TUITION REIMBURSEMENT 16.80 OBLIGATION. Subject to budgetary constraints but with a minimum budget of $2,000 for this bargaining unit, the County agrees to reimburse bargaining unit employees for actual out-of-pocket tuition while participating in eligible studies at accredited colleges and universities and subject to the following criteria: 16.81 AUTHORIZATION The employee must have received written approval from the Department Head and Director of Human Resources prior to registering for the course. 16.82 GRADES Eligible employees must achieve a grade of "B" or better, and credit for the course if credit is offered. 16.83 RECEIPTS The employee claiming reimbursement must prove actual payment sought to be reimbursed by furnishing specific receipts. 16.84 CLASS CRITERIA To be reimbursed, the courses must relate to the work the employee is then performing or such course must be part of recognized degree awarding curriculum with the degree program being directly and concretely related to the employee’s current classification. 16.85 PROFESSIONAL GROWTH Any employee required to attend a class, mandated in-service program, or annual examination in order to maintain his/her certification may be released from his/her daily assignment, with pay, to complete said program but only if the same program is not available outside regular working hours.