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to be Performed. 1.1 The Institute will provide the Client with consulting and technical support related to its use of Epicenter as an authorizer to enhance the oversight, support and accountability of charter public schools.

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WORK TO BE PERFORMED The Contractor shall do all work and furnish all labor, tools, materials, supplies and equipment for the 2019 Front Street Lift Pump Replacement Project (“Work”) in accordance with, and as described in the plans, specifications, drawings, instructions and other documents provided by the City, as amended which are by this reference incorporated herein and made part hereof (the “Contract Documents”). To the extent applicable or reasonably necessary to interpret the Work, the most recent publication of the Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction of the Washington State Department of Transportation (see is incorporated into the Contract Documents. All changes in the work shall be performed in accord with the Contract Documents, unless determined otherwise by the City. The Contractor, as set forth in the Contractor’s bid proposal attached hereto as Exhibit A (the "Bid Proposal"), shall assume and be responsible for the cost and expense of all Work provided in the and Contract Documents, except those items agreed in writing to be furnished by the City of Cheney. The Mayor or designee shall administer and be the primary contact for Contractor. Prior to commencement of work, Contractor shall contact the Mayor or designee to review the Work, schedule, and time of completion. Contractor shall receive written authorization from the City to proceed with the Work. Upon notice from the Mayor or designee, Contractor shall promptly commence Work, complete the same in a timely manner, and cure any failure in performance under this Agreement. All Work shall be performed in conformance with the Contract Documents, City and State standards and Bid Proposal. Contractor acknowledges review of the Contract Documents and accepts the same. In the event of a conflict between the Contract Documents, City and State standards or Bid Proposal, they shall be interpreted and given precedence in the order listed herein.
Services to be Performed Subject always to the supervision of Fund's Board of Trustees and the Manager, Sub-Adviser will furnish an investment program in respect of, make investment decisions for, and place all orders for the purchase and sale of securities for the portion of the Fund's investment portfolio allocated by Manager to Sub-Adviser, all on behalf of the Fund and as described in the investment policy section of the Fund's initial registration statement on Form N-2 as declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission, as such policies described therein may subsequently be changed by the Fund's Board of Trustees and publicly described. In the performance of its duties, Sub-Adviser will satisfy its fiduciary duties to the Fund, will monitor the Fund's investments in securities selected for the Fund by the Sub-Adviser hereunder, and will comply with the provisions of the Fund's Declaration of Trust and By-laws, as amended from time to time, and the stated investment objectives, policies and restrictions of the Fund. Manager will provide Sub-Adviser with current copies of the Fund's Declaration of Trust, By-laws, prospectus and any amendments thereto, and any objectives, policies or limitations not appearing therein as they may be relevant to Sub-Adviser's performance under this Agreement. Sub-Adviser and Manager will each make its officers and employees available to the other from time to time at reasonable times to review investment policies of the Fund and to consult with each other regarding the investment affairs of the Fund. Sub-Adviser will report to the Board of Trustees and to Manager with respect to the implementation of such program. The Sub-Adviser will vote all proxies solicited by or with respect to the issuers of securities which assets of the Fund's investment portfolio allocated by Manager to Sub-Adviser are invested, consistent with its proxy voting guidelines and based upon the best interests of the Fund. The Sub-Adviser will maintain appropriate records detailing its voting of proxies on behalf of the Fund and upon reasonable request will provide a report setting forth the proposals voted on and how the Fund's shares were voted, including the name of the corresponding issuers. Sub-Adviser is authorized to select the brokers or dealers that will execute the purchases and sales of portfolio securities for the Fund, and is directed to use its commercially reasonable efforts to obtain best execution, which includes most favorable net results and execution of the Fund's orders, taking into account all appropriate factors, including price, dealer spread or commission, size and difficulty of the transaction and research or other services provided. It is understood that the Sub-Adviser will not be deemed to have acted unlawfully, or to have breached a fiduciary duty to the Fund, or be in breach of any obligation owing to the Fund under this Agreement, or otherwise, solely by reason of its having caused the Fund to pay a member of a securities exchange, a broker or a dealer a commission for effecting a securities transaction for the Fund in excess of the amount of commission another member of an exchange, broker or dealer would have charged if the Sub-Adviser determined in good faith that the commission paid was reasonable in relation to the brokerage or research services provided by such member, broker or dealer, viewed in terms of that particular transaction or the Sub-Adviser's overall responsibilities with respect to its accounts, including the Fund, as to which it exercises investment discretion. In addition, if in the judgment of the Sub-Adviser, the Fund would be benefited by supplemental services, the Sub-Adviser is authorized to pay spreads or commissions to brokers or dealers furnishing such services in excess of spreads or commissions that another broker or dealer may charge for the same transaction, provided that the Sub-Adviser determined in good faith that the commission or spread paid was reasonable in relation to the services provided. The Sub-Adviser will properly communicate to the officers and trustees of the Fund such information relating to transactions for the Fund as they may reasonably request. In no instance will portfolio securities be purchased from or sold to the Manager, Sub-Adviser or any affiliated person of either the Fund, Manager, or Sub-Adviser, except as may be permitted under the 1940 Act; Sub-Adviser further agrees that it:
Services to be performed by Contractor In consideration of the payments set forth herein and in Exhibit “B,” Contractor shall perform services for County in accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications set forth herein and in Exhibit “A.”
SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED BY CONSULTANT A. Consultant hereby agrees to render to City, as an independent contractor, certain professional, technical and expert services of a temporary and occasional character as set forth in Exhibit A ("Scope of Work").
Procedures to be Performed A. Confirm the following sections are present on the contract and filled out:
Services to be Provided (a) Unless otherwise agreed between the applicable Party providing Services hereunder and the Receiving Party (including to the extent specified in the applicable entry on the Services Schedule), (i) the Service Providers shall be required to perform the Services only in a manner, scope, nature and quality as provided by or within IAC that is similar in all material respects to the manner in which such Services were performed immediately prior to the applicable Effective Date, and (ii) the Services shall be used for substantially the same purposes and in substantially the same manner (including as to volume, amount, level or frequency, as applicable) as the Services have been used immediately prior to the applicable Effective Date; provided, however, that the applicable entry on the Services Schedule shall control the scope of the Service to be performed (to the extent provided therein), unless otherwise agreed in writing. Each Party and the Service Providers shall act under this Services Agreement solely as an independent contractor and not as an agent or employee of any other Party or any of such Party’s Affiliates. As an independent contractor, all overhead and personnel necessary to the Services required of the Service Providers hereunder shall be the Service Provider’s sole responsibility and shall be at the Service Provider’s sole cost and expense. No Service Provider shall have the authority to bind the Receiving Party by contract or otherwise.
Data to Be Provided In order for the Operator to perform the Services described in the Service Agreement, LEA shall provide the categories of data described in the Schedule of Data, attached as Exhibit B.
Student Data to Be Provided In order to perform the Services described in this Article and Exhibit “A”, LEA shall provide the categories of data described in the Schedule of Data, attached hereto as Exhibit “B”.
Items to be Prorated The following shall be prorated between Seller and Buyer as of the Closing Date with Buyer being deemed the owner of the Property as of the Closing Date:
Contract Performance C19.1 The Contractor shall ensure that: