Union Bulletin Boards and Mail Sample Clauses

Union Bulletin Boards and Mail. The Hospital will provide space on centrally located bulletin boards at University Hospital for the exclusive use of the Union. Further, the Hospital recognizes the right of the Union to post notices on bulletin boards in employee lounges where they exist. As a matter of courtesy, the Union shall provide the Hospital's Director of Labor Relations and the Director of Human Resources Services with a copy of all postings. The Hospital shall have the right to remove material from the bulletin boards which is profane, obscene, defamatory of the State or the Hospital and its representatives or which constitutes election campaign material. When the Union has mail to be delivered to its officers or representatives, the Hospital's interoffice mail system will be made available, provided that priority is retained for the business of the Hospital. The HPAE staff and representatives shall have the right to e-mail HPAE members who have University Hospital e-mail accounts. University Hospital e-mail use shall be consistent with Hospital policy. Any mail incorrectly addressed to the Union at the Hospital shall be forwarded with reasonable care to the Union at the address set out in the Preamble to this Agreement. Union officers and representatives shall be allowed to use fax machines within the Hospital to send grievance reports to the Labor Relations office and the Union office in Emerson, NJ, provided that the primary use of the fax machine is for the business use of the department.