Total Purchase Price Sample Clauses

Total Purchase Price. (High Bid + Buyer’s Premium) $
Total Purchase Price. (NOTE: If the transfer is made without consideration, type or print “N/A” in the space above for numbers 4 and 5)
Total Purchase Price. In consideration of the sale of the Property and subject to the terms and conditions of this Contract, PURCHASER agrees to pay A&M SYSTEM a purchase price for the Property of $ (the “Purchase Price”).
Total Purchase Price. $ --------------- IF FOR AN INDIVIDUAL: IF FOR AN ENTITY: Entity Name: -------------------- By: By: -------------------------------------- ----------------------------- Print Name: Print Name: ------------------------------ --------------------- Title: -------------------------- COMPANY: AGREED AND ACCEPTED AS TO _______________ SHARES EFFECTIVE AS OF ----------- ------------------------------. Atlas Mining Company a Idaho Corporation By: --------------------------------------- Bill Jacobson, President ATTACHMENT A ------------ Names and Addresses of Purchasers
Total Purchase Price. Purchaser promises to pay County as the total purchase price for the Property the sum of Twelve Thousand One Hundred Forty Dollars ($12,140).
Total Purchase Price. The purchase price for the Shares to be paid by Investor at Closing is Two Hundred Million Japanese Yen (JPY200, 000,000) in Japan currency ("PURCHASE PRICE").
Total Purchase Price. Total Purchase Price" means the sum of the MAG Consideration and the OLWM Consideration.
Total Purchase Price. $ Buyer Date By: