Treatment Systems Sample Clauses

Treatment Systems installing alternative treatment systems that would provide more effective treatment of storm water prior to discharge than currently installed systems, such as a fixed bed (media-sand) filter system or other improved filter system.
Treatment Systems. OCWD shall use the results of the Planning Study and the Pilot Study to reasonably determine the type and final design of the Treatment Systems to treat PFAS contamination in the groundwater produced by Impacted Xxxxx to levels below the RL or MCL. Development of the final design of Treatment Systems will consider 30-year lifecycle costs, including but not limited to Treatment System footprint and physical setting, relative land values, the proximity to existing water infrastructure and energy sources, operational costs and limitations, and any PFAS treatment studies conducted by Producers. The Treatment Systems will be designed for a 30-year useful life. If OCWD and a Producer mutually agree, a Treatment System that can remove PFAS contamination down to non-detect concentrations, depending upon site specific circumstances, may be designed and constructed.
Treatment Systems. 3. The Facility shall have the capability of providing all of the following services. However, services provided to individual patients will be dependent upon the patient’s specific needs:

Related to Treatment Systems

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Information Substance abuse treatment information shall be maintained in compliance with 42 C.F.R. Part 2 if the Party or subcontractor(s) are Part 2 covered programs, or if substance abuse treatment information is received from a Part 2 covered program by the Party or subcontractor(s).

  • Quality Management System Supplier hereby undertakes, warrants and confirms, and will ensue same for its subcontractors, to remain certified in accordance with ISO 9001 standard or equivalent. At any time during the term of this Agreement, the Supplier shall, if so instructed by ISR, provide evidence of such certifications. In any event, Supplier must notify ISR, in writing, in the event said certification is suspended and/or canceled and/or not continued.

  • System and Data Access Services a.System. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Addendum and solely for the purpose of providing access to Fund Data as set forth herein, State Street hereby agrees to provide the Fund, or certain third parties approved by State Street that serve as the Fund`s investment advisors, investment managers or fund accountants (the "Fund Accountants") or as the Fund`s independent auditors (the "Auditor"), with access to State Street`s Multicurrency HORIZONR Accounting System and the other information systems described in Attachment A (collectively, the "System") on a remote basis solely on the computer hardware, system software and telecommunication links described in Attachment B (the "Designated Configuration") or on any designated substitute or back-up equipment configuration consented to in writing by State Street, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.

  • Changes in Equipment, Systems, Etc USBFS reserves the right to make changes from time to time, as it deems advisable, relating to its systems, programs, rules, operating schedules and equipment, so long as such changes do not adversely affect the services provided to the Trust under this Agreement.

  • Retirement System The withdrawal of employee contributions made on or after January 1, 2014 may also be withdrawn but only on an actuarially neutral basis. The actuarial present value of the pension reduction shall be equal to the amount of accumulated member contributions withdrawn. The actuarial present value shall computed using the interest rate used in the annual actuarial valuation and the mortality table used in the annual actuarial valuation with a 50% unisex blend.

  • Secondary Systems The Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall each cooperate with the other in the inspection, maintenance, and testing of control or power circuits that operate below 600 volts, AC or DC, including, but not limited to, any hardware, control or protective devices, cables, conductors, electric raceways, secondary equipment panels, transducers, batteries, chargers, and voltage and current transformers that directly affect the operation of Developer or Connecting Transmission Owner’s facilities and equipment which may reasonably be expected to impact the other Party. The Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall each provide advance notice to the other Party, and to NYISO, before undertaking any work on such circuits, especially on electrical circuits involving circuit breaker trip and close contacts, current transformers, or potential transformers.

  • Local Health Integration Networks and Restructuring In the event of a health service integration with another service provider the Employer and the Union agree to meet.

  • Operational Support Systems (OSS 2.13.1 BellSouth has developed and made available the following electronic interfaces by which <<customer_name>> may submit LSRs electronically. LENS Local Exchange Navigation System EDI Electronic Data Interchange TAG Telecommunications Access Gateway

  • Operational Support Systems <<customer_name>> shall pay charges for Operational Support Systems (OSS) as set forth in this Agreement in Attachment 1 and/or in Attachments 2, 3 and 5, as applicable.

  • Safeguards Monitoring and Reporting 8. The Borrower shall do the following or cause the Project Executing Agency to do the following: