Tobacco Sample Clauses

Tobacco. TECHNOLOGIES -------------------- [***]
Tobacco. The use of any tobacco (cigarettes or chewing tobacco) by athletes is prohibited at all times. Violations of this rule will result in an immediate suspension from school in accordance with MSJHS policies. The following penalties will also apply:
Tobacco. This is a TOBACCO FREE facility. The Tenant agrees that there will be no use of tobacco of any kind including vaping or e-cigarettes within the interior of any building located on the property by any person nor within 50 feet of the doors. The Tenant will make sure there is no smoking debris left on the property and that all smoking debris is disposed of properly.
Tobacco. In compliance with State Laws of Oklahoma, it shall be the policy of the Guthrie Board of Education that the use of, or possession of, tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco) in any form by students while attending school, on school premises, or at school sponsored activities, is prohibited. Any student in violation of said policy will face immediate disciplinary action: 1st Offense: Parent conference/phone contact and suspension from school for three (3) days. 2nd Offense: Parent conference/phone contact and suspension from school for five (5) days. 3rd Offense: Suspension from school for ten (10) days. DISCIPLINARY SANCTIONS: Disciplinary sanctions (consistent with local, state, and federal law), up to and including expulsion and referral for prosecution, shall be imposed on students who violate the standards of conduct.
Tobacco. The parties acknowledge that Merchandise does not include cigarettes or other tobacco products, which Penn Traffic will continue to own and store at its Facilities after the Closing Date. Beginning on the Closing Date, Penn Traffic will procure, purchase, stamp, handle, receive, sort, store, select, load, seal, route, deliver and otherwise sell and distribute cigarettes and other tobacco products to or for the Wholesale Customers and any New Customers. Penn Traffic (i) will invoice the Wholesale Customers and any New Customers for the cigarettes and other tobacco products that Penn Traffic sells to such customers and they will be instructed to remit payment to Penn Traffic, and (ii) will provide the same level and scope of services to the Wholesale Customers (and any New Customers) with regard to the cigarette and tobacco purchases as Penn Traffic was providing to the Wholesale Business prior to the Closing (and subject to any reasonable requests from the Wholesale Customers and any New Customers following the Closing). [*].
Tobacco. 10.1 Provider will implement and provide a tobacco-free campus in accordance with the standards of the Tobacco Free policy of the State of Oklahoma 63 O. S. § 1-1523 and Executive Order 2013-43.
Tobacco. 20. Are you a smoker? (Currently smoke cigarettes, cigars, or pipe within the last 12 months) YES NO