Upon Licensee Sample Clauses

Upon Licensee s default in the payment of monies due in addition to other remedies which may be available, C3D DIGITAL shall be authorized to suspend all deliveries and to cancel any pending individual contract orders, and shall render all pending invoices immediately payable.
Upon Licensee. By either of the following means, in the discretion of Licensor: (i) hand delivery to Licensee or (ii) overnight delivery via recognized overnight delivery service (including without limitation Federal Express) to Licensee’s address listed immediately below.
Upon Licensee s receipt of a notice from Licensor setting forth any deficiencies or deviations from specifications approved by Licensor with respect to the Covered Products or Exploitation Materials, or upon the discovery of any such deficiencies or deviations by Licensee, Licensee shall cause such deficiencies or deviations to be remedied prior to the marketing, sale or distribution of the Covered Products, or the distribution of Exploitation Materials, as the case may be, or, if such deficiencies or deviations may not be remedied, destroy such portions of the Covered Products that may contain Stewart’s Image or Lagasse’s Image or Exploitation Materials. In the event deficiencies or deviations from specifications approved by Licensor are discovered after distribution or exploitation of Covered Products or Exploitation Materials, the Parties shall discuss the measures which must be taken, taking into account both the economic consequences and the impact on goodwill related to Stewart’s Image and Lagasse’s Image and each of Licensor and Licensee. Without limiting the foregoing, upon Licensor’s written request and after Licensee has attempted to cure the situation, Licensee shall promptly recall any Covered Products or Exploitation Materials containing any such deficiencies or deviations at Licensee’s expense.

Related to Upon Licensee

  • Licensee Licensee represents and warrants that:

  • Use License If you are accessing the Company Services via a mobile application, then Company grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to install and use the application on wireless handsets owned and controlled by you, and to access and use the application on such devices strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of this license. You shall use the application strictly in accordance with the terms of this license and shall not: (a) decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive the source code of, or decrypt the application; (b) make any modification, adaptation, improvement, enhancement, translation or derivative work from the application; (c) violate any applicable laws, rules or regulations in connection with your access or use of the application; (d) remove, alter or obscure any proprietary notice (including any notice of copyright or trademark) of Company or its affiliates, partners, suppliers or the licensors of the application; (e) use the application for any revenue generating endeavor, commercial enterprise, or other purpose for which it is not designed or intended; (f) make the application available over a network or other environment permitting access or use by multiple devices or users at the same time; (g) use the application for creating a product, service or software that is, directly or indirectly, competitive with or in any way a substitute for the application; (h) use the application to send automated queries to any website or to send any unsolicited commercial e-mail; or (i) use any proprietary information or interfaces of Company or other intellectual property of Company in the design, development, manufacture, licensing or distribution of any applications, accessories or devices for use with the application.

  • Licensor any Person from whom an Obligor obtains the right to use any Intellectual Property. Lien: any lien, security interest, pledge, hypothecation, assignment, easement, right-of-way, or other title exception or encumbrance. Lien Waiver: an agreement, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Agent, by which (a) for any material Collateral located on leased premises, the lessor waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on the Collateral, and agrees to permit Agent to enter upon the premises and remove the Collateral or to use the premises to store or dispose of the Collateral; (b) for any Collateral held by a warehouseman, processor, shipper, customs broker or freight forwarder, such Person waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on such Collateral, agrees to hold any Documents in its possession relating to such Collateral as agent for Agent, and agrees to deliver such Collateral to Agent upon request; (c) for any Collateral held by a repairman, mechanic or bailee, such Person acknowledges Agent's Lien, waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on such Collateral, and agrees to deliver such Collateral to Agent upon request; and (d) for any Collateral subject to a Licensor's Intellectual Property rights, the Licensor grants to Agent the right, vis-à-vis such Licensor, to enforce Agent's Liens with respect to such Collateral, including the right to dispose of it with the benefit of the Intellectual Property, whether or not a default exists under any applicable License. Loan: a Term Loan. Loan Documents: collectively, as may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time, this Agreement, the Other Agreements and the Security Documents.

