Transportation Facilities Sample Clauses

Transportation Facilities. The HGO shall provide local transport facilities in Saudi Arabia as below
Transportation Facilities. All costs and expenses for the Transportation Facilities according to Article
Transportation Facilities. Records including but not limited to, traffic count data, sign inventory, road maintenance, pavement and sidewalk condition, street and traffic light location information, and as built drawings.
Transportation Facilities. The offered price should include full delivery service to the below locations:
Transportation Facilities. A. Truck and equipment access:
Transportation Facilities. The offered price should include full delivery service at IOM Transit Center located in Zaranj City-Nimroz.
Transportation Facilities. Lake County’s 2020 Long-Range Transportation Plan was adopted by the Lake County Board of County Commissioners on June 15, 1999. This document provides a comprehensive statement of the transportation needs and policies of the County and serves as a framework for the orderly development of an efficient, affordable multi-modal transportation system. This plan addresses the provision of highways, public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and linkages between these modes to ensure a coordinated transportation system. The Road Operations Division of the Lake County Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and signage of the County’s arterial, collector, and local roads. The County currently maintains numerous interlocal agreements with the Florida Department of Transportation, adjoining counties, and various municipalities relating to road, lighting, and traffic signal installation and maintenance. The County’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities section works to make a countywide network of rail trails, multi-use pathways, on-road bicycle facilities, and sidewalks a reality. Like the County, the municipalities are responsible for the upkeep of the roads within their respective jurisdictions and for the provision of alternative transportation systems. They, too, enter into partnerships with FDOT, the County, and one another for projects relating to new construction and the maintenance of lighting, traffic control devices, and the roads and pathways themselves.
Transportation Facilities. All of the Property is located within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City. This Agreement and the obligations of Developer and the Owner hereunder constitute a Concurrency Development Agreement under the CMS of the City to mitigate the traffic facilities impacts of the development of the Property.
Transportation Facilities. Each bidder, before submitting their bid, shall make an investigation of the conditions of existing public and private roads and of clearances, restrictions, bridge load limits, and other limitations affecting transportation and ingress and egress at the job site. The unavailability of transportation facilities or limitations thereon shall not become a basis for claims for damages or extension of time for completion of the work.
Transportation Facilities. Employees covered by this Agreement shall not be permitted to furnish, lease or rent the use of an automobile or other conveyance to transport men, tools, equipment or materials from shop to Job, from job to job, or from job to shop. Facilities for such transportation will be provided by the Employer. This provision shall not restrict the use of an automobile or other conveyance to transport the owner and personal tools from home to shop or job at starting time, from job to job, or from job to home at quitting time.