Transmission Owners Sample Clauses

Transmission Owners. This voting sector shall consist of any entity within Northeastern North America that owns at least 200 circuit miles of integrated transmission facilities, or has an Open Access Transmission Tariff or equivalent on file with the FERC or the appropriate regulatory or governmental authority. This sector includes transmission owners that have placed their transmission under the operational control of an ISO/RTO, independent transmission companies and merchant transmission owners/developers.
Transmission Owners. (Maximum of 2, with no more than 1 per Balancing Authority Area)
Transmission Owners a. Any entity within the MRO region that owns or controls at least 200 circuit miles of integrated transmission facilities, or has an Open Access Transmission Tariff or equivalent on file with a regulatory authority.
Transmission Owners. Transmission Owners shall mean those entities that own or lease (with rights equivalent to ownership) Transmission Facilities. For purposes of this Agreement only, a Transmission Owner who is a generation and transmission cooperative (in addition to being the Transmission Owner for its own Transmission Facilities) shall also be the Transmission Owner for the Transmission Facilities of its cooperative members, with all rights and obligations specified under this agreement with regard to such Transmission Facilities, provided, however, that (a) it has been affirmatively granted in writing binding authority by such cooperative members to assume such rights and obligations, (b) that it affirmatively represents and warrants in writing to the other Parties and PJM that it has authority to act for and on behalf of such members, and (c) that any such cooperative member shall not be a Transmission Owner. The Transmission Owners are listed in Attachment A.
Transmission Owners. A Transmission Owner may, upon submission of a written notice of withdrawal to the President, commence a process of withdrawal of its Tariff Facilities from SPP’s administration. Such withdrawal shall not be effective until October 31 of the calendar year following the calendar year in which notice is given; provided that the Transmission Owner must provide at least 12 months notice. With regard to any such withdrawal by a FERC public utility, the withdrawing Transmission Owner’s withdrawal shall not become effective until FERC has accepted the notice of withdrawal or otherwise allowed such withdrawal. At the time the withdrawal becomes effective and unless otherwise requested by the withdrawing Transmission Owner, it shall be classified as a Non-Transmission Owner under this Agreement. If such withdrawal of facilities creates a situation in which a second Transmission Owner is no longer physically interconnected with the Electric Transmission System, SPP shall determine if such withdrawal affects the ability of such second Transmission Owner to continue its membership as a Transmission Owner.
Transmission Owners. The Funding Licensee must demonstrate appropriate engagement with the Transmission Owners (“TOs”) listed in Table 2. This engagement must relate to the specification of the offshore cable repair vessel and of the universal cable joint described in the Full Submission (“the Products”). The Funding Licensee must demonstrate that it has made reasonable attempts to consult with the TOs on the specification of the Products. It must document the feedback it has received from the TOs and demonstrate how feedback has been incorporated into the Product specifications if reasonable. The Funding Licensee must otherwise explain why feedback has been disregarded. It must explain the further engagement it has agreed with the TOs for the remainder of the Project. The Authority will determine what is reasonable or appropriate in the circumstances.
Transmission Owners. 3 - Load-serving Entities, 5 - Electric Generators, 1 - Transmission Owners
Transmission Owners 

Related to Transmission Owners

  • Data Transmission In connection with the termination of a particular Service, on or prior to the last day of each relevant Service Period, the Provider will cooperate fully and will cause its Affiliates to cooperate fully to support any transfer of data concerning the relevant Services to the applicable Recipient. If requested by the Recipient in connection with the prior sentence, the Provider will deliver and will cause its Affiliates to deliver to the applicable Recipient, within such time periods as the parties may reasonably agree, all records, data, files and other information received or computed for the benefit of such Recipient during the Service Period, in electronic and/or hard copy form; provided, however, that (i) the Provider will not have any obligation to provide or cause to provide data in any non-standard format and (ii) if the Provider, in its sole discretion, upon request of the Recipient, chooses to provide data in any non-standard format, the Provider and its Affiliates will be reimbursed for their reasonable out-of-pocket costs for providing data electronically in any format other than its standard format, unless expressly provided otherwise in the Schedule.

  • Information Transmission The Provider, on behalf of itself and its respective Subsidiaries, shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide or make available, or cause to be provided or made available, to the Recipient, in accordance with Section 6.1 of the Separation and Distribution Agreement, any Information received or computed by the Provider for the benefit of the Recipient concerning the relevant Service during the Service Period; provided, however, that, except as otherwise agreed to in writing by the Parties (a) the Provider shall not have any obligation to provide, or cause to be provided, Information in any non-standard format, (b) the Provider and its Subsidiaries shall be reimbursed for their reasonable costs in accordance with Section 6.3 of the Separation and Distribution Agreement for creating, gathering, copying, transporting and otherwise providing such Information, and (c) the Provider shall use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain any such Information in accordance with Section 6.4 of the Separation and Distribution Agreement.

  • Transmission of Business 34.8.1 Where a business is before or after the date of this Agreement, transmitted from an employer (in this clause called the transmitter) to another employer (in this clause called the transmittee) and an employee who at the time of such transmission was an employee of the transmitter in that business becomes an employee of the transmittee:

  • Transmission The Custodian and the Fund shall comply with SWIFT’s authentication procedures. The Custodian will act on FT Instructions received via SWIFT provided the instruction is authenticated by the SWIFT system. § Written Instructions. Instructions may be transmitted in an original writing that bears the manual signature of an Authorized Person(s).