Unusable Sample Clauses

Unusable. If any portion of the Leased Premises, or the Airport itself, shall become completely or substantially unusable by Lessee for its Fixed Base Operations for a period of more than thirty (30) days, whether for any of the causes enumerated in Section 11 above or otherwise, then the rent provided for hereunder shall be abated during such period.

Related to Unusable

  • Damage or Destruction If the Project is damaged by fire or other insured casualty, the damage shall be repaired by Landlord and provided such repairs can, in Landlord’s sole opinion, be completed within two hundred seventy (270) days after commencement of the necessity for repairs, without the payment of overtime or other premiums. and until such repairs are completed. rent shall be abated in proportion to the part of the Premises which is unusable by Tenant in the conduct of its business (but there shall be no abatement of rent by reason of any portion of the Premises being unusable for a period equal to one (1) day or less). If repairs cannot, in Landlord’s opinion, be completed within two hundred seventy (270) days after the necessity for repairs this Lease shall instead terminate, by notifying Tenant in writing of such termination within sixty (60) days after Landlord makes such a determination, with such notice to include a termination date giving Tenant sixty (60) days to vacate the Premises. In addition. Landlord may elect to terminate this Lease if the Project shall be damaged by fire or other casualty or cause, whether or not the Premises are affected. if the damage is not fully covered, except for deductible amounts, by Landlord’s insurance policies. Finally, if the Premises or the Project is damaged to any substantial extent during the last twelve (12) months of the Term, then notwithstanding anything contained in this Article 16 to the contrary. Landlord shall have the option to terminate this Lease by giving written notice to Tenant of the exercise of such option within sixty (60) days after Landlord learns of the necessity for repairs as the result of such damage. A total destruction of the Project shall automatically terminate this Lease. Tenant understands that Landlord will not carry insurance of any kind on Tenant’s furniture, furnishings, trade fixtures or equipment, and that Landlord shall not be obligated to repair any damage thereto or replace the same. Tenant acknowledges that Tenant shall have no right to any proceeds of insurance carried by Landlord relating to property damage.

  • Installation of Equipment You represent that there are no legal, contractual or similar restrictions on the installation of the Equipment in the location(s) you have authorized. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable building codes, zoning ordinances, homeowners’ association rules, covenants, conditions, and restrictions related to the Service, to pay any fees or other charges, and to obtain any permits or authorizations necessary for the installation or use of the Service (collectively "Legal Requirements"). You are solely responsible for any fines or similar charges for violation of any applicable Legal Requirements. You acknowledge and agree that Viasat or its designated service provider will be required to access your premises and computer to install and maintain the Equipment, including, without limitation, the antenna and its components. Standard Equipment installations performed by Viasat-authorized installers include: (i) installation of the antenna to an outside wall or sloped roof; (ii) travel to and from your Service location within 50 miles of the installer’s office; (iii) cable routed through one exterior wall and one interior wall or floor; (iv) connection of the antenna to the modem using up to 150 feet of cable; (v) connection of the modem to one computer using up to 7 feet of cable; and (vi) required mounting and cabling hardware. Any different or additional installation services or hardware are non-standard and may result in additional charges to be agreed upon between you and the installer. All installations include attaching the Equipment to your computer, installing software on your computer and configuring your computer to optimize the performance of the Internet Service. You confirm that you have reviewed the installation plan and agreed to any associated charges. If you approved a roof mount, you acknowledge the potential risks associated with this type of installation (including, without limitation, with respect to any warranty that applies to your roof or roof membrane). By signing this Agreement, scheduling a service or installation visit, and permitting us or our service provider to enter your home, you are authorizing Viasat and its service provider to perform all of the above actions. You are responsible for backing up the data on your computer and we highly recommend that you do so prior to permitting access to us or one of our designated service providers. NEITHER VIASAT NOR ITS SERVICE PROVIDER SHALL HAVE ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY LOSSES RESULTING FROM THE EQUIPMENT OR ANY INSTALLATION, REPAIR OR OTHER SERVICES ASSOCIATED WITH THE EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGE TO YOUR PREMISES OR LOSS OF SOFTWARE, DATA OR OTHER INFORMATION FROM YOUR COMPUTER. This limitation does not apply to any damages arising from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of us or one of our designated service providers. Time frames for installation, if any, are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the types of services requested and other factors.

