Timber Resources Sample Clauses

Timber Resources. Grantor may selectively harvest timber resources from the Protected Property for personal or commercial use. Such selective harvest shall be conducted in a manner consistent with the purposes of this Conservation Easement that minimizes the impact on the Conservation Values of the Protected Property, and in accordance with all other terms and conditions of this Conservation Easement.Under this Deed to Development Rights, the same rights are granted to the United States that are granted to the GRANTOR. However, the Secretary of the USDA (the Secretary), on behalf of the United States, will only exercise these rights under the following circumstances: In the event that the GRANTEE fails to enforce any of the terms of this Deed to Development Rights, as determined in the sole discretion of the Secretary, the Secretary and his or her successors orassigns will exercise the United States rights to enforce the terms of this Deed to Development Rights through any and all authorities available under Federal or State law. In the event that the GRANTEE attempts to terminate, transfer or otherwise divest itself of any rights, title, or interests in this Deed of Development Rights without the prior consent of the Secretary and, if applicable, payment of consideration to the United States, then, at the sole option of the Secretary, all right, title, and interest in this Conservation Easement shall become vested solely in the United States of America.