Total Shares Outstanding Sample Clauses

Total Shares Outstanding. The term “Total Shares Outstanding” shall mean the number of shares of common stock of the Company issued and outstanding from time to time.
Total Shares Outstanding. As of the date hereof, the Company has 4,953,774 shares of Company Common Stock outstanding.

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Outstanding Shares Priveco will have no more than 100 shares of Priveco Common Stock issued and outstanding on the Closing Date.
Ownership of Outstanding Shares Without the prior approval of ExchangeCo and the prior approval of the holders of the Exchangeable Shares given in accordance with Section 10.2 of the Share Provisions, Parent covenants and agrees in favour of ExchangeCo that, as long as any outstanding Exchangeable Shares are owned by any person or entity other than Parent or any of its Affiliates, Parent will be and remain the direct or indirect beneficial owner of all issued and outstanding voting shares in the capital of ExchangeCo.
Calculation of Number and Percentage of Beneficial Ownership of Outstanding Voting Shares For purposes of this Agreement, the percentage of Voting Shares Beneficially Owned by any Person, shall be and be deemed to be the product (expressed as a percentage) determined by the formula: 100 x A/B where: A = the number of votes for the election of all directors generally attaching to the Voting Shares Beneficially Owned by such Person; and B = the number of votes for the election of all directors generally attaching to all outstanding Voting Shares. Where any Person is deemed to Beneficially Own unissued Voting Shares, such Voting Shares shall be deemed to be outstanding for the purpose of calculating the percentage of Voting Shares Beneficially Owned by such Person.
Outstanding Warrants The Warrants outstanding at any time are all Warrants evidenced on all Warrant Certificates authenticated by the Warrant Agent except for those canceled by it and those delivered to it for cancellation. A Warrant ceases to be outstanding if the Company or an Affiliate of the Company holds the Warrant. If a Warrant Certificate is replaced pursuant to Section 2.06, the Warrants evidenced thereby cease to be outstanding unless the Warrant Agent and the Company receive proof satisfactory to them that the replaced Warrant Certificate is held by a bona fide purchaser.
Authorized and Outstanding Stock The authorized capital stock of the Company consists of (i) 50,000,000 shares of Common Stock, of which 650,000 shares are validly issued and outstanding on the date hereof and are held of record and owned beneficially as set forth in Schedule 2.4 hereto; and (ii) 150,000 shares of Preferred Stock, all of which have been designated as Series A Preferred Stock with the rights, terms and privileges set forth in Exhibit A, and of which no shares are issued or outstanding. There are no treasury shares held by the Company. All issued and outstanding shares of capital stock are, and when issued in accordance with the terms hereof, all Purchased Shares and Conversion Shares issued upon conversion of the Purchased Shares will be, duly and validly authorized, validly issued and fully paid and non-assessable and free from any restrictions on transfer, except for restrictions imposed by federal or state securities or "blue-sky" laws and except for those imposed pursuant to this Agreement or any Related Agreement. Except as set forth on Schedule 2.4 hereto, there are no outstanding warrants, options, commitments, preemptive rights, rights to acquire or purchase, conversion rights or demands of any character relating to the capital stock or other securities of the Company.
Aggregate Principal Amount Except (i) as provided in this Section and (ii) for Notes authenticated and delivered upon registration of transfer of, or in exchange for, or in lieu of, other Notes pursuant to Section 304, 305, 306, 906 or 1107 of the Base Indenture and except for any Notes which, pursuant to Section 303 of the Base Indenture, are deemed never to have been authenticated and delivered hereunder, the Notes will be limited to an aggregate principal amount of $400,000,000, subject to the right of the Company to reopen such series for issuances of additional Notes having the same terms and conditions as the Notes first issued except for issue date, issue price and, if applicable, the first Interest Payment Date thereon and related interest accrual date.
Authorized and Outstanding Capital Stock As of the date hereof, the authorized capital stock of the Company consists of (A) 900,000,000 shares of Common Stock, of which, 135,237,584 are issued and outstanding and no shares are reserved for issuance pursuant to Convertible Securities (as defined below) (other than the Notes and the Warrants) exercisable or exchangeable for, or convertible into, shares of Common Stock and (B) 100,000 shares of Preferred Stock, none of which are issued and outstanding. 764,762,416 shares of Common Stock are held in the treasury of the Company.
Adjustment of Exercise Price, Number of Shares of Common Stock or Number of the Company Warrants The Exercise Price, the number of shares covered by each Warrant and the number of Warrants outstanding are subject to adjustment from time to time as provided in Section 3 of the Warrant Certificate. In the event that at any time, as a result of an adjustment made pursuant to Section 3 of the Warrant Certificate, the Holder of any Warrant thereafter exercised shall become entitled to receive any shares of capital stock of the Company other than shares of Common Stock, thereafter the number of such other shares so receivable upon exercise of any Warrant shall be subject to adjustment from time to time in a manner and on terms as nearly equivalent as practicable to the provisions with respect to the shares contained in Section 3 of the Warrant Certificate and the provisions of Sections 7, 11 and 12 of this Agreement with respect to the shares of Common Stock shall apply on like terms to any such other shares. All Warrants originally issued by the Company subsequent to any adjustment made to the Exercise Price pursuant to the Warrant Certificate shall evidence the right to purchase, at the adjusted Exercise Price, the number of shares of Common Stock purchasable from time to time hereunder upon exercise of the Warrants, all subject to further adjustment as provided herein.
Class A Common Stock The Class A Common Stock is entitled to one vote per share and, generally, votes together with the Class B Common Stock as a single class. The Class A Common Stock and Class B Common Stock are on parity on a per share basis with respect to dividend and liquidation rights.
Vacation Preference (a) Preference in the selection and allocation of vacation time shall be determined within each work unit on the basis of service seniority. Where an employee chooses to split his/her vacation, his/her second choice of vacation time shall be made only after all other employees concerned have made their initial selection.