Through Transaction Sample Clauses

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  • Arm’s Length Transaction The Bank acknowledges and agrees that the Underwriters are acting solely in the capacity of an arm’s length contractual counterparty to the Bank with respect to the offering of Notes contemplated hereby (including in connection with determining the terms of the offering) and not as a financial advisor or a fiduciary to, or an agent of, the Bank or any other person. Additionally, neither the Representative nor any other Underwriter is advising the Bank or any other person as to any legal, tax, investment, accounting or regulatory matters in any jurisdiction. The Bank shall consult with its own advisors concerning such matters and shall be responsible for making their own independent investigation and appraisal of the transactions contemplated hereby, and the Underwriters shall have no responsibility or liability to the Bank with respect thereto. Any review by the Underwriters of the Bank, the transactions contemplated hereby or other matters relating to such transactions will be performed solely for the benefit of the Underwriters and shall not be on behalf of the Bank.

  • Non-Arm’s Length Transactions Except as disclosed in the Information, neither the Corporation nor any Subsidiary owes any amount to, nor has the Corporation or any Subsidiary any present loans to, or borrowed any amount from or is otherwise indebted to, any officer, director, employee or security holder of any of them or any Person not dealing at “arm’s length” (as such term is defined in the Income Tax Act (Canada)) with any of them except for usual employee reimbursements and compensation paid in the ordinary and normal course of the business of the Corporation or Subsidiary. Except usual employee or consulting arrangements made in the ordinary and normal course of business and normal commercial terms, neither the Corporation nor any Subsidiary is a party to any contract, agreement or understanding with any officer, director, employee or security holder of any of them or any other Person not dealing at arm’s length with the Corporation and the Subsidiaries. No officer, director or employee of the Corporation or any Subsidiary and no Person which is an affiliate or associate of any of the foregoing Persons, owns, directly or indirectly, any interest (except for shares representing less than 5% of the outstanding shares of any class or series of any publicly traded company) in, or is an officer, director, employee or consultant of, any Person which is, or is engaged in, a business competitive with the business of the Corporation or any Subsidiary which could materially adversely impact on the ability to properly perform the services to be performed by such Person for the Corporation or any Subsidiary.

  • Transaction (1) The present Settlement Agreement constitutes a transaction in accordance with Articles 2631 and following of the Civil Code of Quebec, and the Parties are hereby renouncing any errors of fact, of law and/or of calculation.

  • Merger Transaction 2.1 Merger of Acquisition Sub into the Company. Upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement and in accordance with the DGCL, at the Effective Time (as defined in Section 2.3), Acquisition Sub shall be merged with and into the Company, the separate existence of Acquisition Sub shall cease and the Company will continue as the surviving corporation in the Merger (the “Surviving Corporation”).

  • Arm’s Length Transactions During the term of this Agreement, all transactions and dealings between the Trust Depositor and its Affiliates will be conducted on an arm’s-length basis.

  • Acquisition Transaction If the Company is to be consolidated with or acquired by another Person in a merger or otherwise, or in the event of a sale of all or substantially all of the Company's assets (an "Acquisition"), the Company may take such action with respect to this Warrant as the Company's Board of Directors may deem to be equitable and in the best interests of the Company, its stockholders and the Registered Holder under the circumstances, including, without limitation, (i) making appropriate provision for the continuation of the Warrant by substituting on an equitable basis for the shares then subject to the Warrant either the consideration payable with respect to the outstanding shares of Warrant Stock in connection with the Acquisition or securities of any successor or acquiring entity or (ii) giving the Registered Holder reasonable advance notice of the pendency of the Acquisition and canceling the Warrant effective upon the Acquisition if it is not exercised prior to the Acquisition.

