Unpaid Sample Clauses

Unpaid. Additional personal leave may be granted by the School District to teachers who request such leave. The teacher receiving such leave shall have full salary deducted for the days absent.
Unpaid. Other temporary leaves of absences without pay may be granted by the superintendent for good reason. A request for such leave shall be submitted in writing by the employee at least ten (10) days prior to the start of the requested leave. A written reply shall be returned to the employee at least five (5) days prior to the start of the requested leave.
Unpaid. An employee, who has completed the probationary period, who is unable to perform their duties because of illness or injury and who has exhausted all sick leave credit available, or has become eligible for long-term disability compensation, may, upon request, be granted a medical leave of absence, without pay, for up to one (1) year. This leave may be renewed at the discretion of the School District
Unpaid. Time Off shall be used only in increments of a week. Relief and part-time relief employees shall not be penalized in terms of their relief/call-in performance for periods that they are on approved Unpaid Time Off.
Unpaid. Salary shall not be paid to the faculty member while such faculty member is on leave without pay, and failure to return within the time limits of an unpaid leave shall relieve the District of its obligations to the faculty member.
Unpaid. Union leaves of absence are unpaid.
Unpaid. An employee wishing to take an extended leave for maternity, paternity, or adoption purposes shall be allowed a maximum of a one (1) year leave of absence for that purpose. A maternity, paternity, or adoption leave that begins during a school year shall terminate at the beginning of the next school year. Employees on such leave shall have first consideration for appropriate vacancies occurring during the leave. An employee planning a maternity, paternity, or adoption leave under this policy shall notify the District as soon as practical and an agreeable date for the beginning of the leave will be set.