  • DAMAGE OR DESTRUCTION OF PREMISES 12.01.01 If the Premises or any part thereof shall be damaged by fire or other insured casualty, then, subject to the last paragraph of this Section, Landlord shall proceed with diligence, subject to then applicable statutes, building codes, zoning ordinances and regulations of any governmental authority, and at the expense of Landlord (but only to the extent of insurance proceeds made available to Landlord by any mortgagee of the Building and any ground lessor) to repair or cause to be repaired such damage (including the Initial Tenant Improvements but excluding Tenant Work, which Tenant shall promptly commence, and proceed with diligence, to restore). All such repairs made necessary by any act or omission of Tenant shall be made at the Tenant’s expense to the extent that the cost of such repairs are less than the deductible amount in Landlord’s insurance policy. All repairs to and replacements of Tenant Property and any Tenant Work shall be made by and at the expense of Tenant. The cost of any repairs performed under this Section by Landlord which pursuant to this Section are to be at Tenant’s expense (including costs of design fees, financing, and charges for administration, overhead and construction management services by Landlord and Landlord’s contractor) shall constitute Additional Rent hereunder. If the Premises or any part thereof shall have been rendered unfit for use and occupation hereunder by reason of such damage, the Base Rent or a just and proportionate part thereof, according to the nature and extent to which the Premises shall have been so rendered unfit, shall be abated until the Premises (except as to Tenant Property, and any Tenant Work) shall have been restored as nearly as practicable to the condition in which they were immediately prior to such fire or other casualty, and that if and to the extent Landlord shall be unable to collect the insurance proceeds (including rent insurance proceeds) applicable to such damage because of some action or inaction on the part of Tenant, or the employees, licensees or invitees of Tenant, the cost of repairing such damage shall be paid by Tenant and there shall be no abatement of rent. Landlord shall not be liable for delays in the making of any such repairs that are due to government regulation, casualties, and strikes, unavailability of labor and materials, delays in obtaining insurance proceeds, and other causes beyond the reasonable control of Landlord, nor shall Landlord be liable for any inconvenience or annoyance to Tenant or injury to the business of Tenant resulting from delays in repairing such damage.

  • DISPOSITION OF EQUIPMENT The Grantee shall provide to the State, not less than 30 calendar days prior to submission of the final invoice, an itemized inventory of equipment purchased with funds provided by the State. The inventory shall include all items with a current estimated fair market value of more than $5,000.00 per item. Within 60 calendar days of receipt of such inventory the State shall provide the Grantee with a list of the items on the inventory that the State will take title to. All other items shall become the property of the Grantee. The State shall arrange for delivery from the Grantee of items that it takes title to. Cost of transportation, if any, shall be borne by the State.

  • Location of Equipment Keep the Equipment only at the locations identified on Schedule 5.5; provided, however, that Administrative Borrower may amend Schedule 5.5 so long as such amendment occurs by written notice to Agent not less than 30 days prior to the date on which the Equipment is moved to such new location, so long as such new location is within the continental United States, and so long as, at the time of such written notification, the applicable Borrower provides any financing statements or fixture filings necessary to perfect and continue perfected the Agent's Liens on such assets and, if requested by Required Lenders, also provides to Agent a Collateral Access Agreement. None of the Equipment comprising the Collateral is affixed to any real property or other goods.

  • Destruction of the Premises (a) In the event of a partial destruction of the Premises during the Lease Term from any cause, Lessor, upon receipt of, and to the extent of, insurance proceeds paid in connection with such casualty, shall forthwith repair the same, provided the repairs can be made within a reasonable time under state, federal, county and municipal applicable law, but such partial destruction shall in no way annul or void this Lease, (except as provided in Section 8.01.(b) below) provided that Lessee shall be entitled to a proportionate credit for rent equal to the payment of rental income insurance received by Lessor. Lessor shall use diligence in making such repairs within a reasonable time period, acts of God, strikes and delays beyond Lessor's control excepted, in which instance the time period shall be extended accordingly, and this Lease shall remain in full force and effect, with the rent to be proportionately reduced as provided in this Section. If the Premises are damaged by any peril within twelve (12) months prior to the last day of the Lease Term and, in the reasonable opinion of the Lessor's architect or construction consultant, the restoration of the Premises cannot be substantially completed within ninety (90) days after the date of such damage and such damage renders unusable more than thirty percent (30%) of the Premises, Lessor may terminate this Lease on sixty (60) days written notice to Lessee.

  • Location of Equipment and Inventory All Equipment and Inventory are (i) located at the locations indicated on Schedule 4 (ii) in transit to such locations or (iii) in transit to a third party purchaser which will become obligated on a Receivable to the Debtor upon receipt. Except for Equipment and Inventory referred to in clauses (ii) and (iii) of the preceding sentence, the Debtor has exclusive possession and control of the Inventory and Equipment.