  • Fund/SERV Transactions If the parties choose to use the National Securities Clearing Corporation’s Mutual Fund Settlement, Entry and Registration Verification (“Fund/SERV”) or any other NSCC service, the following provisions shall apply: The Company and the Fund or its designee will each be bound by the rules of the National Securities Clearing Corporation (“NSCC”) and the terms of any NSCC agreement filed by it or its designee with the NSCC. Without limiting the generality of the following provisions of this section, the Company and the Fund or its designee will each perform any and all duties, functions, procedures and responsibilities assigned to it and as otherwise established by the NSCC applicable to Fund/SERV, the Mutual Fund Profile Service, the Networking Matrix Level utilized and any other relevant NSCC service or system (collectively, the “NSCC Systems”). Any information transmitted through the NSCC Systems by any party or its designee to the other or its designee and pursuant to this Agreement will be accurate, complete, and in the format prescribed by the NSCC. Each party or its designee will adopt, implement and maintain procedures reasonably designed to ensure the accuracy of all transmissions through the NSCC Systems and to limit the access to, and the inputting of data into, the NSCC Systems to persons specifically authorized by such party. On each day on which the New York Stock Exchange is open for trading and on which the Fund calculates its net asset value pursuant to the rules of the SEC (“Business Day”), the Company shall aggregate and calculate the net purchase and redemption orders for each Account received by the Company by the close of the New York Stock Exchange (generally, 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time) (the “Close of Trading”) on the Business Day. The Company shall communicate to the Fund or its designee for that Business Day, by Fund/SERV, the net aggregate purchase or redemption orders (if any) for each Account received by the Close of Trading on such Business Day (the “Trade Date”) no later than 7:00 a.m. Eastern Time (or such other time as may be agreed by the parties from time to time) (the “Fund/SERV Transactions Deadline”) on the Business Day following the Trade Date. All such aggregated orders communicated to the Fund or its designee by the Fund/SERV Transactions Deadline on the Business Day following the Trade Date shall be treated by the Fund or its designee as if received prior to the Close of Trading on the Trade Date. All orders received by the Company after the Close of Trading on a Business Day shall not be aggregated with Orders received by the Company prior to the Close of Trading on such Business Day and shall be communicated to BRIL or its designee as part of an aggregated order no sooner than after the FUND/SERV Transactions Deadline or such other time as may be agreed by the parties from time to time) the following Business Day. Cash settlement shall be transmitted pursuant to the normal NSCC settlement process. In the case of delayed settlement, the Fund or its designee shall make arrangements for the settlement of redemptions by wire no later than the time permitted for settlement of redemption orders by the 1940 Act. Unless otherwise informed in writing, such redemption wires should be sent to an account specified by the Company and agreed to by Fund Parties.

  • Restructuring Transactions On the Effective Date, the Debtors, the Reorganized Debtors, and/or the New Property Entities, as applicable, shall enter into the Restructuring Transactions, including those transactions set forth in the Restructuring Transactions Memorandum, and shall take any actions as may be necessary or appropriate to effect a corporate restructuring of their respective businesses or a corporate restructuring of the overall corporate structure of the Debtors, to the extent provided therein, including the Spin Structure and the Partnership Contribution Structure set forth in Article IV.N of the Plan and the CEOC Merger. The Restructuring Transactions may include one or more intercompany mergers, consolidations, amalgamations, arrangements, continuances, restructurings, conversions, dissolutions, transfers, liquidations, spinoffs, intercompany sales, or other corporate transactions as may be determined by the Debtors, the Reorganized Debtors, and/or the New Property Entities, as applicable, to be necessary or appropriate without any material adverse effects on the Holders of Prepetition Credit Agreement Claims, Secured First Lien Notes Claims, or Non-First Lien Claims, or the value of their respective recoveries. The actions to implement the Restructuring Transactions may include: (1) the execution and delivery of appropriate agreements or other documents of merger, amalgamation, consolidation, restructuring, conversion, disposition, transfer, arrangement, continuance, dissolution, sale, purchase, or liquidation containing terms that are consistent with the terms of the Plan and that satisfy the applicable requirements of applicable law and any other terms to which the applicable Entities may agree; (2) the execution and delivery of appropriate instruments of transfer, assignment, assumption, or delegation of any asset, property, right, liability, debt, or obligation on terms consistent with the terms of the Plan and having other terms for which the applicable parties agree; (3) the filing of appropriate certificates or articles of incorporation, reincorporation, merger, consolidation, conversion, amalgamation, arrangement, continuance, or dissolution pursuant to applicable state or provincial law; (4) the execution and delivery of the New Debt Documents, and any filings related thereto; and (5) all other actions that the applicable Entities determine to be necessary or appropriate, including making filings or recordings that may be required by applicable law in connection with the Plan.

  • Reorganization Transactions Subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, and on the basis of and in reliance upon the representations, warranties, covenants and agreements set forth herein, the parties hereto shall take the actions described in this Section 2.1, or cause such actions to take place (each, a “Reorganization Transaction” and, collectively, the “Reorganization Transactions”):

  • Negotiated Transaction The provisions of this Agreement were negotiated by the parties hereto, and this Agreement shall be deemed to have been drafted by all of the parties hereto.