TRADE WASTE Sample Clauses

TRADE WASTE. Category 1 and Category 2 Trade Waste customers, as defined in Schedule 1 - Definitions, may discharge trade waste into our sewerage infrastructure subject to the terms and conditions of the Trade Waste Consent (see Schedule 2). Trade Waste charges for Category 1 and Category 2 Trade Waste customers are set out in Schedule 4 of the Price Determination. An account for trade waste services will be sent to you in accordance with Clause 11.1 of this contract. The Trade Waste customer listing on Ben Lomond Water’s website ( provides an indicative list, based on industry type, which existing and potential Trade Waste customers can use to self identify the trade waste category which most likely applies to them. Category 3 and Category 4 Trade Waste customers, as defined in Schedule 1, will be required to enter into a Trade Waste Agreement under section 61 of the Act. Details of how to apply for and the requirements and standards to be met by you in order for us to give you written permission to discharge trade waste can be obtained from our website (
TRADE WASTE. Where the WDA and a WCA have agreed that the WCA will present Trade Waste to the WDA for disposal, the provisions of this clause 11 shall apply. The WDA shall arrange for the processing and / or disposal of Trade Waste collected by a WCA and delivered to the Delivery Points and the WCA shall in return pay the WDA a Trade Waste Recharge in accordance with the procedures detailed in SCHEDULE 3 (TRADE WASTE RECHARGE). The WDA shall invoice each WCA on a quarterly basis for the payment of Trade Waste Recharges. The Trade Waste Recharge projections will be reviewed annually in accordance with the procedures laid down in SCHEDULE 3 (TRADE WASTE RECHARGE). The annual review will also consider factors likely to affect the total tonnage of Trade Waste tonnages collected in the year of the review and the following year. Significant variances compared to previous projections will be communicated to the Residual Waste Disposal Contactor by the WDA. For the avoidance of doubt reductions in Trade Waste tonnages delivered by a WCA as a result of market competition and/or any decision it may make in relation to its collection and delivery of Trade Waste as a consequence of such competition shall not be a Material Breach of the HWPA.
TRADE WASTE. 11.1 Where the WDA and a WCA have agreed that the WCA will present Trade Waste to the WDA for disposal, the provisions of this clause 11 shall apply.
TRADE WASTE. 5.1. The parties commit to monitor the effectiveness of recent announcements by TasWater on trade waste and work together if further enhancements are required.

Related to TRADE WASTE

  • NOISE/WASTE The Tenant agrees not to commit waste on the premises, maintain, or permit to be maintained, a nuisance thereon, or use, or permit the premises to be used, in an unlawful manner. The Tenant further agrees to abide by any and all local, county, and State noise ordinances.

  • Hazardous Waste Throughout the term of this Lease, Tenant shall not undertake or permit any Environmental Activity (as such term is hereinafter defined) other than (i) in compliance with all applicable laws and ordinances and all rules, orders and regulations, present or future, ordinary or extraordinary, foreseen or unforeseen) of any federal, state or local governmental authority (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Legal Requirements"), and (ii) in such a manner as shall keep the premises, the Building and the Land free from any lien imposed pursuant to any Legal Requirement in respect of such Environmental Activity. Tenant shall take all necessary steps to ensure that any Environmental Activity undertaken or permitted at the premises is undertaken in a manner as to provide prudent safeguards against potential risks to human health or the environment. Tenant shall notify Landlord within 24 hours of the release of any Hazardous Materials (as such term is hereinafter defined) from or at the premises which could form the basis of any claim, demand or action by any party. Landlord shall have the right, from time to time, at Tenant's expense, to conduct an environmental audit or such other examinations, tests, inspections and reviews of the premises as Landlord, in its sole discretion, shall deem necessary, appropriate or desirable and Tenant shall cooperate in the conduct of any such environmental audit, examination, test, inspection or review. If Tenant shall breach the covenants provided in this Article, then, in addition to any other rights and remedies which may be available to landlord pursuant to this Lease or otherwise at law, Landlord may require Tenant to take all actions, or to reimburse Landlord for the costs of any and all actions taken by Landlord, as are necessary, appropriate or desirable to cure such breach. for purposes of this Article, the term "Environmental Activity" means any use, storage, installation, existence, release, threatened release, discharge, generation, abatement, removal, disposal, handling or transportation from, under, into or on the leased premises of (a) any "hazardous substance" as defined in any federal statute, (b) petroleum, crude oil or any fraction thereof, natural gas or synthetic gas used for fuel, and (c) any additional substances or materials which at such time are classified or considered to be hazardous or toxic under the laws of the State of New York or any other Legal Requirements the materials described in clauses (a) through (c) being collectively referred to as "Hazardous Materials". The provisions of subparagraph (j) of Article 6 of this Lease shall be applicable to any failure by Tenant to comply with or keep or perform the provisions of this Article. The obligations of Tenant under this Article shall survive the expiration or sooner termination of the term of this Lease.

