Undercarriage Sample Clauses

Undercarriage. Idlers and rollers shall be sealed and lubricated type. Track tension adjustment shall be hydraulic type.
Undercarriage. 6.1. Crossmembers & Outriggers (40’) * “C” section (4.0 mm—SPA-H) * Width of top flange: Min. 45 mm and Min.75 mm for floor joint members. * Width of bottom flange: Max. 45 mm.
Undercarriage. If so equipped, the undercarriage (including sprockets, links, idlers, bogies, carrier and track rollers, pins and bushings, track shoes/pads) shall have at least fifty percent (50%) time/wear remaining before the next overhaul or replacement as recommended by the manufacturer and published in standard maintenance manuals.
Undercarriage. Examine the selector, link mechanism, up and down locks and position of the operating jacks or actuating cylinders to ascertain whether the undercarriage was up or down. If the gear had failed or separated, note the direction of the force that caused the failure or separation.
Undercarriage. The Hirer and G & R Brown & Sons Pty Ltd shall agree, using the Dealer "CTS" Undercarriage Inspection Report, the condition and value of tracks on the plant at commencement of the hire and at completion of the hire. The agreed difference in value, if any, shall be discussed with the Hirer by G & R Brown & Sons Pty Ltd. G & R Brown & Sons Pty Ltd will issue an invoice for the agreed value if excessive undercarriage wear has be the result of equipment being used in conditions which G & R Brown & Sons Pty Ltd considers adverse or abnormal. The Manufacturer's Recommendations as to track tension must be adhered to by the Hirer at all times and, in the event it is determined the Hirer has failed to comply with the Manufacturer's track tension, all of G & R Brown & Sons Pty Ltd.'s cost in the repair or replacement of the tracks shall be recoverable from the Hirer.
Undercarriage. Inspect prior to entering facility• Check C-Beams (support beams). They should be visible.
Undercarriage. Check C-Beams (support beams) – they should be visible

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