Transfer of liability Sample Clauses

Transfer of liability. If the Client purchases Bulk Wheat which is already warehoused or is or has been stored, handled or treated by Viterra, and there are unbilled and/or unpaid fees and charges in respect of the Bulk Wheat for any period or for anything done prior to the purchase, then the Client is liable for these fees and charges and must pay them to Viterra, unless otherwise agreed with Viterra.
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Transfer of liability. Notwithstanding any other provision in this Agreement or third party claims of liability, except for Sellers’ indemnification as provided in Section 11.05 (subject to the limitations set forth in this Article 11 and Section 13.04), Sellers and Purchaser have agreed that all such environmental liabilities and potential liabilities addressed in this Article 11 are, as between Sellers and Purchaser, fully allocated to Purchaser and not at all to Sellers, and that Purchaser will assume all environmental liabilities associated with operation of the Purchased Business before, on or after the Closing Date. The parties acknowledge that, except for the express indemnification set forth in Section 11.05 and any indemnification for breach of Section 4.15 pursuant to Article 13, this Agreement shifts all liabilities arising under any Law from Sellers to Purchaser, and Purchaser will have no claim for contribution from or against Sellers, for environmental liabilities arising out of Sellers’ operation of the Purchased Business prior to the Closing Date.
Transfer of liability. We may at any time or times, without notice to you transfer any liability we have to you against any liabi ity (including wit hout limit any Loss) you owe to any other entity known to be linked financially to you, whether any such liability is present or future, liquidated or unliquidated, under this Trading Agreement or not and irrespective of the currency or its denomination. If the liabilities to be transferred are expressed in different currencie s, we may conv rt either liability at a rate of exchange which we determine to be reasonable for the purpose of transfer of liability.