Unbundled Voice Xxxx Sample Clauses

Unbundled Voice Xxxx. XX0 (XXX-XX0) loops are 2-wire loop start circuits, will be non-designed, and will not have remote access test points. OC will be offered as a chargeable option on SLI loops when reuse of existing facilities has been requested by Talk America. Talk America may also order OC-TS when a specified conversion time is requested. OC-TS is a chargeable option for any coordinated order and is billed in addition to the OC charge. An Engineering Information (EI) document can be ordered as chargeable option. The EI document provides loop make up information which is similar to the information normally provided in a Design Layout Record. Upon issuance of a non-coordinated order in the service order system, SL1 loops will be activated on the due date in the same manner and time frames that BellSouth normally activates POTS-type loops for its end users.
Unbundled Voice Xxxx. XX0 (XXX-XX0) Loops are 2-wire Loop start circuits, will be non-designed, and will not have remote access test points. OC will be offered as a chargeable option on XX0 Xxxxx when reuse of existing facilities has been requested by Xxxxxxxx.Xxx.

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  • Unbundled Voice Loop SL2 (UVL-SL2) loops may be 2-wire or 4-wire circuits, shall have remote access test points, and will be designed with a Design Layout Record provided to Talk America. SL2 circuits can be provisioned with loop start, ground start or reverse battery signaling. OC is provided as a standard feature on SL2 loops. The OC feature will allow Talk America to coordinate the installation of the loop with the disconnect of an existing customer’s service and/or number portability service. In these cases, BellSouth will perform the order conversion with standard order coordination at its discretion during normal work hours.

  • Unbundled Voice Loops (UVLs) 2.2.1 BellSouth shall make available the following UVLs:

  • Unbundled Voice Loops (UVL) may be provisioned using any type of facility that will support voice grade services. This may include loaded copper, non-loaded copper, digital loop carrier systems, fiber or a combination of any of these facilities. BellSouth, in the normal course of maintaining, repairing, and configuring its network, may also change the facilities that are used to provide any given voice grade circuit. This change may occur at any time. In these situations, BellSouth will only ensure that the newly provided facility will support voice grade services. BellSouth will not guarantee that Choice Telephone Company will be able to continue to provide any advanced services over the new facility. BellSouth will offer UVL in two different service levels - Service Level One (SL1) and Service Level Two (SL2).

  • Unbundled Port Features Charges for Unbundled Port are as set forth in Exhibit A, and as specified in such exhibit, may or may not include individual features.

  • Unbundled Sub-Loop Feeder Unbundled Sub-Loop Feeder (USLF) provides connectivity between BellSouth's central office and cross-box (or other access point) that serves an end user location.

  • Voice Grade Unbundled Copper Sub-Loop Unbundled Sub-Loop Distribution – Intrabuilding Network Cable (aka riser cable)

  • Wire Unbundled DS1 Digital Loop This is a designed 4-wire Loop that is provisioned according to industry standards for DS1 or Primary Rate ISDN services and will come standard with a test point, OC, and a DLR. A DS1 Loop may be provisioned over a variety of loop transmission technologies including copper, HDSL-based technology or fiber optic transport systems. It will include a 4-Wire DS1 Network Interface at the End User’s location.