The Premium Sample Clauses

The Premium. The Customer must pay Custom House Global Foreign Exchange the Premium, where this has been included as part of the Option Contract agreement, during business hours, in accordance with Custom House Global Foreign Exchange’s instructions, two business days after the Trade (Establishment) Date. The Premium is not refundable. If the Customer does not pay the Premium in accordance with these Terms and Conditions then, in addition to any other rights it may have, Custom House Global Foreign Exchange may terminate the Option and recover all costs and expenses in relation to the Option.
The Premium. Client warrants the legal existence of the purchased receivable, in particular that the receivable, as shown in the invoice, exists, is due for payment, is free from objections and defences, is assignable and is not encumbered with any third-party rights, and that this will continue to apply until collection by CF.
The Premium. 4.1 The Premium shall be pound 1650 million as adjusted pursuant to the following provisions of this Schedule. It shall be paid as to pound 325 million on the grant of this Lease and the remainder by ten installments (the PREMIUM INSTALLMENTS) as follows: YEAR (i) DATE FOR PAYMENT AMOUNT OF PAYMENT (Pi) 1 31 March 1997 pound 120,905,066
The Premium. 4.1 The premium payable to MKPT will be £1,600,000 (One million, Six hundred thousand pounds), plus VAT, if applicable.

Related to The Premium

  • Overtime Premium Employees shall be entitled to payment of time and one-half the employee's basic straight time hourly rate for all authorized overtime work in excess of seven and one-half (7 hours in a tour of duty or in excess of the average full-time hours of work over the period scheduled by the Hospital. Such period for this purpose shall not exceed two (2) weeks. It is understood and acknowledged that the Hospital has the right to require employees to perform reasonable authorized overtime work. Call-back shall not be considered as hours worked for purposes of this Article. Overtime premium will not be duplicated nor pyramided nor shall other premiums be duplicated nor pyramided nor shall the same hours worked be counted as part of the normal work week and also as hours for which the overtime premium is paid. Employees who report at the starting time for work for which they are scheduled, not having previously been advised not to report shall be guaranteed at least four (4) hours of work or, if no work is available shall be paid for at least four (4) hours' time at the employee's applicable straight time hourly rate of This obligation shall not apply in the following circumstances:

  • Shift Premium An employee shall be paid a shift premium of one dollar ($1.00) per hour for each hour worked which falls within the normal hours of the evening shift and one dollar and twenty-five ($1.25) cents for each hour worked which falls within the normal hours of the night shift provided that such hours exceed two (2) hours if worked in conjunction with the day shift. For purposes of this provision, the normal or standard evening and night shift each consist of 7.5 hours. For those hospitals with lesser required hours as provided for in Article 18.01, the length of the evening and night shift will be adjusted accordingly. Shift premium will not form part of the employee's straight time hourly rate.

  • BUYER’S PREMIUM A Buyer’s Premium fee of 10% of the Bid Price or $1,000 Auction Service Fee, whichever amount is greater, will be added to the High Bid amount. The High Bid amount plus the Buyer’s Premium equals the Total Purchase Price. SETTLEMENT to occur within 30 days from contract ratification date. PRE-BID OFFERS ACCEPTED via PHONE (000) 000-0000 or FAX (000) 000-0000

  • REINSURANCE PREMIUM A. As premium for each excess layer of reinsurance coverage provided by this Contract, the Company shall pay the Reinsurer a premium equal to the product of the following (or a pro rata portion thereof in the event the term of this Contract is less than 12 months), subject to a minimum premium of the amount, shown as "Minimum Premium" for that excess layer in Schedule A attached hereto (or a pro rata portion thereof in the event the term of this Contract is less than 12 months):

  • Weekend Premium Effective July 1, 2020, an employee shall be paid a weekend premium of one dollar and ten cents ($1.10) per hour for each hour worked between 2300 hours Friday and 2300 hours Sunday, or such other forty-eight (48) hour period as the local parties may agree upon or as defined in the Collective Agreement. If an employee is receiving premium pay pursuant to a local scheduling regulation with respect to consecutive weekends worked, the employee will not receive weekend premium under this provision.

  • Night Premium A premium of two dollars ($2.00) per hour in addition to the applicable straight-time rate shall be paid on all hours worked by employees between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

  • Prepayment Premium Borrower will be required to pay a prepayment premium in connection with certain prepayments of the Indebtedness, including a payment made after Lender’s exercise of any right of acceleration of the Indebtedness, as provided in the Note.

  • Overtime Premiums All time worked before or after the regularly established working day or as varied by mutual agreement as per Article 7.03, shall be considered as overtime and paid at the rate of two hundred (200%) percent of the employee's pro-rated hourly rate.

  • Premium Once your contract of insurance has been concluded, we will send you an invoice (also referred to as a debit note). You must pay the premium due in accordance with payment dates specified in the invoice. Failure to meet the payment date may lead insurers to cancel your policy. No payment shall be deemed to have been received until we have received cleared funds. Where insurers have specified that the premium must be received by a certain date, failure to comply can result in automatic termination of your insurance contract. We shall be entitled (but not obliged) without providing notice to you to set off amounts due to us from you, against any amounts which we may receive on your behalf i.e. claims moneys, refunded premiums and other sums.

  • Night Shift Premium Any employee who is required to work on any day when the majority of their working hours fall between 10.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m., or who starts their shift prior to 5.00 a.m., shall be paid a premium, in addition to their regular, hourly rate, of one dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25) per hour for all hours worked on the shift. Shift premium pay shall not be added to an employee’s hourly rate for the purpose of computing overtime. This clause shall not result in duplication of premiums.