Tobacco Sample Clauses

Tobacco. 1. Provider will implement and provide a tobacco-free campus in accordance with the standards of the Tobacco Free policy of the State of Oklahoma 63 O. S. § 1-1523 and Executive Order 2013-43.
Tobacco. Any injury caused directly or indirectly by the inhalation or ingestion of or exposure to tobacco or tobacco smoke or any ingredient or additive present in any articles, items or goods which contain or include tobacco;
Tobacco. DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE The following are situations in which teachers may be required to undergo testing for drug or alcohol use: • When there is reasonable cause to suspect that a teacher has consumed alcoholic beverages or controlled substances on or off school property during, and/or before reporting to work. • When a teacher is involved in a work-related accident in which the teacher is injured, the teacher injures someone else, or district property has been damaged and there is reasonable cause to suspect that the teacher's involvement in the accident is due in part or whole to the teacher's consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances. Reasonable suspicion must be based on specific, contemporaneous, articulable observations concerning the teacher's appearance, behavior, speech, or body odors. The observations may include indications of the chronic and withdrawal effects of controlled substances. Personnel responsible for reasonable suspicion judgments (after appropriate training) are as follows: Supervisor - Assistant/associate principal or principal If the supervisor has reasonable cause to suspect, he/she shall request (through the principal or designee) that the superintendent or designee evaluate the teacher. Superintendent or Designee May include the superintendent or an appropriate administrator he/she designates (usually a director or assistant superintendent) If the superintendent or designee agrees that reasonable suspicion tests have been met, he or she may require the teacher to undergo testing for drug or alcohol use. When it is evident that a teacher has consumed alcoholic beverages or controlled substances off school property during and/or before a school activity, which in the opinion of the school district administrators might impair the teacher, the teacher will not be allowed on school property, or to participate in school activities. Teachers who violate this regulation will be subject to the same penalties as for possession or consumption on school property. The Board of Education hereby commits to a continuing good-faith effort to maintain a tobacco and drug-free workplace. Process Chronology
Tobacco. A rate class that defines an Insured who has used tobacco products in any form during the time period as set out in our underwriting guidelines.
Tobacco. The selling and/or advertisement of cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, other tobacco products, or non-tobacco smoking products are strictly prohibited. Smoking of any tobacco product, non-tobacco smoking products, or the use of electronic cigarettes s strictly prohibited at the Heliport.
Tobacco. TECHNOLOGIES -------------------- [***]
Tobacco. Any liability arising out of or connected directly or indirectly with a. any damages, loss, cost or expense arising out of the actual or alleged emergence, contraction, aggravation or exacerbation of any form of cancer, carcinoma, cancerous or precancerous condition, arteriosclerosis, heart disease or any other injury, sickness, disease or condition of the human body as a result of the consumption or use of or exposure to the consumption or use of any tobacco product;
Tobacco. 5.5 In case of User’s refusal to replace the Place Holder with the Images, by no later than 30 days, SWAG may decide to terminate the Agreement and not recognize any reimbursement of the Price to the User.