To induce Lender Sample Clauses

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  • Each Credit Extension The Lenders shall not (except as otherwise set forth in Section 2.4(d) with respect to Revolving Loans for the purpose of repaying Swing Line Loans) be required to make any Credit Extension unless on the applicable Borrowing Date:

  • The Lender the Borrower and Lender have formally executed a equity pledge contract (the “Share Pledge Agreement”), by virtue of which the Borrower agrees to pledge all its equity in the Borrower’s Company to the Lender.

  • LENDER The term “Lender” shall mean the holder of any promissory note or other evidence of indebtedness secured by the Property or any portion thereof.

  • Lender Party Credit Decision Each Lender Party acknowledges that it has, independently and without reliance upon any Agent or any other Lender Party and based on the financial statements referred to in Section 4.01 and such other documents and information as it has deemed appropriate, made its own credit analysis and decision to enter into this Agreement. Each Lender Party also acknowledges that it will, independently and without reliance upon any Agent or any other Lender Party and based on such documents and information as it shall deem appropriate at the time, continue to make its own credit decisions in taking or not taking action under this Agreement.

  • Request for Credit Extension The Administrative Agent and, if applicable, the L/C Issuer or the Swingline Lender shall have received a Request for Credit Extension in accordance with the requirements hereof. Each Request for Credit Extension (other than a Loan Notice requesting only a conversion of Loans to the other Type or a continuation of Eurodollar Rate Loans) submitted by the Borrower shall be deemed to be a representation and warranty that the conditions specified in Sections 4.02(a) and (b) have been satisfied on and as of the date of the applicable Credit Extension.

  • SPV Lender Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, any Lender (a “Granting Lender”) may grant to a special purpose funding vehicle (a “SPV”), identified as such in writing from time to time by the Granting Lender to the Administrative Agent and the Borrower, the option to provide to the Borrower all or any part of any Loan that such Granting Lender would otherwise be obligated to make the Borrower pursuant to this Agreement; provided that (i) nothing herein shall constitute a commitment by any SPV to make any Loan and (ii) if an SPV elects not to exercise such option or otherwise fails to provide all or any part of such Loan, the Granting Lender shall be obligated to make such Loan pursuant to the terms hereof. The making of a Loan by an SPV hereunder shall utilize the Commitment of the Granting Lender to the same extent, and as if, such Loan were made by such Granting Lender. Each party hereto hereby agrees that no SPV shall be liable for any indemnity or similar payment obligation under this Agreement (all liability for which shall remain with the Granting Lender). In furtherance of the foregoing, each party hereto hereby agrees (which agreement shall survive the termination of this Agreement) that, prior to the date that is one year and one day after the payment in full of all outstanding commercial paper or other senior indebtedness of any SPV, it shall not institute against, or join any other person in instituting against, such SPV any bankruptcy, reorganization, arrangement, insolvency or liquidation proceedings under the laws of the United States or any State thereof. In addition, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Section 13.6, any SPV may (i) with notice to, but without the prior written consent of, the Borrower and the Administrative Agent and without paying any processing fee therefor, assign all or a portion of its interests in any Loans to the Granting Lender or to any financial institutions (consented to by the Borrower and Administrative Agent) providing liquidity and/or credit support to or for the account of such SPV to support the funding or maintenance of Loans and (ii) disclose on a confidential basis any non-public information relating to its Loans to any rating agency, commercial paper dealer or provider of any surety, guarantee or credit or liquidity enhancement to such SPV. This Section 13.6(g) may not be amended without the written consent of the SPV. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, (x) no SPV shall be entitled to any greater rights under Sections 2.10, 2.11 and 5.4 than its Granting Lender would have been entitled to absent the use of such SPV and (y) each SPV agrees to be subject to the requirements of Sections 2.10, 2.11 and 5.4 as though it were a Lender and has acquired its interest by assignment pursuant to clause (b) of this Section 13.6.

  • Request for Borrowing The applicable Borrower shall give the Administrative Agent notice by telephone, facsimile or electronic mail of the date of each requested Borrowing hereunder, which notice if by telephone shall be confirmed in writing (a “Request for Borrowing”), in the form of Exhibit E, and which notice shall be irrevocable and effective upon receipt by the Administrative Agent. Each Request for Borrowing: (i) shall be furnished to the Administrative Agent no later than 11:00 a.m. (x) at least one (1) Business Day prior to the requested date of Borrowing in the case of a Reference Rate Loan and, (y) at least three (3) Business Days prior to the requested date of Borrowing in the case of a LIBOR Rate Loan; and (ii) must specify: (A) the amount of such Borrowing; (B) the Interest Option; (C) the Interest Period therefor, if applicable; and (D) the date of such Borrowing, which shall be a Business Day. Any Request for Borrowing received by the Administrative Agent after 11:00 a.m. shall be deemed to have been given by the Borrowers on the next succeeding Business Day. Each Request for Borrowing submitted by a Borrower shall be deemed to be a representation and warranty that the conditions specified in Sections 6.1 and 6.2 and, to the extent applicable, Section 6.3 and/or 6.4, have been satisfied on and as of the date of the applicable Borrowing. No Request for Borrowing shall be valid hereunder for any purpose unless it shall have been accompanied or preceded by the information and other documents required to be delivered in accordance with this Section.

  • Replacement of a Defaulting Lender (a) The Parent may, at any time a Lender has become and continues to be a Defaulting Lender, by giving five (5) Business Days’ prior written notice to the Agent and such Lender:

  • Bid Rate Loans (a) Bid Rate Loans. So long as the Borrower maintains an Investment Grade Rating, in addition to borrowings of Revolving Loans, at any time during the period from the Effective Date to but excluding the Termination Date the Borrower may, as set forth in this Section, request the Lenders to make offers to make Bid Rate Loans to the Borrower in Dollars. The Lenders may, but shall have no obligation to, make such offers and the Borrower may, but shall have no obligation to, accept any such offers in the manner set forth in this Section.

  • No Borrowing The Issuer shall not issue, incur, assume, guarantee or otherwise become liable, directly or indirectly, for any indebtedness except for the Notes.