Update Submitted Samples with Sample Clauses

Update Submitted Samples with a CDC ID This script is needed on a Utility Step to facilitate the update of the GC ID field with an entry received from the CDC. The ID is required, nominally, by the time sequencing begins. The script will permit the upload of a file containing the LIMS IDs of the samples for which the GC ID has been assigned; the script will update the applicable Submitted Sample UDF with that entry. The Sample Sheet generated for the ARLN workflow will use that entry. If the value is not available at the time of Sample Sheet creation, then there is a manual workaround for the Bioinformaticians outside of Clarity. It would be best if Clarity could create the file/list that is sent to the CDC so that the Submitted Sample LIMS ID is part of the file and will simplify the parsing back of the IDs in the returned file. Alternatively, UPHL can add the values manually through the OOTB “Add Samples” or “Modify Samples” functionalities available in the Projects and Samples tab. Dev Estimation = 2 days

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  • ODUF Packing Specifications 6.3.1 A pack will contain a minimum of one message record or a maximum of 99,999 message records plus a pack header record and a pack trailer record. One transmission can contain a maximum of 99 packs and a minimum of one pack.

  • Product Changes Vocera shall have the right, in its absolute discretion, without liability to End User, to update to provide new functionality or otherwise change the design of any Product or to discontinue the manufacture or sale of any Product. Vocera shall notify End User at least 90 days prior to the delivery of any Product which incorporates a change that adversely affects form, fit or function (“Material Change”). Vocera shall also notify End User at least 90 days prior to the discontinuance of manufacture of any Product. Notification will be made as soon as reasonably practical for changes associated with regulatory or health and safety issues.

  • RELEASE OF BID EVALUATION MATERIALS Requests concerning the evaluation of Bids may be submitted under the Freedom of Information Law. Information, other than statistical or factual tabulations or data such as the Bid Tabulation, shall only be released as required by law after Contract award. Bid Tabulations are not maintained for all procurements. Names of Bidders may be disclosed after Bid opening upon request. Written requests should be directed to the Commissioner.

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Information Substance abuse treatment information shall be maintained in compliance with 42 C.F.R. Part 2 if the Party or subcontractor(s) are Part 2 covered programs, or if substance abuse treatment information is received from a Part 2 covered program by the Party or subcontractor(s).

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  • Specification Changes In the event Seller incurs additional expense because of changes in specifications or drawings previously approved by Buyer, or in the event Seller is required to modify the ordered Equipment, perform any additional work or supply any additional Equipment or Parts, the additional expense shall be added to the purchase price. Seller shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to accept or reject any changes in specifications requested by Buyer. In no event shall any changes in specifications be made or accepted thirty (30) days prior to launch date or thereafter.

  • Required Vendor Sales Reporting By responding to this Solicitation, you agree to report to TIPS all sales made under any awarded Agreement with TIPS. Vendor is required to report all sales under the TIPS contract to TIPS. If the TIPS Member entity requesting a price from the awarded Vendor requests the TIPS contract, Vendor must include the TIPS Contract number on any communications with the TIPS Member entity. If awarded, you will be provided access to the Vendor Portal. To report sales, login to the TIPS Vendor Portal and click on the PO’s and Payments tab. Pages 3-7 of the Vendor Portal User Guide will walk you through the process of reporting sales to TIPS. Please refer to the TIPS Accounting FAQ’s for more information about reporting sales and if you have further questions, contact the Accounting Team at xxxxxxxxxx@xxxx-xxx.xxx. The Vendor or vendor assigned dealers are responsible for keeping record of all sales that go through the TIPS Agreement and submitting same to TIPS.

  • Packing Specifications 7.3.1 A pack will contain a minimum of one message record or a maximum of 99,999 message records plus a pack header record and a pack trailer record. One transmission can contain a maximum of 99 packs and a minimum of one pack.

  • Timeliness of Submitting Orders a. You are obliged to date and indicate the time of receipt of all orders you receive from your customers and to transmit promptly all orders to us in time to provide for processing at the price next determined after receipt by you, in accordance with the Prospectuses. You are not to withhold placing with us orders received from any customers for the purchase of shares. You shall not purchase shares through us except for the purpose of covering purchase orders already received by you, or for your bona fide investment.