  • Damage to the Premises If the Premises or the Building shall be damaged by fire or other insured cause other than the willful misconduct of Tenant or its Agents, Landlord shall diligently and as soon as practicable after such damage occurs (taking into account the time necessary to effect a satisfactory settlement with any insurance company involved) repair such damage at the expense of Landlord; provided, however, that Landlord’s obligation to repair such damage shall not exceed the proceeds of insurance available to Landlord (reduced by any proceeds retained pursuant to the rights of Mortgagee). Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Premises or the Building are damaged by fire or other insured cause to such an extent that, in Landlord’s sole judgment, the damage cannot be substantially repaired within two hundred seventy (270) days after the date of such damage, or if the Premises are substantially damaged during the last Lease Year, then: (i) Landlord may terminate this Lease as of the date of such damage by written notice to Tenant; or (ii) provided such damage or casualty is not the consequence of the fault or negligence of Tenant or its Agents, Tenant may terminate this Lease as of the date of such damage by written notice to Landlord within ten (10) days after (a) Landlord’s delivery of a notice that the repairs cannot be made within such 270-day period (Landlord shall use reasonable efforts to deliver to Tenant such notice within sixty (60) days of the date of such damage or casualty); or (b) the date of damage, in the event the damage occurs during the last year of the Lease. Rent shall be apportioned and paid to the date of such termination. During the period that Tenant is deprived of the use of the damaged portion of the Premises, and provided such damage is not the consequence of the fault or negligence of Tenant or its Agents, Basic Rent and Tenant’s Proportionate Share shall be reduced by the ratio that the rentable square footage of the Premises damaged bears to the total rentable square footage of the Premises before such damage. All injury or damage to the Premises or the Project resulting from the willful misconduct of Tenant or its Agents shall be repaired by Tenant, at Tenant’s expense, and Rent shall not xxxxx. If Tenant shall fail to do so or if Landlord shall so elect, Landlord shall have the right to make such repairs, and any expense so incurred by Landlord, together with interest thereon at the Interest Rate from the demand date, shall be paid by Tenant upon demand. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Landlord shall not be required to rebuild, replace, or repair any of the following: (i) specialized Tenant improvements as reasonably determined by Landlord; (ii) Alterations; or (iii) any other personal property of Tenant.

  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Sublessee shall have the right to use during the Term the furnishings within the Subleased Premises which are identified on Exhibit C attached hereto (the “Furniture”) at no additional cost to Sublessee. The Furniture is provided in its “AS IS, WHERE IS” condition, without representation or warranty whatsoever. Sublessee shall insure the Furniture under the property insurance policy required under the Master Lease, as incorporated herein, and pay all taxes with respect to the Furniture. Sublessee shall maintain the Furniture in the condition and repair existing as of the date hereof, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the same occurring during the Term. Sublessee shall surrender the Furniture to Sublessor upon the termination of this Sublease in the same condition as exists as of the date hereof, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Sublessee shall not remove any of the Furniture from the Subleased Premises. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein or in the Master Lease, Sublessor shall not be required to provide any personal property (other than the Furniture) or any data-related service to Sublessee.

  • Return or Destruction Upon termination, cancellation, expiration or other conclusion of Agreement, Business Associate will, if feasible, return to Company or destroy all PHI and electronic PHI in whatever form or medium (including any electronic medium) and all copies of any data or compilations derived from and allowing identification of any individual who is a subject of PHI and electronic PHI. Company will determine, in its sole discretion, whether Business Associate will destroy or return such PHI and electronic PHI. Business Associate will complete such return or destruction as promptly as possible, but not later than ten (10) business days after the effective date of the termination, cancellation, expiration or other conclusion of Agreement. All costs related to the Business Associate’s return or destruction of PHI and electronic PHI will be paid by the Business Associate. Business Associate will identify any PHI and electronic PHI that cannot feasibly be returned to Company or destroyed. Business Associate will limit its further use or disclosure of that PHI and electronic PHI to those purposes that make return or destruction of that PHI and electronic PHI infeasible. Within ten (10) business days after the effective date of the termination, cancellation, expiration or other conclusion of Agreement, Business Associate will (a) certify on oath in writing to Company that such return or destruction has been completed, (b) deliver to Company the identification of any PHI and electronic PHI for which return or destruction is infeasible, HIPAA FORM D Companion: AGENT/VENDOR BAA (POST-HITECH) Created 10-08-09, 4-24-14; Last Revised 1-01-17 and (c) certify that it will only use or disclose such PHI and electronic PHI for those purposes that make return or destruction infeasible.