THE PURPOSE OF THE. LISTS” To recognise the very best small, mid and big sized for profit and Not-For-Profit organisations to work for in the UK and provide benchmark research into Workplace Engagement and for successful organisations, publication of an online profile and on payment of a license fee, the ability to use the Lists Best Companies or Best Not For Profit Organisations to Work For logos.


  • Purpose of DPA The purpose of this DPA is to describe the duties and responsibilities to protect Student Data including compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local privacy laws, rules, and regulations, all as may be amended from time to time. In performing these services, the Provider shall be considered a School Official with a legitimate educational interest, and performing services otherwise provided by the LEA. Provider shall be under the direct control and supervision of the LEA, with respect to its use of Student Data

  • Purpose of Use The Executive agrees that he will use Confidential Information only for purposes authorized or directed by the Company.

  • Purpose of Company The purpose of the Company is to engage in any lawful act or activity for which limited liability companies may be formed under the Act and to engage in any and all activities necessary or incidental thereto.

  • PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT ‌ The purpose of this Agreement is to authorize PDL NPDL to charter space to PFLG in the Trade (as hereinafter defined).

  • Purpose of Evaluation 10.1.1 It is recognized that a system of evaluation is essential to assist Unit Members in developing competency and realizing their potential. It is further recognized that information gathered through such a system will enable decisions that measure a Unit Member’s performance in a just and equitable manner.

  • PURPOSE OF THE TRUST The purpose of the Trust shall be to (a) manage, conduct, operate and carry on the business of an investment company; (b) subscribe for, invest in, reinvest in, purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, pledge, sell, assign, transfer, exchange, distribute or otherwise deal in or dispose of any and all sorts of property, tangible or intangible, including but not limited to Securities of any type whatsoever, whether equity or nonequity, of any issuer, evidences of indebtedness of any person and any other rights, interest, instruments or property of any sort to exercise any and all rights, powers and privileges of ownership or interest in respect of any and all such investment of every kind and description, including without limitation, the right to consent and otherwise act with respect thereto, with power to designate one or more Persons to exercise any of said rights, powers and privileges in respect of any of said investments. The Trustees shall not be limited by any law limiting the investments which may be made by fiduciaries.

  • Purpose of Trust The purpose of the Trust is to conduct, operate and carry on the business of a management investment company registered under the 1940 Act through one or more Series investing primarily in securities.

  • Purpose of the Company The Company’s purposes, and the nature of the business to be conducted and promoted by the Company, are (a) to act as the general partner of PAGP in accordance with the terms of the PAGP Partnership Agreement and (b) to engage in any and all activities necessary, advisable, convenient or incidental to the foregoing.

  • Purpose of Agreement 1.01 The purpose of this Agreement is to maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships between the Employer, the employees and the Institute, to set forth certain terms and conditions of employment relating to remuneration, hours of work, employee benefits and general working conditions affecting employees covered by this Agreement.

  • Purpose of Contract Fourth Street Bridge Widening Project - Environmental - Floodplain Report This is a contract for: The purpose of the contract is more specifically described in Exhibit A of this agreement (“Scope of Work and Payment Terms”). In the event of a conflict between the terms of this agreement and the Scope of Work or any of the exhibits referenced in this Exhibit A the terms of the agreement shall govern.