Tool Evaluation Sample Clauses

Tool Evaluation. This section presents the evaluation methodology that we followed for the new tool, i.e. the Kernel Merger tool, which was implemented by Maxeler in the context of the QualiMaster WP3 needs. Each algorithm that is mapped on the reconfigurable chip of a Maxeler server is implemented as a separate kernel IP. One of the more common problems when mapping a kernel IP on reconfigurable technology is the restriction of the available resources. The Maxeler Kernel Merger tool attempts to solve this restriction by merging the mapped kernels. Such solution leads to lower resource utilization due to the implementation of common algorithmic parts on common reconfigurable resources. As a consequence, the low resource utilization can lead to even higher parallelization levels in the DFE chips, thus to even higher performance achievements. As described in the previous sections, the tool attempts to find common computational parts in each mapped kernel. In our case, we moved towards different evaluation test cases, which are described in the following sections. The evaluation of the final mapping is based on the resource utilization of the merged architectures vs. the initial non-merged solutions.

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