Third Party Service Provider Sample Clauses

Third Party Service Provider. In each instance hereunder where ResCap shall use a third party service provider to provide the Services, ResCap shall use its commercially reasonably efforts to cause such third party service providers to provide the Services in accordance with the Required Servicing Standard and other applicable terms hereof. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any failure of any such third party service provider to perform any Services in accordance with the Required Servicing Standard or other applicable terms hereof shall constitute a breach by ResCap of the Requisite Servicing Standard or such other term, as the case may be, and Subsidiary and Buyer shall be entitled to the remedies provided in this Agreement with respect to such ResCap breach.
Third Party Service Provider. For the purposes of Part (3), GTJAFX may use a Third Party Service Provider.
Third Party Service Provider. An entity designated by a party in ---------------------------- Appendix 1.2 to assist the party in the communication of Transaction Sets and notice between the parties separate from any payment order.
Third Party Service Provider. User may engage a Third-Party Service Provider to access, use and/or operate TEHTRIS Service. Such activity shall be performed on behalf of User and for the sole purpose of providing services to User. User is responsible for Third Party Service Provider's compliance with the terms of the Agreement. Any breach of the Agreement by the Third-Party Service Provider shall be deemed to be the User's. Each Third-Party Service Provider requiring access to the TEHTRIS Service shall be notified to TEHTRIS in writing with fifteen (15) days' notice and approved in writing by TEHTRIS. TEHTRIS may deny access to a Third-Party Service Provider, including any entity that is a competitor of or affiliated with a business that is a TEHTRIS competitor or any entity not trained for the TEHTRIS Service use. Any failure on the part of the User, with respect to these types of access, shall be deemed as an Agreement essential obligation’s breach. TEHTRIS disclaims any responsibility for the activities provided by the Third Party Provider (including in the event of the Third Party Provider's failure) and, except as otherwise provided, makes no commitment as to the compatibility between TEHTRIS Solutions and any solution developed by a Third Party Provider.
Third Party Service Provider. (a) Where a third party supplier provides a Service on behalf of the Service Provider hereunder and that third party (including its subcontractor, employee or agent) files Claims and/or Damages against either Party (or both Parties) relating to that third party's provision of a Service, the Parties shall indemnify, defend and hold the other Party, its employees, representatives and agents, harmless with respect to such Claims and/or Damages as follows:
Third Party Service Provider. If AGENCY uses the Services through or in conjunction with a third party service provider that is not a party to this Agreement, AGENCY authorizes FORTE to provide WasteWorks (“Partner”) with its FORTE merchant account information and credentials. If applicable, AGENCY authorizes Partner to originate Transactions and receive the corresponding results on its behalf.
Third Party Service Provider. Except as may otherwise be agreed by us in our sole and exclusive discretion, you may not appoint a third party to act as your agent to process Entries or for purposes of the Services provided hereunder (“Third-Party Service Provider”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, you agree that we retain the right to reject any Third-Party Service Provider and any Entries initiated by your Third-Party Service Provider in our sole discretion. You shall assume full liability for the acts and omissions of any Third-Party Service Provider used by you.
Third Party Service Provider. FUNDING BANK and ATM OWNER shall contract with a Third Party Service Provider ("The Third Party Service Provider") to replenish and stock ATM OWNER'S ATMs with cash pursuant to a request from ATM OWNER (only the Third Party Service Provider shall have access to physical cash in ATM's). FUNDING BANK may require an audit report from Third Party Service Provider or ATM OWNER every one hundred twenty (120) days. ATM OWNER shall bear expense incurred for the Third Party Service Provider, as provided in Section 7.1 herein.
Third Party Service Provider. Reuters may contract with a third party to provide any or all of the OASG-PC Support Services, at Reuters sole discretion. Reuters will ensure that such third party provides the OASG-PC Support Services consistent with all relevant requirements related to such OASG-PC Support Services. SCHEDULE 8 BILLING SERVICES - EUROPE AND ASIA
Third Party Service Provider. It may be necessary under specific circumstances for AVRIO to obtain Service (in whole or in part) directly from a third party service provider pursuant to a separate agreement (“Third Party Service Agreement”). At the request of Customer, AVRIO may arrange Third Party Service Agreement to be negotiated for and on behalf of Customer. Upon Customer’s acceptance of all the terms and conditions in the Third Party Service Agreement, AVRIO may act as an agent of Customer whereby its responsibility will be limited to performance of the specific obligations as set forth in the applicable Order Form and will not assume any liability under the Third Party Service Agreement. Customer will indemnify AVRIO for any claims, expenses, damages, costs or liabilities that AVRIO may incur under such Third party Service Agreement, including without limitation, any cancellation penalties or liquidated damages incurred if all or a portion of the applicable Service is terminated or cancelled.