terminates; (iii) elimination of any exclusively time-based vesting conditions on any restricted stock, stock option or other equity awards in the Company he had been granted which he then continues to hold, to the extent then unvested (it being expressly understood and agreed that any performance-based vesting conditions (whether or not in tandem with such time-based vesting conditions) will continue in effect in accordance with their terms, except as may otherwise be provided to the contrary in the applicable award agreements); (iv) in the event of Executive’s death, (A) a cash payment equal to two months of Executive’s Annual Salary payable no later than 10 days after such termination, and (B) continuation to Executive’s spouse and dependents of fully paid health insurance benefits under the Company’s health plans and programs applicable to senior executives of the Company generally (if and as in effect from time to time) during the one year following the date of termination; and (v) Executive (or, in the case of his death, his estate and beneficiaries) shall have no further rights to any other compensation or benefits hereunder on or after the termination of employment, or any other rights hereunder.

  • Termination on Death If the Employee shall die during the Term, the employment of the Employee shall thereupon terminate. On the Date of Termination pursuant to this Section 7.4, the Company shall pay, in lieu of any payments under Sections 4.1 and 4.2 for the remainder of the Term, to the Employee’s estate the payments and other benefits applicable to termination without Cause set forth in Section 7.2 hereof, other than those related to career counseling, resume development and the Health Insurance Benefit. In addition, on termination of the Employee under this Section 7.4, all of the Employee’s outstanding but unvested Options and rights relating to capital stock of the Company shall immediately vest and become exercisable, and all RSUs and shares of the Company’s Restricted Stock issued to the Employee shall immediately vest and become unrestricted and freely transferable. The exercisability of any such Options and rights shall be extended to the earlier of (a) the expiration of the term of such Options or rights or (b) the first (1st) anniversary of the Employee’s termination. The provisions of this Section 7.4 shall not affect the entitlements of the Employee’s heirs, executors, administrators, legatees, beneficiaries or assigns under any employee benefit plan, fund or program of the Company.