United States Food and Drug Administration Sample Clauses

United States Food and Drug Administration. The Company and each of the Subsidiaries are conducting their business in compliance with the rules and regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration (the “FDA”) and all applicable federal, state and local laws, orders, rules, regulations, directives, decrees and judgments of each of the jurisdictions in which it is conducting business, including, without limitation, all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations governing health, sanitation, safety, zoning and land use, except where the failure to be so in compliance would not have a Material Adverse Effect. Except as set forth on Schedule 3(hh), to the Company’s knowledge, there are no pending or threatened administrative, regulatory or judicial actions, suits, demands, demand letters, claims, liens, notices of noncompliance or violation, investigation or proceedings before the FDA or any other federal, state, local or foreign governmental bodies that involve or effect the Company or any of the Subsidiaries which, individually or in the aggregate, if the subject of an unfavorable decision, ruling or finding, would be reasonably likely to result in a Material Adverse Effect. The Company has no knowledge of any fact or circumstance which would lead it to believe that its application with the Food and Drug Administration for desflurane will not be accepted for review.
United States Food and Drug Administration. AFI understands that the manufacture of Phase II clinical materials may include an audit by a US FDA team. If an audit is required, AFI is prepared to provide the necessary support, in accordance with the FDA regulatory guidelines, to allow for an FDA audit of the manufacturing process for Moli1901. However, the support of an FDA audit is not within the scope of this proposal.

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  • Alcohol and Drugs Service Provider agrees that the presence of alcohol and drugs are prohibited on the Work Site and while performing their Services. If the Service Provider or any of their agents, employees, or subcontractors are determined to be present or with alcohol or drugs in their possession, this Agreement shall terminate immediately.

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing Employee agrees to comply with and submit to any Company program or policy for testing for alcohol abuse or use of drugs and, in the absence of such a program or policy, to submit to such testing as may be required by Company and administered in accordance with applicable law and regulations.

  • United States The term “

  • FDA As to each product subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended, and the regulations thereunder (“FDCA”) that is manufactured, packaged, labeled, tested, distributed, sold, and/or marketed by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries (each such product, a “Pharmaceutical Product”), such Pharmaceutical Product is being manufactured, packaged, labeled, tested, distributed, sold and/or marketed by the Company in compliance with all applicable requirements under FDCA and similar laws, rules and regulations relating to registration, investigational use, premarket clearance, licensure, or application approval, good manufacturing practices, good laboratory practices, good clinical practices, product listing, quotas, labeling, advertising, record keeping and filing of reports, except where the failure to be in compliance would not have a Material Adverse Effect. There is no pending, completed or, to the Company's knowledge, threatened, action (including any lawsuit, arbitration, or legal or administrative or regulatory proceeding, charge, complaint, or investigation) against the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, and none of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries has received any notice, warning letter or other communication from the FDA or any other governmental entity, which (i) contests the premarket clearance, licensure, registration, or approval of, the uses of, the distribution of, the manufacturing or packaging of, the testing of, the sale of, or the labeling and promotion of any Pharmaceutical Product, (ii) withdraws its approval of, requests the recall, suspension, or seizure of, or withdraws or orders the withdrawal of advertising or sales promotional materials relating to, any Pharmaceutical Product, (iii) imposes a clinical hold on any clinical investigation by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, (iv) enjoins production at any facility of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, (v) enters or proposes to enter into a consent decree of permanent injunction with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, or (vi) otherwise alleges any violation of any laws, rules or regulations by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, and which, either individually or in the aggregate, would have a Material Adverse Effect. The properties, business and operations of the Company have been and are being conducted in all material respects in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the FDA. The Company has not been informed by the FDA that the FDA will prohibit the marketing, sale, license or use in the United States of any product proposed to be developed, produced or marketed by the Company nor has the FDA expressed any concern as to approving or clearing for marketing any product being developed or proposed to be developed by the Company.

  • Medicines To be filled in if your child requires medication as part of an individual health plan, for example for an on-going condition such as asthma or eczema etc and is for the use of that child only. For staff: Individual health plan sighted and a copy taken: Tick One: Yes No Name of medicine: Method and dose of medicine: When does the medicine need to be taken: (State time or specific symptoms) Parent/Guardian Signature: Date: / /  Enrolment Details: Date of Enrolment: / / Date of Entry: / / Date of Exit: / / Please Note: 20 Hours ECE is for up to six hours per day, up to 20 hours per week and there must be no compulsory fees when a child is receiving 20 Hours ECE funding. Days Enrolled: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Times Enrolled: Total hours: For 20 Hours ECE fill out boxes below with the hours attested e.g. 6 hours 20 Hours ECE at this service Total hours: 20 Hours ECE at another service Total hours: Parent/Guardian Signature: Date: / /  20 Hours ECE Attestation:

  • Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace City reserves the right to deny access to, or require Contractor to remove from, City facilities personnel of any Contractor or subcontractor who City has reasonable grounds to believe has engaged in alcohol abuse or illegal drug activity which in any way impairs City’s ability to maintain safe work facilities or to protect the health and well-being of City employees and the general public. City shall have the right of final approval for the entry or re-entry of any such person previously denied access to, or removed from, City facilities. Illegal drug activity means possessing, furnishing, selling, offering, purchasing, using or being under the influence of illegal drugs or other controlled substances for which the individual lacks a valid prescription. Alcohol abuse means possessing, furnishing, selling, offering, or using alcoholic beverages, or being under the influence of alcohol. Contractor agrees in the performance of this Agreement to maintain a drug-free workplace by notifying employees that unlawful drug use is prohibited and specifying what actions will be taken against employees for violations; establishing an on-going drug-free awareness program that includes employee notification and, as appropriate, rehabilitation. Contractor can comply with this requirement by implementing a drug-free workplace program that complies with the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (41 U.S.C. § 701) [or California Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1990 Cal. Gov. Code, § 8350 et seq., if state funds involved].

  • United States Law The determination of whether Information and Inventions are conceived, discovered, developed or otherwise made by a Party for the purpose of allocating proprietary rights (including Patent, copyright or other intellectual property rights) therein, shall, for purposes of this Agreement, be made in accordance with applicable United States law.

  • Health Promotion and Health Education Both parties to this Agreement recognize the value and importance of health promotion and health education programs. Such programs can assist employees and their dependents to maintain and enhance their health, and to make appropriate use of the health care system. To work toward these goals:

  • Government Approval, Regulation, etc No authorization or approval or other action by, and no notice to or filing with, any governmental authority or regulatory body or other Person, is required for the due execution, delivery or performance by any Obligor of this Agreement, the Notes, the TLCs or any other Loan Document to which it is a party, or for each Obligor's participation in the consummation of the Transaction, except as have been duly obtained or made and are in full force and effect or those which the failure to obtain or make could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect. Neither WWI nor any of its Subsidiaries is an "investment company" within the meaning of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, or a "holding company", or a "subsidiary company" of a "holding company", or an "affiliate" of a "holding company" or of a "subsidiary company" of a "holding company", within the meaning of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, as amended.

  • Office of Foreign Assets Control Neither the Company nor any Subsidiary nor, to the Company's knowledge, any director, officer, agent, employee or affiliate of the Company or any Subsidiary is currently subject to any U.S. sanctions administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury Department (“OFAC”).