Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance Sample Clauses

Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance written on an “occurrence,” not a “claims-made” basis, providing coverage excess of the underlying Employer’s Liability, Commercial General Liability, and Commercial Automobile Liability insurance, on terms at least as broad as the underlying coverage, with limits of not less than $10,000,000 per occurrence and in the annual aggregate. The insurance requirements of this Section 9.10 can be provided by any combination of Seller’s primary and excess liability policies.
Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance. Umbrella or Excess Liability Insurance with limits not less than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00) per occurrence, which will provide additional limits for employers’ general insurance and shall cover the Board and its employees, subject to that of the primary coverage.
Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance. Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance, written on an “occurrence,” not a “claims-made” basis, providing coverage excess of the underlying Employer’s Liability, Commercial General Liability, Pollution Liability Insurance, and Commercial Automobile Liability insurance, on terms at least as broad as the underlying coverage, with limits of not less than Fifteen Million dollars ($15,000,000) per occurrence and in the annual aggregate. The insurance requirements under this Section 14.7 can be provided in part by the combination of Owner’s primary commercial general liability and excess liability policies. If Owner elects, with CHGE’s written concurrence, to use a “claims madeform of Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance, then the following additional requirements apply: and
Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance. CM@Risk shall procure and maintain Umbrella/Excess insurance covering General, Automobile and Employers Liability in excess of scheduled primary limits, with minimum policy limits as reflected in the table below. The Umbrella/Excess insurance policy shall include a drop-down provision. In the event of the depletion or exhaustion of the CM@Risk’s underlying policy aggregate(s) by payment of loss, the umbrella/excess policy shall continue for subsequent losses as follows: In the event of such depletion, it shall continue for subsequent losses as excess insurance over the amount of insurance remaining under the underlying insurance, subject to the policy limits. In the event of such exhaustion it shall continue for subsequent losses as primary insurance excess of any retention specified in the excess policies. Total Project Budget Required Excess/Umbrella Limits $0 - $2 M $0 $2M - $10 M $2M per occurrence, $2M aggregate $10M - $25M $5M per occurrence, $5M aggregate $25M - $100M $10M per occurrence, $10M aggregate Greater than $100M $25M per occurrence, $25M aggregate CM@Risk shall maintain these Umbrella/Excess Liability coverage limits through the two-year CM@Risk’s warranty period specified herein for CM@Risk.
Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance. An excess or umbrella liability insurance policy shall be provided by A/E and all Consultants with limits as provided in I.1 above. This policy shall be excess of the CGL, automobile liability, and employers’ liability insurance on a “following formbasis of underlying policies. This policy shall be excess over and be no less broad than the CGL, automobile liability, employers’ liability as described in these insurance requirements, including but not limited to the required additional insured status, designated project(s) and/or location(s), general aggregate, waiver of subrogation, notice of cancellation, and prohibited exclusions or limitations, The policy shall provide coverage where underlying primary insurance coverage limits are exhausted or otherwise unavailable or inadequate to cover a loss. Any excess or umbrella policy shall be kept in force at all times during the course of this Agreement and until all claims arising out of the Professional Services are barred by the statute of repose provided under Texas law.
Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance umbrella/excess liability insurance on a follow form basis with a per occurrence and annual aggregate limit of the Umbrella Limit set forth above per location. Coverage shall be excess of Commercial General Liability Insurance (including products and completed operations coverage), Automobile Liability Insurance (if applicable) and Employer’s Liability Insurance (if applicable) with coverage being concurrent with and not more restrictive than the underlying insurance policies and shall include the same additional insured provisions as the Commercial General Liability Insurance, and the deductibles and/or self-insured retentions thereunder shall be commercially reasonable.
Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance. To provide excess protection over underlying general liability coverages. (Limit: Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000.00). EXHIBIT G CHARTER SCHOOLS PRE-OPENING VISIT CHECKLIST Charter Schools Pre-Opening Checklist School Name: School Opening Date: Site Visit Date: Reviewer’s Name: Governance and Management Documentation Needed Comment # The governing board is meeting  Meeting minutes from at least one board and is setting the policy direction meeting within the last 60 days for the school.  By-laws  501(c)(3) letter  Background check for each board member A permanent head of school has been named and is providing leadership for the school.  Contract, including position description Other key leadership roles in the school have been filled.  Position descriptions with employee signatures Staffing Documentation Needed Comment # There is documentation of clear lines of authority and responsibility.  Organizational chart The number of teachers is adequate and their assignments match the staffing plan.    Teacher roster Signed contracts with position descriptions Proof of certification for teachers Each employee has a job description which he or she has read and agreed to.  Position descriptions with employee signatures There is documentation that initial background checks for all staff have been completed.  Background check clearances Curriculum and Instruction Documentation Needed Comment # Needed instructional materials and supplies are ready.  Observation of instructional materials and supplies A school calendar and class  School calendar schedules exist and provisionsClass Schedules have been made for them to be  Documentation that calendar and available to every student and schedules have been distributed to every family. students, families Orientation has been held to familiarize staff with the mission and program of the school and to clarify their roles and responsibilities.  Documentation that orientation has been held for staff (agendas, sign-in sheets, etc.) Provisions have been made for assessing and serving students with special needs.  Evidence that needed staff are on board to provide special needs services, or evidence that services have been contracted Students and Parents Documentation Needed Comment # Parent and student orientation is completed or scheduled.  Evidence that parent and student orientation has been held (agendas, sign- in sheets, etc.) or scheduled Student enrollment procedures have been documented and a studen...
Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance. The foregoing liability limits shall be adequate as long as Tenant maintains an Umbrella policy limit of not less than Three Million Dollars ($3,000,000) per occurrence. Should Tenant not maintain an Umbrella policy with such limits, then the limits of the underlying Commercial General Liability policy shall be increased to Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence and Four Million Dollars ($4,000,000) aggregate.
Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance. Umbrella Liability Insurance with a minimum limit of $25,000,000 for each occurrence. The insurance shall be (a) in excess of the coverages required by Sections 2 through 4 above, and (b) at least as broad as the coverages required by Sections 2 through 4 above. The aggregate limit, if any, shall apply separately to each annual policy period.