Transportation Facilities Sample Clauses

Transportation Facilities. All costs and expenses for the Transportation Facilities according to Article 17.7 of this Contract and Addendum Two attached thereto.
Transportation Facilities. 29 5.12.3 To assist Developer, ADOT will provide to Developer during normal 30 working hours, reasonable access to plans, surveys, drawings, record drawings, 31 specifications, reports and other documents and information in the possession of ADOT 32 or its contractors and consultants pertaining to Related Transportation Facilities.
Transportation Facilities. All costs and expenses for the Transportation Facilities according to Article
Transportation Facilities. The amount which the Landlord or Management Company properly pays for or towards the maintenance and lighting of or security for transportation facilities which provide services to or for the benefit of the Estate and associated premises and areas and/or the fixtures fittings and equipment thereon but for the avoidance of doubt excluding any contributions which the Landlord or the Management Company may from time to time make towards the Canary Wharf Underground Station (excluding any park areas or other areas to be used as open spaces for the enjoyment of the public which are provided or constructed above the Canary Wharf Underground Station and party structures of such station) or the provision and operation of the Docklands Light Railway (excluding contributions the Landlord or the Management Company make towards the maintenance of the station from time to time)
Transportation Facilities. B5.1 Authorization. Purchaser is authorized to con- struct and maintain roads, bridges, and other transporta- tion facilities, as needed for harvesting Included Timber on National Forest and other lands where Forest Service has such authority. As used in this contract “construct” in- cludes “reconstruct.” B5.11 Requirements of Rights-of-Way. Pur- chaser’s road construction and use of rights-of-way identi- fied in attached list or C5.11 shall be confined to rights-of- way and limited by the related easements and stipula- tions, if any, unless Purchaser makes other arrangements that will not infringe upon or adversely affect the grantee’s rights. Easements or right-of-way documents are avail- able in the offices of the Forest Supervisor and District Ranger. B5.12 Use of Roads by Purchaser. Except as provided herein, Purchaser is authorized to use existing National Forest system roads and Specified Roads listed in A7, when Forest Service determines that such use will not cause damage to the roads or National Forest re- sources.
Transportation Facilities. As used in this context refers to any transportation facilities which have been identified in a Transportation Element or Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) as needing capacity improvements to support planned development.
Transportation Facilities. The Non-Exclusive Ingress and Egress Easement Agreement 27 dated April 21, 2017 and Memorandum of Interdevelopment and Operating Agreement 28 attached as ExhibitEFprovides satisfactory access and ingress/egress to and from the 29 Property and Barcelona DriveUS-1.
Transportation Facilities. The HGO shall provide local transport facilities in Saudi Arabia as below
Transportation Facilities. 4. Fuel Storage