Transfer of the Ferro Businesses Sample Clauses

Transfer of the Ferro Businesses 

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  • Sale or Transfer of Assets; Suspension of Business Operations The Borrower will not sell, lease, assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of (i) the stock of any Subsidiary, (ii) all or a substantial part of its assets, or (iii) any Collateral or any interest therein (whether in one transaction or in a series of transactions) to any other Person other than the sale of Inventory in the ordinary course of business and will not liquidate, dissolve or suspend business operations. The Borrower will not transfer any part of its ownership interest in any Intellectual Property Rights and will not permit any agreement under which it has licensed Licensed Intellectual Property to lapse, except that the Borrower may transfer such rights or permit such agreements to lapse if it shall have reasonably determined that the applicable Intellectual Property Rights are no longer useful in its business. If the Borrower transfers any Intellectual Property Rights for value, the Borrower will pay over the proceeds to the Lender for application to the Obligations. The Borrower will not license any other Person to use any of the Borrower’s Intellectual Property Rights, except that the Borrower may grant licenses in the ordinary course of its business in connection with sales of Inventory or provision of services to its customers.

  • Transfer of the Shares Prior to the termination of this Agreement, except as otherwise provided or permitted herein, the Shareholder agrees not to: (a) Transfer any of the Shares or any right or interest therein; (b) enter into any contract, option or other agreement, arrangement or understanding with respect to any Transfer of Shares; (c) grant any proxy, power-of-attorney or other authorization for any of the Shares with respect to any matters described in Section 4.1; (d) deposit any of the Shares into a voting trust, or enter into a voting agreement or arrangement with respect to any of the Shares with respect to any matters described in Section 4.1; or (e) take any other action that is intended to restrict, limit or interfere with the performance of such Shareholder’s obligations hereunder or the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Transfer of the Property Any sale, lease, conveyance, assignment, pledge, encumbrance, or transfer of all or any part of the Property or any interest therein, voluntarily or involuntarily, whether by operation of law or otherwise, except: (i) sales or transfers of items of the Accessories which have become obsolete or worn beyond practical use and which have been replaced by adequate substitutes, owned by Mortgagor, having a value equal to or greater than the replaced items when new; and (ii) the grant, in the ordinary course of business, of a leasehold interest in a part of the Improvements to a tenant for occupancy, not containing a right or option to purchase and not in contravention of any provision of this Mortgage or of any other Loan Document. Mortgagee may, in its sole discretion, waive a default under this paragraph, but it shall have no obligation to do so, and any waiver may be conditioned upon such one or more of the following (if any) which Mortgagee may require: the grantee’s integrity, reputation, character, creditworthiness and management ability being satisfactory to Mortgagee in its sole judgment and grantee executing, prior to such sale or transfer, a written assumption agreement containing such terms as Mortgagee may require, a principal paydown on the Note, an increase in the rate of interest payable under the Note, a transfer fee, a modification of the term of the Note, and any other modification of the Loan Documents which Mortgagee may require. NOTICE - THE DEBT SECURED HEREBY IS SUBJECT TO CALL IN FULL IN THE EVENT OF SALE OR CONVEYANCE OF THE PROPERTY CONVEYED.

  • Restrictions on Business Activities There is no material agreement (non-compete or otherwise), commitment, judgment, injunction, order or decree to which the Company is a party or otherwise binding upon the Company, which has or may reasonably be expected to have the effect of prohibiting or impairing any Business practice of the Company, any acquisition of property (tangible or intangible) by the Company, the conduct of the Business by the Company or otherwise limiting the freedom of the Company or its Affiliates to engage in any line of business or to compete with any Person (other than licenses of and other agreements relating to Intellectual Property Rights). Except as set forth on Schedule 4.21, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Company has not entered into any agreement under which the Company is restricted from selling, licensing or otherwise distributing any of its technology or products to, or providing services to, customers or potential customers or any class of customers, in any geographic area, during any period of time or in any segment of the market.

  • Transfer of Interests SECTION 9.1

  • Transfer of Technology 1. The Parties agree to exchange views and information on their law and international practices on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, affecting transfer of technology. This shall, in particular, include exchanges on measures to facilitate information flows, business partnerships, and voluntary licensing and subcontracting agreements. Particular attention shall be paid to the conditions necessary to create an adequate enabling environment for technology transfer in the host countries, including issues such as the domestic legal framework and the development of human capital.

  • Certain Business Combinations In the event it is determined by the Board, upon receipt of a written opinion of the Company's independent public accountants, that the enforcement of any Section or subsection of this Agreement, including, but not limited to, Section 6(b) hereof, which allows for the acceleration of vesting of options to purchase shares of the Company's common stock upon a termination in connection with a Change of Control, would preclude accounting for any proposed business combination of the Company involving a Change of Control as a pooling of interests, and the Board otherwise desires to approve such a proposed business transaction which requires as a condition to the closing of such transaction that it be accounted for as a pooling of interests, then any such Section of this Agreement shall be null and void, but only if the absence of enforcement of such Section would preserve the pooling treatment. For purposes of this Section 9, the Board's determination shall require the unanimous approval of the disinterested Board members.

  • Transfer of the Warrant Shares issued upon the exercise of this Warrant shall be restricted in the same manner and to the same extent as the Warrant, and the certificates representing such Warrant Shares shall bear substantially the following legend, until such Warrant Shares have been registered under the Act or may be removed as otherwise permitted under the Act: "THE SHARES OF COMMON STOCK REPRESENTED BY THIS CERTIFICATE HAVE NOT BEEN REGISTERED UNDER THE SECURITIES ACT OF 1933, AS AMENDED (THE "ACT"), OR ANY APPLICABLE STATE SECURITIES LAW AND MAY NOT BE TRANSFERRED UNTIL (i) A REGISTRATION STATEMENT UNDER THE ACT OR SUCH APPLICABLE STATE SECURITIES LAWS SHALL HAVE BECOME EFFECTIVE WITH REGARD THERETO, OR (ii) IN THE OPINION OF COUNSEL SATISFACTORY TO THE COMPANY, REGISTRATION UNDER THE ACT OR SUCH APPLICABLE STATE SECURITIES LAWS IS NOT REQUIRED IN CONNECTION WITH SUCH PROPOSED TRANSFER."

  • Transfer of Assets Sell, transfer, lease, or otherwise dispose of any of its assets, except in the ordinary course of business.

  • Initial Business Combination Except as disclosed in the Registration Statement, the Statutory Prospectus and the Prospectus, prior to the date hereof, the Company has not identified any business combination target and it has not, nor has anyone on its behalf, initiated any substantive discussions, directly or indirectly, with any business combination target.