Unsafe Sample Clauses

Unsafe. All have riglit to work provided for and in accordance with Ontario Act. In circumstances where there is a real and of due to employee has riglit to refuse to carry out In Health Safety representatives of the Parties shall contacted and matter shall be investigated without delay. No employee shall be discriminated against disciplined having the riglit to refuse unsafe work, provided that the refusal is based an honest and reasonable assessment of situation by employee. No in Group A or Group with exception of Student Supervision Monitors and Library be assigned scheduled supervision of students except extraordinary situations.

Related to Unsafe

  • Noise The Hirer shall ensure that the minimum of noise is made on arrival and departure, particularly late at night and early in the morning. The Hirer shall, if using sound amplification equipment, make use of any noise limitation device provided at the premises and comply with any other licensing condition for the premises.

  • Mold The OWNER/AGENT has inspected the unit prior to lease and knows of no damp or wet building materials and knows of no mold contamination. Resident agrees to accept full responsibility and maintain the premises in a manner that prevents the occurrence of an infestation of mold in the premises. Resident also agrees to immediately report to the OWNER/AGENT any evidence of water leaks, excessive moisture or lack of proper ventilation and evidence of mold that cannot be removed by cleaning.