  • Exclusive License North America has herein granted an exclusive license to the Operator together with its Know-how, technical experience and training program for the exploitation of the Insituform process within and throughout the defined Territory. If, despite North America's best efforts to maintain the exclusivity of its licenses and defend its Patent, Trademark and Copyright protections, such exclusivity and/or protections should be terminated for any reason whatsoever, the Operator hereunder is nevertheless obligated to comply in full with each and every term and condition of this agreement, including, but not limited to, the payment of Royalties to North America and the maintenance of high standards of quality and service.

  • Third Party License Pursuant to 15 U.S.C. § 3710a(b)(1)(B), if PHS grants Collaborator an exclusive license to a CRADA Subject Invention made solely by an IC employee or jointly with a Collaborator employee, the Government will retain the right to require Collaborator to grant to a responsible applicant a nonexclusive, partially exclusive, or exclusive sublicense to use the CRADA Subject Invention in Collaborator’s licensed field of use on terms that are reasonable under the circumstances; or, if Collaborator fails to grant a license, to grant a license itself. The exercise of these rights by the Government will only be in exceptional circumstances and only if the Government determines (i) the action is necessary to meet health or safety needs that are not reasonably satisfied by Collaborator, (ii) the action is necessary to meet requirements for public use specified by federal regulations, and such requirements are not reasonably satisfied by Collaborator; or (iii) Collaborator has failed to comply with an agreement containing provisions described in 15 U.S.C. § 3710a(c)(4)(B). The determination made by the Government under this Paragraph is subject to administrative appeal and judicial review under 35 U.S.C. § 203(b).

  • Sublicensees Each of New River’s sublicensees with respect to any affected Collaboration Products at such time will continue to have the rights and license set forth in their sublicense agreements, subject to the continued performance of the obligations thereunder; provided, however, that such sublicensee agrees in writing that Shire is entitled to enforce all relevant terms and conditions of such sublicense agreement directly against such sublicensee; and provided, further, that such sublicensee is not then in breach of its sublicense agreement.

  • Sublicense (a) The license granted in Paragraph 2.1 includes the right of LICENSEE to grant Sublicenses to third parties during the Term but only for as long as the license to Patent Rights is exclusive.

  • Development License Subject to the terms and conditions of this EULA, You are licensed to perform an installation of the SOFTWARE for an unlimited use in designing, testing and creating Developed Software by unlimited Developers on one or more computers.

  • Sub-licensing Without the District’s prior written consent, Licensee shall not sub-license or lease to any third party, including but not limited to allowing third parties to place Attachments on District Facilities, including Overlashing, or to place Attachments for the benefit of such third parties on District’s Poles. Any such action shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement. The use of Licensee’s Attachments by third parties (including but not limited to leases of dark fiber) that involves no additional Attachment or Overlashing is not subject to this Paragraph.

  • Sublicense Rights Wherever in this Agreement either Party is granted the right to grant sublicenses (including granting to sublicensees the right to grant further sublicenses for the purposes of having Licensed Compounds or Abandoned Profile Licensed Compounds made) which is subject to this Section 4.3, then, in the case of Novartis, Novartis may exercise such right without obtaining the prior approval of Infinity and, in the case of Infinity, Infinity must obtain the prior approval of Novartis with respect to any sublicense pursuant to (a) Section 4.2.1, and (b) Section 4.2.3 other than any sublicense to (i) a Controlled Contractor or (ii) any Affiliate or Third Party if Novartis does not exercise its opt-in rights pursuant to Section 2.3 on or before the end of the relevant Pivotal Opt-In Period, and otherwise need not obtain Novartis’ prior written approval; provided that any sublicense granted under this Agreement occurs pursuant to a written agreement that subjects such sublicensee to all relevant restrictions and limitations in this Agreement. Except as otherwise agreed to by the Parties in writing, each Party shall be jointly and severally responsible with its sublicensees to the other Party for failure by its sublicensees to comply with, and each Party guarantees the compliance by each of its sublicensees with, all such applicable restrictions and limitations in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.