Transfer Control/Transportation Control Sample Clauses

Transfer Control/Transportation Control. Ensuring that the confidentiality and integrity of data is protected during the transfer of Personal Information and the transportation of data storage media (e.g. through powerful encryption of data transmissions, closed envelopes used in mailings, encrypted saving on data storage media). The following technical and organizational measures have been implemented by the Operator for the processing of Personal Information described in this Agreement / Addendum Establishment of dedicated lines or VPN tunnels Encrypted data transmission on the Internet (such as HTTPS, SFTP, etc.) E-mail encryption Documentation of the recipients of data and time frames of planned transmission or agreed erasure deadlines In case of physical transportation: careful selection of transportation personnel and vehicles Transmission of data in an anonymized or pseudonymized form In case of physical transportation: secure containers/packaging

Related to Transfer Control/Transportation Control

  • Erosion Control a. The Purchaser shall construct slash and debris erosion barriers, dips, water bars or ditches in skid trails and landings as directed by the Forest Officer.

  • Traffic Control The Engineer shall provide all planning, labor, and equipment to develop and to execute each Traffic Control Plan (TCP) needed by the Engineer to perform services under each Work Authorization. The Engineer shall comply with the requirements of the most recent edition of the TMUTCD. The Engineer shall submit a copy of each TCP to the State for approval prior commencing any work on any State roadway. The Engineer shall provide all signs, flags, and safety equipment needed to execute the approved TCP. The Engineer shall notify the State in writing twenty-four (24) hours in advance of executing each TCP requiring a lane closure, and shall have received written concurrence from the State prior to beginning the lane closure. The Engineer’s field crew shall possess a copy of the approved TCP on the job site at all times and shall make the TCP available to the State for inspection upon request. The Engineer shall assign charges for any required traffic control to the applicable function code.

  • Pest Control Renter is advised that Owner may use chemicals at the Facility including around the Rented Space, for pest control. For this reason, no pets are allowed. The only extermination provided by Owner, if at all, is in common areas of the Facility.

  • Cost Control The budget established by the OWNER for the construction of the Project and CONSULTANT fee shall be considered as absolute. The CONSULTANT shall advise OWNER in writing of the following:

  • Dust Control Dust-proof enclosures or partitions for protection wherever dusty or dirty work is performed and dampening of debris to avoid dusting when removed shall be provided and included as a cost of the work.