Third Party Sales by Buyer Sample Clauses

Third Party Sales by Buyer. 6.5.1 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, Buyer shall be entitled to but not obliged to regulate power supply of Solar Power of Buying Entity in case of Default in making payment by the 30th day of the Due Date by Buying Entity.
Third Party Sales by Buyer. 6.5.1 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, upon the occurrence of any of the following event(s), Buyer shall be entitled to regulate power supply of Wind Power of the Discom;

Related to Third Party Sales by Buyer

  • Third Party Financing If Product acquisitions are financed through any third party financing, Contractor may be required as a condition of Contract Award to agree to the terms and conditions of a “Consent & Acknowledgment Agreement” in a form acceptable to the Commissioner.

  • Third Party Data Any statistical, industry-related and market-related data included in the Disclosure Package and the Prospectus is based on or derived from sources that the Company reasonably and in good faith believes to be reliable and accurate, and such data agrees with the sources from which it is derived, and the Company has obtained the written consent for the use of such data from such sources to the extent required.

  • Third Party Payments Neither the Advisor nor any of its officers, directors, employees or stockholders shall receive any commissions, compensation, remuneration or payments whatsoever from any broker with which the Company carries an account for transactions executed in the Company’s account. The parties acknowledge that a familial relationship of any of the foregoing persons may receive floor brokerage commissions in respect of trades effected pursuant to the Advisor’s Trading Approach on behalf of the Company, which payment shall not violate the preceding sentence.

  • Data Disposition When the contracted work has been completed or when the Data is no longer needed, except as noted above in Section 5.b, Data shall be returned to DSHS or destroyed. Media on which Data may be stored and associated acceptable methods of destruction are as follows: Data stored on: Will be destroyed by: Server or workstation hard disks, or Removable media (e.g. floppies, USB flash drives, portable hard disks) excluding optical discs Using a “wipe” utility which will overwrite the Data at least three (3) times using either random or single character data, or Degaussing sufficiently to ensure that the Data cannot be reconstructed, or Physically destroying the disk Paper documents with sensitive or Confidential Information Recycling through a contracted firm, provided the contract with the recycler assures that the confidentiality of Data will be protected. Paper documents containing Confidential Information requiring special handling (e.g. protected health information) On-site shredding, pulping, or incineration Optical discs (e.g. CDs or DVDs) Incineration, shredding, or completely defacing the readable surface with a coarse abrasive Magnetic tape Degaussing, incinerating or crosscut shredding

  • Sublicense Requirements Any Sublicense:

  • Sales and Transfer Taxes Seller and Purchaser shall be equally responsible for the payment of all transfer, recording, documentary, stamp, sales, use (including all bulk sales Taxes) and other similar Taxes and fees (collectively, the “Transfer Taxes”), that are payable or that arise as a result of the P&A Transaction, when due. Seller shall file any Tax Return that is required to be filed in respect of Transfer Taxes described in this Section 8.3 when due, and Purchaser shall cooperate with respect thereto as necessary.

  • Taxes and Fees Imposed on Purchasing Party But Collected And Remitted By Providing Party 11.3.1 Taxes and fees imposed on the purchasing Party shall be borne by the purchasing Party, even if the obligation to collect and/or remit such taxes or fees is placed on the providing Party.