Trinidad and Tobago Sample Clauses

Trinidad and Tobago. 4.For the purpose of this Agreement, itsAnnexes and Appendices, the Less Developed Countries of CARICOM (hereinafterreferred to as "the LDCs") are:
Trinidad and Tobago. 1. The System is made available and provided to You in Trinidad by Citibank (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited, a company continued and existing under the Companies Act Chap. 81:01 of the laws of Trinidad and Tobago having its registered office at 12 Queen’s Park East, Port of Spain in the said Island of Trinidad. Therefore, all references to “Citibank” and/or to “Citibank N.A.” within this Agreement shall be interpreted to refer to Citibank (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited.
Trinidad and Tobago. 13. Yemen
Trinidad and Tobago. (xiv) The British Virgin Islands
Trinidad and Tobago. Paragraph 6 of Article III cannot be implemented in Trinidad as the Customs and Excise Department is not self-accounting and refunds are made on Treasury vouchers." Uganda "Uganda shall not be bound by Article V of the Convention."
Trinidad and Tobago. Fig 13 Bibliography Bloomberg Economic and Social Survey Jamaica 2007 xxxx:// xxxx:// xxxx:// xxxx:// xxxx:// xxxx:// xxxx:// xxxx:// xxxx:// 1 Demutualization is the process by which a “mutual” company converts to a company with shareholders and share capital. Demutualization separates the interests of members as owners from the contractual interests of policyholders.
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Trinidad and Tobago. If in consequence of such dispute it is ascertained that the metering equipment is inaccurate to the extent of two and one half percentum or more, such inaccuracy shall be deemed to have commenced at the beginning of the period to which the monthly account rendered immediately preceding such notice relates and accounts in respect to that period and subsequent periods (if any) during which meter readings have been taken from metering equipment of such inaccuracy shall be appropriately corrected either in favour of the Consumer or of the Commission. If the metering equipment is accurate within the limits aforesaid no adjustment shall be made in favour of either party and the party who required that the matter be determined by arbitration shall pay the cost of such proceedings. INDUSTRIAL LARGE LOAD (RATE D3) AVAILABILITY: Three phase high voltage supply for all purposes supplied and metered at one point. CHARACTER OF 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, Alternating Current at 33kV, 66kV or SERVICE 132kV for loads from 4,000KVA to 25,000KVA. MAXIMUM DEMAND: $21.25 per KVA of maximum demand in a month. Maximum Demand shall be the average KVA load during the 15 minute period of greatest use during the month as indicated by the Commission's meter or at the Commission's option as indicated by tests from time to time. In cases where demand is intermittent or subject to violent fluctuations, the Commission may establish the Maximum Demand on the basis of a shorter interval of measurement, or the KVA of transformer capacity required to serve the customer's load or may assess the demand on the basis of the installed capacity.
Trinidad and Tobago. WHAT IS THE CARIFORUM EPA? • It is a trade and development agreement between CARIFORUM states and the Economic Community and its members. • It establishes a free trade area that is compatible with the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) central principles of non‐discrimination and reciprocity. • The EPA will liberalise trade in goods and services over a 25 year period.