Trading Account Sample Clauses

Trading Account. 2.1 The Company will open a Trading Account (the "Trading Account") for and on the Client's name, subject to the registration of the Client with the Company according to the Company's requirements, including providing complete and accurate Client information as required for the opening of the Account, and by presenting identification documents including a copy of an identification certificate, passport, a copy of credit card from both its sides, in case the deposit was made by credit card (Client may hide the credit card number except for the last four digits, and may also hide the CVV code, at the back of the card), and a valid (recent three months) proof of address, by presenting a government vendor or other utility bill (water, city tax, electricity, 'etc.). The Client authorizes the Company to rely and act according to any request, guideline or other message appeared to be from the Client, without further examination by the Company as to the authenticity, veracity, or the identity of the person who delivers or purporting to deliver such request, guidance or message. The Client undertakes to provide correct and complete information regarding itself. TheClient must report to the Company immediately in case of any change in the information the Client had provided to the Company.
Trading Account. The Company shall allocate a sufficient number of Shares for Draw Downs. The Company from time to time shall transfer to the Purchaser’s designated trading account prior to the first day of each Pricing Period not less than the number of Shares set forth in each Draw Down Notice. The Purchaser shall be entitled to sell the Shares commencing on the Draw Down Notice Date and ending on the last day of the Pricing Period selected by the Company in the applicable Draw Down Notice and pay for that number of Shares sold no later than the Closing Date. The number of Shares to be subscribed by the Purchaser on a Closing Date shall be referred to as the "Issue Amount".
Trading Account. A client’s registration in the Company’s trading platform that will be personalized to suit a client’s specific needs. This will also hold all of the Client’s transactions and ongoing positions
Trading Account. 12.1 Upon acceptance of the Application, Star Markets shall open a trading account for the Client which shall reflect the following
Trading Account. In order to open access to trading through Services, you need to obtain the Premium account. Note, that if registration period of Your account is less then 45 days, and the amount of Transfers from an External Account to Your BTC24 Account exceeded 0.82 BTC or the same value in other currencies, You should expand limits of turnover on Your account via obtaining a Premium account. All funds will not be available for Transfer Funds from your BTC24 Account into an External Account and Internal Addresses until You connect Premium account. Deposit for obtaining a Premium status should be done by one payment, the system charges 2.5% of the commission from this Deposit. The amount of the Premium Account is 0.05
Trading Account. The Customer hereby instructs the Company to establish the Trading Account on Company’s books in the name of the Customer. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Trading Account will be maintained in U.S. Dollars or any other currency in accordance with the account type based on the terms provided by the Company, unless otherwise agreed between parties in writing. The Customer represents, warrants and undertakes that the Customer is acting for the Customer’s sole benefit and not for or on behalf of any other person or entity and all Transactions are and will be carried out for the sole benefit of the Customer. The Customer is the only person or entity authorized or permitted to enter into Transactions for the account. If the Customer appoints an agent, the Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that he shall be solely responsible for all acts and/or omissions of the agent, and neither the Company nor any of its affiliates nor the officers, directors, managers, agents or employees of the Company or any Company’s affiliate shall be liability to the Customer for any such actions or omissions, whether or not within the scope of the agent’s authorization. If the Customer is more than one person, all such persons shall be jointly and severally liable for all obligations of the Customer under this Customer Agreement. In such event (unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Customer and the Company) the sole person or entity authorized to enter into or close out Transactions for the Trading Account is the first of such persons mentioned. The Company shall not be obliged but has the right from time to time at its sole discretion to pay interest to the Customer on any funds which the Company holds. The Customer waives all rights to interest.
Trading Account. From time to time Hankotrade will, and you irrevocably authorize Hankotrade to: (a) Credit your Account for all permitted Deposits, Realized Profits and Interest Earned;
Trading Account. 4.1 Before we can provide Services to you, you must have a Trading Account with us.
Trading Account. Subscriber agrees to open and maintain a trading account with a futures commission merchant of their choice, and Subscriber further agrees to execute trades using the Software through that account.
Trading Account. 14.1. The Company reserves its right to hold the Client’s account and its existing funds following the Applicable Regulations unless the Client and the Company perform a written contract between the relevant parties. This means that the Company will continue to segregate the Client’s money and is voided for the internal and external use of the Company’s agenda and business. Furthermore, the Client’s capital can be combined with other Client money in the same bank account. Overnight deposits are also acceptable with the inclusion of keeping any interest.