  • Solid Waste Garbage, Recyclable Materials and Organic Waste resulting from the normal activities of a Service Unit. Solid Waste must be generated by and at the Service Unit wherein the Solid Waste is collected and does not include items defined herein as Exempt Waste.

  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse If you have concerns about being billed for services you never received, or that your insurance information has been stolen or used by someone else, you may report potential health care fraud, waste or abuse to our Special Investigations Unit by using our confidential anti-fraud hotline at 0-000-000-0000 or by email at You may also send an anonymous letter to us at: Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Special Investigations Xxxx 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx XX, 00000

  • TOXIC SUBSTANCES Each Contractor furnishing a toxic substance as defined by Section 875 of the Labor Law, shall provide such Authorized User with not less than two copies of a material safety data sheet, which sheet shall include for each such substance the information outlined in Section 876 of the Labor Law. Before any chemical product is used or applied on or in any building, a copy of the product label and Material Safety Data Sheet must be provided to and approved by the Authorized User agency representative.

  • Waste Borrower shall not commit or suffer any waste of the Property or make any change in the use of the Property which will in any way materially increase the risk of fire or other hazard arising out of the operation of the Property, or take any action that might invalidate or give cause for cancellation of any Policy, or do or permit to be done thereon anything that may in any way impair the value of the Property or the security of this Security Instrument. Borrower will not, without the prior written consent of Lender, permit any drilling or exploration for or extraction, removal, or production of any minerals from the surface or the subsurface of the Land, regardless of the depth thereof or the method of mining or extraction thereof.

  • Hazardous Wastes In the event that the Mortgaged Property, related to a Mortgage Loan which is being considered for liquidation by foreclosure or the transfer of a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, contains, and the Servicer has reason to believe that it contains, hazardous or regulated substances which may impose liability, for damages, remediation or otherwise, upon the owner of such Mortgaged Property pursuant to Federal, State or local law, the Servicer shall not, except with the express prior written approval of the Master Servicer, which approval makes specific reference to the presence of such hazardous or regulated substances, undertake or continue the process of foreclosure with respect to such Mortgaged Property.

  • Waste Disposal Tenant shall store its waste either inside the Premises or within outside trash enclosures that are fully fenced and screened in compliance with all Private Restrictions, and designed for such purpose. All entrances to such outside trash enclosures shall be kept closed, and waste shall be stored in such manner as not to be visible from the exterior of such outside enclosures. Tenant shall cause all of its waste to be regularly removed from the Premises at Tenant’s sole cost. Tenant shall keep all fire corridors and mechanical equipment rooms in the Premises free and clear of all obstructions at all times.

  • Transportation of Accident Victims Transportation to the nearest physician or hospital for employees requiring medical care as a result of an on-the-job accident shall be at the expense of the Employer.

  • Drug Free Workplace Act The Contractor will assure a drug-free workplace in accordance with 45 CFR Part 76.